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  2. Thank you for reporting this. We have fixed this issue for the Season 3 patch.
  3. Bug Type: Mechanic? Graphical? There's a parachute bug where it is center screen when deployed. It's happened twice but I believe both times were over Redsville City. -King
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  5. I couldn't get much better stuff in the PVE, like L96 and VSS, and it was too painful to have no player servers
  6. PVE mode materials are still online people materials multiplier increase?
  7. To be honest, I'm about to give up waiting. I know your team is very small, and with the recent epidemic, it can't work normally. But I think I've been waiting for a long time. I just hope you can make something more amazing in the future
  8. We have a lot planned for the players. Keep in mind we are a very small team and we have a ton of ideas from the community. We will be posting a development blog in the upcoming weeks, so rest assured, there are a lot of plans coming together over the next 6 months and we have a lot of content coming for the players to enjoy. Also keep in mind, the game is not just about pvp. We recognize that pvp is what a lot of players look for, however there must be engaging and enjoyable pve elements for those that are not into pvp. By adding more pve elements now that we have the foundations in place to expand them, that will naturally help players not feel like they have run out of things to do while the player counts are low.
  9. Dear administrator: When you read this letter, the number of people playing this game has been zero. Since I started playing this game, I thought it would be a good game and a good start. But in 2019, it was disrupted by plug-ins. The first is the number of people online. From 1752 people online in May 2019 to no player online in July 2020, I think this is not just the reason for cheaters I bought the game at the beginning of the test. This game let me find the feeling of playing afterpath. I think this game is very good,however, with fewer and fewer players, it becomes very boring. I am a player who loves PVP, but no player fights with me. Every day, online server switching is only for finding the few players left. If you really want to make this game well, please promote it and make the big map you promised. Players don't want to wait for HUD update. HUD is more delicate but in the game How can we meet the needs of players,I hope you can update the big map and interesting ways to play as soon as possible. The current Xera needs players, players and players to play. I really like this game, and I really don't want no one to play this game.
  10. Hi leozin, Steam achievements are planned for later. We haven't implemented the system for earning them yet.
  11. eu fiz varias conquistas do jogo mas nenhuma foi alcançada na steam. gostaria de saber se isso é um bug ou algo do tipo
  12. I sent support ticket but while i wait i may aswell see if anyone else here has had this issue, i reinstalled the game yesterday and when i load it up all i get is a black screen with some audio playing, i have reinstalled drivers, unplugged my other monitors and done a full reinstall of the game but nothing worked, all help appreciated😁
  13. IcedYoshi

    Bug report

    Thank you for reporting this. We have pushed a hotfix as of this morning that should address the issue. Should you experience the issue again, please let us know. Cheers
  14. BK95S

    Bug report

  15. Yep, I tested it from level 20-50 on qa.
  16. Hey Mr Yoshi! Just letting you know, on hitting 42 it is listed as 1945. My guess would be at one of the earlier level up points a stash weight was double entered and so every one after it is going to be off by a level. Just letting you know!
  17. Thank you for reporting this. I have tested it on the build releasing this Friday and it has been fixed. See below.
  18. Bug Type (Mechanic/Map/Graphical/Other): TextDescribe the issue as best you can: Noticed it when going from 40-41. GSS(Global Stash Size) Is advertised as 1855 when hitting 40, its actually 1900, when hitting 41 its advertised as 1900 while it is 1945. Just a tiny mistake I happened to notice.Location bug happened: N/AScreenshot / Video of the issue: N/A
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  20. Greetings! We are working hard behind the scenes. I will take fault for not regularly updating these forums due to the inactivity here. Most of our updates are communicated now via our social media outlets, discord, and on our steam page as well. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via discord at https://discord.gg/xera Cheers!
  21. Dear, I would like to know if the game is in production, if there will be some more updates, like, building bases, more equipment to get on the map, the game is very stopped, there are almost no players online.
  22. IcedYoshi


    Levels do not affect drop rates
  23. twojz

    Some issues

    was doing more testing on the crafting button getting stuck. if you click on the crafting button as soon as it shows up each time it will get stuck ( and it seems to be at random number of item crafted ) . like above when I thought you had to rapidly keep on spamming the left mouse click ( that is not the case ) you just have to click the craft icon once it shows right up asap. as far as I went on testing it if you would click the icon and let it craft then wait about 1 second or so to craft again it seemed to work as intended. also with above I found out that you do not need to move the mouse off the icon then click some where then back onto icon for it to work again. once it gets stuck all you really need to do is just move the mouse off the icon area and then back to it and it will work fine again.
  24. Guito


    I have a question, I wonder if it is true that the more level the character, the more chance of dropping good items
  25. IcedYoshi


    Thank you for your bug report. These are known issues that are already being worked on.
  26. guararenan


    Airdrop bug, never drop
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