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  1. Last week
  2. and that will not make low pc players happy. God bless! I QUIT!
  3. Unfortunately removing grass will not be an option.
  4. Tomorrow Saturday 7/20/19 join me for Super Event Saturday where I will be around from 12:00pm-5:00pm cst spawning heli crashes and extra supply drops around the servers! This is a great way to get some gear and enjoy a ton of pvp. Grab your friends and let's have a great time filling the servers! I'll also have some other goodies on me so let's all get together and have a fun time!
  5. My fps is 30 and then when im in the city with no grass i will increase of 50+ but when im in a mountain i will go down to 15-20
  6. But i think if it has a settings that will turn off the grass i think i pc will be okay.
  7. For sure you are going to have trouble running the game without a dedicated graphics card. At a minimum you will need to get a dedicated graphics card with 2gb of dedicated memory. Here is a comparison to the lowest recommended graphics card and the graphics you are currently using to help. https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-660-vs-Intel-HD-630-Desktop-Kaby-Lake/2162vsm178724 The good news is many graphics cards have come down quite a bit in price and I'm sure you would find a lot of games will benefit from an upgrade. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to me directly and I can help you find something in your budget.
  8. My fps is around 20-30 but i think if i can turn of the grass it will goes up.
  9. HERE IT IS. I'm so grateful this game has a friendly and understanding devs ❤️ Thanks!
  10. IcedYoshi

    Redsville event

    Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. Thank you for your feedback. We are working on game optimization all the time. May I ask what kind of graphics card you have? Your processor and RAM will meet the minimum specs, however you might be held back if your graphics card is below.
  12. This is my pc. A potato pc, and i have a one small suggestion. Can you please have settings the will not display the grass? Because it my case it will drain the fps, i mean not all players is rich and have a amazing pc. But some players who has a low specs, and i loved the game. This game brings me back to the memories of aftermath game. And i wanna play this. Please. Good day.
  13. Massive shake will happen to trigger this event (that's how players in server will get notified that the event has spawned). After this shake has happened, Redsville City will turn red. Waves of 35 bots( 5 waves in total) After all these bots have been defeated maybe a building or a closed floor like civ bunker opens and the boss will spawn it will take a good lot of bullets and good teamwork to defeat it. The loot on this will be like when you kill a player in pvp the loot will shoot from his body. Maybe this event can be the first to drop a special helmet, body armour that can be applied to current armour for a special look but not a skin that is marketable. ( Will be doing a lot more for this. Like making some artwork and if i ever have the chance maybe design some ideas for the special helmet or armour cosmetic. 5 warning symbols will spawn notifying people where the waves will be but not all at the same time after each one is done will pop up showing you the next one. After all the waves have been completed icon on the map somewhere in redsville will spawn. - Total of 3 locations that it can randomly spawn from
  14. Thanks, A lot of this are in notes, however I added some of your ideas to the public suggestions trello
  15. That sounds very promising! Glad to hear:) I will keep updating bugs, pains, quality of life and suggestions here. I have a new list: QoL - Make the first nade you pick up auto-place in to slot 4 (like the first meds automatically goes to Q) - Let us manage the inventory and change placements (move around so us with OCD can relax:) ) - Make so that when we jump off the ATV the player faces the way he was looking when jumping (today its random where you face) - Mark which square you are in on the map (for example C4, let it say C4 next to the SR or something like that) - UI when looting items on the ground should be vertical instead of horizontal (that way we can scope through the loot faster to choose the best loot we need) Suggestions - Killfeed (either for everyone or for the group your in) - Let the killer see the name of the player that was killed - Stash/Locker for loot when your out on the map (stash/locker should be raidable with guns/c4) - Name the servers (instead of having numbers and region names) - All roofs should be accessible from the ground, make it so that most either have stairs to climb or create a "parkour road" so that its hard to get up there but you still can - New players have a hard time finding somone to play with, veterans only play for SR and dont want to play with newcomers (unless they know them prior to them trying the game), therefore you should put the Xera discord on the loading screen so they have a place to meet - FOV regulation, let us zoom out just a little (or closer for those who want that) - Create a Login que so that you can put your self in a que if a server is full (instead of trying everytime logs out) - Hitting somone should always make you hostile - even if the other player is hostile and not you - when you are super close to people people (like for example next to a wall) the gun doesnt shoot. This feels clunky and very buggy, this feature should be removed or changed Bugs - Drones have a hard time flying through windows - even big windows like the ones at PD in Rockdale - In some houses you cant deploy the drone, its too high above the player so it crashes and falls to the ground (we should be able to deploy the drone in houses with low ceiling) - Running sometimes slows down for some reason, even when autorunning the player sometimes runs in slowmotion
  16. Thanks for the feedback. A lot of things on here for the team to talk about and I have a lot of it in my notes already
  17. Earlier
  18. IcedYoshi


    From downtown!!!!
  19. Jay_Rossi

    Currency System Ideas - Voice your opinions!

    Love the idea you already shared with me, think it is perfect for the game and can’t wait to see it working! 🤩
  20. Jay_Rossi


  21. OriginaLane

    Looking to buy/trade a L-96 for FAKS or weapons

    I'll pay 400 FAKs for an L96
  22. Jay_Rossi

    Hey Everyone!

    Hi Guys, So at this stage quite a few of you will know or have heard of me. My name is Jason Ross, i live in Northern Ireland and i am a streamer for WorldBestGaming. I have been streaming for quite some time now and always try to keep things positive and friendly for viewers. I regularly donate and raise money for the charity MIND, and my DM’s are always open if you ever need a chat. I am fully committed to Xera as the Developers and Staff have been nothing but supportive and helpful. Their hard work should be rewarded, therefore i will do everything i can to grow the already fantastic community to make this game a success! I look forward to meeting each and every one of you ❤️ Jay Rossi twitch.tv/jay_rossi twitter.com/JasonRoss91
  23. yoitzg0tcha

    Looking to buy/trade a L-96 for FAKS or weapons

    Looking for L9 as well?
  24. Oh I thought you were trading a L9 for fak's my bad 😕
  25. yoitzg0tcha

    Looking to buy/trade a L-96 for FAKS or weapons

    I don’t have that much faks... do you accept weapons?
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