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  2. It’s obvious that many players are using hacks in this game. Aimbots, radar, wall and lock hacks seem to be rampant. Beyond the current reporting system (which only works if the admins spend hours watching the reported player playing and happens to see them cheat), is there anything being done in the coding of the game to prevent this in season six?
  3. Last week
  4. I want to make and use glossy clothing skins. (Shiny, Glossy = Satin, Latex, enamel polyurethane, Mirror Fabric, etc..) (solid color without pattern) https://youtu.be/YMEhmTseyTY https://youtu.be/qhOIX6tU1vY https://youtu.be/vtQJLvKlvuw https://youtu.be/9SDMEAod1sU
  5. When will Mouse Sensitivity Increase be updated? The highest mouse sensitivity of 1 is very slow. You have to swing the mouse a lot to switch screens. You need to increase the Sensitivity Width from 1 to 5-10.
  6. yes we need lean it would make the game much more for us fp gamers
  7. I recently started playing and I wanted to place a second land claim near a safe area, what happened is that when I placed that land claim it disappeared visually and I can't remove it
  8. IcedYoshi


    You are allowed 1 of each tier per server.
  9. Paeper


    Hi there, how many turrets can you put up, somehow i can only put up 2 ??
  10. Dying will cause any items you have on you to be dropped on the ground where you died.
  11. Earlier
  12. if i die will i lose my items by any chance
  13. Hi there, Please contact our support team by emailing [email protected] We are unable to assist with account restrictions on the forums.
  14. Hello Admins , moderators and stuff, ill like to tell yall about a bug or idk rlly what happened but i was just playing and from 1 sec to another i got banned and it was for no reason, it just kicked me out of the game and then i tried to join again and i could but now i lost my permision for speaking or texting so i need some help bc im rlly enjoying the game and i just started today, i was on the usa server in the first one on the list, ill wait for the answer, thanks.
  15. Thank you for your report. Our team is investigating the issue.
  16. I've had multiple occasions where my car just disappears completely. I don't know why or how it is triggered, but I just had 2 disconnects and both times my car (different vehicle both times) was invisible. Also had this happen previously many, many times after a short logout / disconnect. Other than that, the game is running just fine!
  17. jebonjour j’ai un problème avec cette mission j’ai déjà placé un acte auparavant et donc je peux pas valider la mission merci a tous pour vos reponses si vous pouvez m’aider merci ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  18. At the end of every season, there will be a full wipe of all in game items, currency, bases, levels, missions and GI. The only thing that will not wipe at the start of the new season will be your skins, skin crates, and X-Coin.
  19. Is anything held over from season to season? For example, is anything from my global stash held over. Or, maybe the money I've earned from selling things in game?
  20. If you hold shift while dragging, you can split stacks of items.
  21. Update I shot the crate and now my 120 alcohol disappeared this really sucks
  22. Also I’d blow it up but it’s in a room with 15 other full crates so it’s not worth the effort
  23. I have a stack of items in my storage that’s too have to pick up is there any fix for this? It would be nice to be able to choose how many you wanna pick up like dropping to solve this
  24. Mouse sensitivity is slow. Developers, increase mouse sensitivity. You have to swing your arm a lot to rotate the screen.
  25. Thank you for your report. Our team is investigating the issue. As most of the studio is still on break for the holidays, it may be a few days before we have a resolution.
  26. Hi Please have a look at your EUR-NO-STASH-2 server it keep on crashing and is also very laggy. Regards WOLFN
  27. I linked my account in the game to my twitch account but got nothing.
  28. Hi there, Twitch drops are only available to active players of the game. To receive your drops you must log into the game. As a reminder, drops are limited to 1 time per person and using multiple accounts will result in account deactivation.
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