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  4. Hello, You will need to join their clan in order to gain permissions. After they have invited you to their clan, the person that owns the land claim must authorize the clan using a hammer at the land claim marker. You can also remove sleeping bags using explosives, however other objects in the area may take damage.
  5. how can i destroy the sleeping bag i placed in my friends camp when hes not online? it says i cant dismantle it due to it being in his area and this is the pve only server
  6. Hello guys, I played this new season and got some clips to do a montage, hope u enjoy it ! Thanks for watching : )
  7. I must of logged out when standing on a chopped tree haha
  8. Ola! Poderia ter uma opção das missões do game estarei em português para facilitar?, quando mudamos a linguagem do jogo?
  9. Although there are some disadvantages. But it has stuck with my childhood. Me and my brother regularly play Worldbox while playing League-Of-Legends. Because it is a game associated with our childhood, hopefully it will always develop and be well received by many gamers, when we first entered the game our resources were only land and water, but very soon it became powerful territories. Game Mods, Worldbox Mod APK have helped us have more great experiences
  10. IcedYoshi


    Hi there, As long as your friend is in your clan, turrets will not shoot them. After they have joined your clan from the main menu, make sure to equip a hammer, and go to your land claim flag, right click until you see authorize clan, then hold e. This will authorize all clan members to your land claim giving them permissions to build/destroy objects, and turrets will not shoot them.
  11. Liam


    It's now 2022 how can you stop them from shooting friends
  12. Hi there, This quest can be completed on any server with the global stash enabled then redeemed on the no stash server if you choose to.
  13. We can't do the task with global stash on europe server 2
  14. i need help. the discord xera survival is bugged,

    it said i need to accept terms and conditions to talk in suggestions chat and i clicked the checkbox and it said i need to verify with a code that is going to be sent to my phone ( i have never seen this before) I then proceed to enter the verify code and before i even finished entering my discord went grey and stopped working for a second, then i had to X out of the verify screen and I was then permanently banned from the discord. There is no reason why this should have banned me and I need help to get back in

    1. ICLogan


      my discord is ICLogan#1181

  15. Thank you for your report. This has been resolved.
  16. Good afternoon, the official European server 1 is down and has not been up for more than 4 hours.
  17. It is recommended not to update the game, but also to erase the map, otherwise there will be fewer and fewer players. My teammates have gone to play other games. The reason for me is to wait for the next update of Xera.
  18. Maybe it can increase the refresh probability of the battery, or the damage of the combustion bottle to the building!
  19. I and many of my teammates hope that the sixth season can come as soon as possible. Even if it doesn't come, please clear all the house resources on the map. After all, it's very unfriendly for players who have been growing for 6 months to see new players to the server. Some suggestions are also given below. 1. Try to update the game as quickly as possible, because players feel more and more boring in the later stage, and there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. As the largest building of beauty 2, we are still invincible.[Chinese below] 1、尽可能让游戏更新快一点,因为玩家到后期越来越觉得没意思,贫富差距巨大。我们作为美2最大的建筑,依然是无敌的存在。 2. You can set up some activities of robot attacking home, or players are more likely to attack other people's home, so that others can experience the pleasure of the game. In general, the playability can be improved, and the game is more difficult.[Chinese below] 2、可以设置一些机器人攻击家的活动,或者玩家更容易攻击别人家的设置,这样能让别人体验游戏的打击快感,总的来说就是可玩性再提升一些,游戏难度加大。 3. It is recommended to reduce the number of servers to ensure that players can meet each other. Current situation: there are 45 people, and no players can be found in the whole picture to compete. Players make an appointment in the urban area instead of attacking and defending in buildings or their own homes, which goes against the original intention.[Chinese below] 3、建议服务器适量的减少,以保证玩家能够相互之间遇到。目前情况:满人45人,全图找不到玩家可以竞争。玩家都在城区内进行约架,而不是在建筑或者自己家进行攻击和防御,这违背了最开始的初心。 Note: This is a very good game. New players will pour in every day, but there is no reason for them to stay. It is suggested that the team analyze the problem.[Chinese below] 备注:这是一个非常好的游戏,玩家也是每天都会有新人涌入,可是并没有能够让他们留下来的理由,建议团队分析这个问题出在哪里。
  20. I guess I don't see anywhere in game or on the official website that says only information on the discord channel is recognized as accurate.
  21. entonces no se puede guardar un coche en base para otro dia???tienen inventario... se pierde???, gracias por tu ayuda.
  22. Blank keycards are used to craft civilian bunker keycards and crater lab keycards from the crafting menu. Inactive vehicles will despawn after being idle for an extended period of time to allow them to be used by active players.
  23. hola podrian ayudarme???... tngo una blank keycard pro no se como se usa... alguien podria ayudarme ya q cada vez q cojo un auto me desaparece al volver a conectar???, gracias x adelantado y si algun español juega pve y kiere le dejo mi discord q necesito ayuda... Fran 100%#3552
  24. Add new interface design Update physics Add the ability to make beds and grow food Add the ability to repair cars on military or taxi roads Add fishing function Add tents Add the ability to take a trailer on a trailer Add the possibility of animations Update shaders Make the characters more real, not plasticine Add the ability to lie down Add animal traps Add more vegetation for forest density Add atmospheric swamp Change robots to zombies Add new buildings featuring Umbrella bots Add scope shake reduction to gloves Add Healing Herbs remove HP regen Add animals to the ocean and make a ship where things will be that can be captured and captured Add a train to which there will be loot, but to capture it you will need to jump on it by car Add underwater structures Update icons to new ones Add servers from 1 person and no more Add the ability to throw rocks Add the ability to make a crossbow Add new weapon ballistics Add a manual resource processor to metal or something else Add ladder to craft Add cables to buildings Add food to trees Add character illnesses Add a fishing mini game Add flow to rivers Add humidity to the character, cold, heat Add swamp speed reduction to car Remove the spawn in the city and make it near the coast "as if you got through the wreck of a ship or something else" Add submarines Add the ability to fly by plane, helicopter Add the ability to tear clothes Add the ability to make a homemade sight Add the ability to stand and shoot from behind cover Add different sounds with and without clothes (for example, walking in boots and without) Add ability to mutate animals
  25. hola gente pregunto porque sigen con codigos las cajas de los player que se van del juego o del server osea cajas puertas ect, y pregunto los players que venden componentes armas itemss ect,porque ponen los precios de los item tan caros nadie los comprara pero estaria bueno que bajen asi los player difrutaran mas las cosas y el juego gracias
  26. So basically, poor programming resulted in us seeing an automated timer that we shouldn't have seen. Fine, then since the programmers were able to remove the timer, it seems reasonable that they also could have included a note in the game in place of the timer to indicate that it was in error along with at least some general idea of when we can expect the game to be wiped. Asking me to go to yet a third site (game, this forum, discord) to get the real story about what is going on with a game rather than just allowing me to play the game is not a reasonable response. That would be like me telling you I replied to you in the Candy Crush Saga forum. Go find it, it explains everything. Meanwhile, we are still left with the impression that the game will be wiped at any time, all progress will be lost, and you have done nothing to change that impression.
  27. We never announced a date and the in game timer is automated in the client. I understand your frustration, however we have been very clear in discord that the timer is not accurate and we did disable it to help avoid any confusion.
  28. But the truth is you did set a date. The date was there, the timer was there. It was there for weeks, not a one time mistake. An announcement was made that the game would be wiped and that date passed, so this is now a dying game. Face it, you screwed the pooch on this one making promises you and your company can't deliver. Since progress will be wiped at some future unknown date and you can't tell us if that is minutes, hours, or months away, gameplay at this time is pointless and the game is dead to us. Since you screwed up, you either need to announce a firm date at some point in the future you can actually meet and let the players decide if they want to play until that date, or wipe it immediately and let us start over.
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