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  2. Would it be possible to implement skill tree, add more robots to the PVE servers, I think this might be something fun and make the game more interesting
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  4. gang


    - and you will have time to make clans by season 5 so that you can build everything - reduce the map or add slots - buy an advertisement at least for some reason so that new people would visit it is important - new skins and twitch drops - new guns
  5. Hello 🤜🤛 I'm Gll0ST ingame, been playing the game for like 2 weeks, been watching videos to learn about the game and I have a suggestion based on the opinion I created after some gameplay and exploring opinions of others players(Im a solo player). It is to easy to build a unraidable base in Xera!!! You just need floors on top of floors... So, my sugestion in this topic is just that, limit the number of floors players can build and if one key floor/stair or wall is removed before log off the game and that removed part is a key part for the stability of the top floor, it will come down. Cheers mates 👍 @Gll0ST
  6. BUG REPORT WORKBENCH UPGRADE FROM TIER 2 TO TIER 3 Hello 🤜🤛 So the problem was this, I upgraded my workbench from tier 1 to tier 2 with no problems, after farming all the materials necessary to upgrade it to tier 3, tried it and after completing the upgrade the workbench simply disappeared from my base 😲🙀 Im sure you guys can't give me back the materials that I used to craft the workbench and the upgrade it to tier 2 and 3 but, is there any explanation for that to happen? I would apreciate an answer to this topic if possible 🤠👌 PS: I don't have a video or a screenshot of the issue because I was not expecting it to happen as you may understand 👀 Cheers mates, @Gll0ST
  7. IcedYoshi


    Hi there, Turrets only shoot XOIDs right now. Once we have the clan system ready, we will allow them to shoot players. Right now there is nothing that prevents them from shooting teammates so instead of them killing players unintentionally upon logging in, we're holding off activating them for shooting players until then. They are still super useful for clearing waves of xoids at events
  8. DarK


    Do they work? I have 4 around my base, loaded with ammo... They look like they're on, as they rotate, laser, light etc... They just don't shoot at anyone.... Super confused.
  9. Hi there, Thank you for reporting this bug. We have fixed it with the last update.
  10. HI there, Try verifying your files in steam and this should resolve the issue.
  11. I've seen a lot of Chinese cheaters in the game, who could not see you in any way and already know that you're sitting there. A lot of them see through the wall and shoot straight at the head at long range without recoil. And they still play on and nothing bans them. They are not even afraid of losing L96 because they know who is already around them and know where to shoot. They haven't even seen you yet, but they're already shooting right at you. I'm deleting this shit, it's impossible to play. Shit is not optimized, some fuckin' Chinese who are just running around with a view through walls and automatic targeting from 400 meters.
  12. Bug Type (Mechanic/Map/Graphical/Other): Loading Crash Describe the issue as best you can: Updated to new release this morning, but now when loading into any server the program receives fatal error and CTD. Game loads menus and allows server selection, but will crash when loading into server. “Fatal error: [File:Unknown] [Line: 3198] StaticMeshComponent /Game/AXERA/Maps/XERAmapV2/XERAmapV2_Sublevels/XERAmapV2_TownWinchesterCity.XERAmapV2_TownWinchesterCity:PersistentLevel.Brick_Wall_B_Short_A472.StaticMeshComponent0: Serial size mismatch: Got 963, Expected 947” Location bug happened: Server Loading Screen Screenshot / Video of the issue: Loading Crash after Update 8.27.21.zip
  13. I found a bug when trying to craft 12 gauge ammo. A mold was made for 12 gauge ammo, but when I try to craft some, it requires a mold for .308 ammo. Went ahead and crafted the .308 mold and it made 12 gauge ammo. Weird. It happens all the time so far. Nothing else seemed odd, just the .308 mold requirement.
  14. Hi there, Although no anti-cheat solution will ever be 100%, we are utilizing the best out there - Epic's Easy Anti-Cheat along with our own private anti-cheat measures. The best way for us to continue combatting cheaters is from gathering data from in game reports. We have a moderation team that monitors these reports and investigates them 24 hours/day and most bans are issued within 12 hours.
  15. Why doesn't the anti-cheat game work? One person from 400 meters killed my friend with a G36 for two shots to the head. This man is playing on and also kills all the other people. Many Chinese play with cheats and they are not banned.
  16. Hi there, Be sure to report them using the in game reporting tool as our team is working around the clock to investigate every report sent. Also as to translations, we have someone working on them but appreciate the offer.
  17. Can I help with the translation of the game into Russian? Also in the game there are a lot of cheaters with auto-targeting and viewing other players through walls. There were even players who simply duped resources by the thousands. Anti-cheat for some reason badly copes with this.
  18. Make it possible to create their own clan not to constantly enter the PIN code in the doors and chests.
  19. Robby2977


    Have you tried dying, and then respawing at your bag? Perhaps you can take a hammer and remove the door or change the pin code.
  20. angie


    so i built my base around melrose but when i go to find it i find one that looks like mine but i put my code in and it dont work and yes i put my sleeping bag in it
  21. Hallo, ich spiele schon einige Zeit und habe jetzt mein Haus gebaut. Schlafsack und Werkbank sind drin. Türe eingebaut und Kisten gebaut. Jetzt mein Problem: Ich kann Türe und Kisten einen Pin-Code geben. Danach sind aber beide ohne Code zu öffnen. Ich habe alles versucht, bekomme sie aber nicht abgeschlossen. Hammer für die Türe ist natürlich in der Hand. Übersetzt von Google Hallo, ich spiele seit einiger Zeit und habe jetzt mein Haus gebaut. Schlafsack und Werkbank sind drin. Eingebaute Türen und gebaute Kästen. Nun mein Problem: Ich kann Türen und Kästen einen PIN-Code geben. Danach können jedoch beide ohne Code geöffnet werden. Ich habe alles versucht, aber ich bekomme es nicht fertig. Hammer für die Tür ist natürlich in der Hand.
  22. Has anyone experienced frame drop after this recent patch? Got so bad I was pulling 14-15 frames. I’ll probably check out my system. Perhaps a Windows update turned bad on me.
  23. More support for First person servers. Get rid of TPP or give people more reason to play a FPP server?
  24. This can be done by throwing grenades straight up in the air and timing the explosion to hit the bottom of the base. I've seen about 6 groups that have done this and the timing is preceise.
  25. já descobri... vi que quando acontece esse tipo de coisa.... some qualquer tipo de explicação.... isso se chama HACK... fiz uma pequena pesquisa e achei vários sites vendendo HACK... estão só queria aqui deixar uma Sugestão já que foram os chinas que radiaram minha base,.,,, pq se continuar assim o jogo não vai muito pra frente... me arrependi de ter comprado o passe de temporada.... Acho que pra poder minimizar hack no servidor... seria proibir players de outras regiões entre em regiões que não sejam a sua.... E acabar com o inventário Global... Pro hack eh facil sair de servidor em servidor limpando tudo. ja que o HACK mostra tudo até onde tem os drops e respawn de itens.... Então fica aqui meu feedback... Meu clan até que era Grande 10/12 pessoas... Não tem o que fazer contra hack... então eh esperar e ver o que vai dar.
  26. Galera gostaria de saber se tinha como ou tem como a pessoa raidar a base dessa forma?? Ali não tinha como o cara por C4... Granada? ( sendo que ja fiz teste granada quase não da dano em METAL... Drone? Drone tbem não da dano em metal... Nem pelo fato da pessoa não ter raidado mais nada na BASE. somente o cofre. nem um muro estourado... so queria saber se alguem explica como eles conseguiram isso....
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