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  2. When I click the link it says link invalid
  3. Sorry for the late response. Thank you for the reply and I am downloading PlayOnMac right now so thank you for the advice. -Cheers
  4. Unfortunately porting to mac is not something that's easy to do. The best recommendation would be to use bootcamp to install Windows on your mac which will let you play on your mac if you don't want to use GeForce Now.
  5. I have played on Xera throughout the past year using Ge Force but I have recently gotten an Imac and would like to continue playing this game but it is not windows compatible. I am going to continue using Ge force for a while, but I am curious if there is anyway to add a Imac version of the game as well. If this change is possible it would open up another player base who could be looking for a free survival game.
  6. Hello! Does Xera's Discord still exist?
  7. The same thing happened to me and they don't answer me.
  8. I was banned on your discord and i dont know why, my discord is: SCARXL#6996 id appreciate an unban, or explanation as to why i was banned, thank you so much
  9. On average 1 will spawn every 13-15 helicopter crashes.
  10. hello, thx you for your reply, but i want know what is probability to spawn because I often go to the helicopter event but i have NEVER find one (with more 61 hours played in the same map). and other question, when is the next update and when is the reset of season thx
  11. Civilian bunker keys can only be found from missions, helicopter crashes, and within open civilian bunkers.
  12. Hello, I want know if is possible to collect Civilian bunker key (or other key) in normal loot (with no mission) and if is it possible, where I can find it?
  13. You can adjust the mouse sensitivity in the settings.
  14. I think XERA is an amazing game, and I'm glad I discovered it. I used to play a lot of H1Z1 survival before, but unfortunately, that game no longer exists. This game is quite similar to H1Z1, but in this case, the zombies are replaced by robots. The game also has some great additions like in-game missions, challenges, and a season pass. However, I do see some areas for improvement: The destruction of base components needs a different approach. It has happened to me too many times that I accidentally demolished basic parts with the hammer while trying to upgrade them. This seems to be a common issue among other players as well. To solve this problem, consider replacing the hammer, for example, with a crowbar when demolishing. I feel that there is a lack of challenge in PVE (Player vs. Environment). For example, adding more robots or having groups of robots randomly patrolling the map could increase the level of challenge. There are many robots in the prison area. The chance of being killed by a robot there is quite high. It would be enjoyable if there were more rewards or unique items to acquire in that area. It is common for other players to take away buggies and ATVs in PVE. To prevent this, one solution could be to add a key to each vehicle, and each player can have only one key. This way, it would also reduce frustration and unnecessary arguments in the chat. Some missions are very boring because they take a long time to complete. For example: "Collect 100 medical supplies from military crates." I can imagine that many players lose interest because of this. It's fun to do missions, but these kinds of missions become very repetitive and tedious. Overall, I love the game, but I think these improvements would make it even better. I hope you take this as a positive comment and that you will continue to develop this game further.
  15. I was banned on your discord and i dont know why, my discord is: SCARXL#6996 id appreciate an unban, or explanation as to why i was banned, thank you so much
  16. Good afternoon, recently tried opening Xera and it says I've been banned by anti cheat? Could I know the reason for this ban please? Thanks. Ign auramenko
  17. rormbr


    Good afternoon. I was a member of Xera's Discord, but a few months ago I lost that access. I try to accept the invitation but always with a message that it is not possible to accept the invitation. Have I been banned from Xera Survival Discord? In other Discords I can join,
  18. It may be a good idea to shorten the inactivity period? how long roughly is it now? thanks!
  19. Please explain, I haven' t been toxic so......
  20. Hi there, We do remove inactive land claims regularly. If a player has logged in recently, it does reset the inactivity timer for their objects on that server.
  21. Not at this time, however inactive bases are removed periodically.
  22. если нет очистки.можно как то взять в аренду сервер?
  23. IcedYoshi


    A lot. It depends on the ammo used, tier of the turret, weapon's durability, and the level of your weapon. Explosives and EMP Grenades are the easiest way to destroy turrets.
  24. Emagee


    How many 9mm bullets does it take to break a turret
  25. We do not have a date for the next wipe. When a date is set for the next wipe, it will be communicated on our Steam page.
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