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  3. i have L96-A1 | Synapse My Steam ID 135659720
  4. change or sell L96-A1 | Synapse listened to offer, My Steam ID 135659720
  5. For more information please visit our steam announcement. All future announcements will be posted via steam.
  6. Greetings Survivors! We apologize for the wait on our March Development Blog. As you know we've been hard at work behind the scenes and we originally planned for this Development Blog to be released in December. With how much new content we planned over the past 2 months, we felt it just wouldn't have been right to release a development blog that was missing a ton of information. I am now pleased to announce that we have completed the Development Blog and are able to share quite a bit of the progress that has been made towards the next major patch. We are excited for the future and can't wait to hear from everyone! Below is the link to the devblog. Cheers! https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791458969769/announcements/detail/1692729524349539938
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  8. IcedYoshi


    Greetings! We are working hard behind the scenes. I will take fault for not regularly updating these forums due to the inactivity here. Most of our updates are communicated now via our social media outlets, discord, and on our steam page as well. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via discord at https://discord.gg/xera Cheers!
  9. bibiyank


    Dear, I would like to know if the game is in production, if there will be some more updates, like, building bases, more equipment to get on the map, the game is very stopped, there are almost no players online.
  10. IcedYoshi


    Levels do not affect drop rates
  11. Guito


    I have a question, I wonder if it is true that the more level the character, the more chance of dropping good items
  12. It would be nice to have missions to earn money as it is very difficult to achieve in the game. I thought of things like finding "credit card" on the map and redeeming it on a specified machine. I think it's cool too in a sniper event, when the server reaches a mascara player amount on the map in the city in question and within 5 minutes a sniper will pop up and also warn when someone finds it. I think there should be a maximum of 3 people per group, map is too small for a server with 10 players in a group of 5 fucks. It can make a message that you get a "totem", when you activate that you have 10 minutes to be rewarded from your exposed area on the map, who kills gets something too, but not so much for those who survive.
  13. Deadly Verdict are looking for members! If you need a team to help with looting or PVP deadly Verdict is your 1 stop shop.


    Join the discord for more infomation about how to join

    About us:

    DV was founded on the idea that the community aspect of the clan should be stronger then the competitive aspect of it, and for that reason we have no requirements. We believe players no matter what level can add to the experience.


    • Must Be 15+.
    • Be Mature.
    • Must have a mic.
    • Respect Everyone / Staff.
    • Be active.
    • Follow our rules
  14. apai

    Β Β private servers

    A private server can help players who have difficulty connecting to the official server improve their game experience. Like China. The number of Chinese gamers is huge.
  15. Zombiehunter Bob

    Season 1 montages you gotta watch

  16. Greetings Survivors! Early Access Hotfix 5.4 is now live! Patch notes can be found at https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791458969769/announcements/detail/1607151615989243925
  17. These are some great suggestions! I'll have them added to our suggestions board!
  18. Hi there! We are working on a ping system for a future update! This will allow you to drop markers. It's still pretty rough but will be similar to how Apex Legends did theirs.
  19. I haven't taken the time to go through the numerous posts in the "suggestions" area, but I wouldn't mind a mini-map instead of having to open the full map every time I want to see where I am/where I'm going. I also noticed you aren't able to drop a marker on the map? Unless I encountered a bug or just missed that on the key mapping menu...
  20. in my opinion this is a good idea...
  21. In my opinion, in this very interesting video game you could come up with a lot of satisfactions, I will be very short and clear and I hope that the developers take me seriously. in almost all post-apocalyptic games that consider zombies there are also zombie variants of animals, for example in 7 days to die there are bears and zombie dogs and then I wonder, why not create a robot variant of animals in this game? I think it's a good idea ... in the vast woods of xera survival it is a good idea to include robot deer, robot wolves and robot bears, also robot caiman in rivers... even in limited quantities ...
  22. Hello and thanks! Very well, as I imagined and guessed. Now I have to try the bunker operation and understand. for the rest, point out that: EFT, did not allow me to play, (continuous and annoying disconnections and blocks, even if, with a developer support that every day, tried to solve with me, but we did not succeed) With XERA I have no problems, fast uploads, stable fluids and so far I have not found any problems. good See you soon and thank you very much
  23. Hello! There isn't really an "entry/exit" point like you see in EFT. You can spawn randomly in the world, at the safe zone, or if you die, nearby where you were killed. At the safe zones (the settlements), you will be able to access your global stash by talking to the female npc (Grace). There is also an npc vendor character in each safe zone that will allow you to buy and sell items. As to opening civilian bunkers, you will need a civilian bunker key which can only spawn at the helicopter crash sites, or within the bunkers themselves.
  24. I was looking for localization files, but didn't find, who know how to localize this game?
  25. Good morning, I have some questions because I can't find anything about it (and sorry if I missed it). yesterday I tried the free game, and then I bought it and also gave it to my other friends. Some questions: We start the game, but then I don't understand if I have to reach some areas to finish, for example in the bunkers they ask for the keys. Is there a game description? For example explanations where to save, where to sell, what happens if you get rid of them, and the sensitive areas on the map? In short, an explanation of the game from when you enter and from where you exit. For example in EFT, one entered and had to reach the exit, are there particular tasks here, or do you enter and head for an exit? Yes but where? Thanks and be patient, I'm new, I like the game and I'm advertising it too and you're the only forum! Great! Google translator sorry
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