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  3. Zombiehunter Bob

    Xera livestream from Sunday

    Here a little livestream
  4. Zombiehunter Bob

    There is no need to limit overall inventory.

    This is not Newz. Things have a reason to be like they are. Ways to safe arent that far.
  5. Hi everyone, Here's the patch notes for V0.2.5. - UI Added cancel button to 'Transfer Quantity' UI Fixed an issue causing 'Transfer Quantity' UI to become stuck - Medical system Fixed an issue allowing quickmed to be used while swinging a melee - Audio Added new sounds to punching - AI New agro sounds New sounds for when the AI jumps New sounds for when AI lands New footstep sounds Camera will now shake when AI lands - Death screen Added more information when dying to humanoids Added more information when killed by a drone (Player who was flying will display) Fixed an issue causing death screen to show incorrect information if died while using a drone - Player Added new effect when damage is taken - Map Fixed an issue causing floating grass in Redsville Hope you all enjoy these changes! Cheers
  6. Noobie


    Shattered Skies name: TUR_Noobie XERA : r1na 1337
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  8. So I'll be posting screenshots of things I find missing, or just funny things I see that probably also shouldn't happen. (Notes from playing that i wasn't able to take screenshots of): 1. I've notice eating food and sometimes drinking water doesn't always work, yet i really didn't seem to have a problem with it. 2. Picking up weapons but the weapon disappearing and not appearing in the inventory but the ammo does. 3. Something I think that should be noted that nearby isn't really nearby... if it's 600m away. I think that should be changed to maybe 300m It seems more accurate that way. (DAY 1 of ROUND 5): This screenshot is a robot getting stuck into a fence after an explosion. Something funny I thought I should put as well as something that shouldn't happen. This next one is well... idk how to explain that but I could walk on in... (DAY 2 of ROUND 5): I found a plot of land I believe the devs are working on. (If your a dev and know about this please let me know what's supposed to be going here.) This is just something funny but the way you walk is a little weird here.(The guy in front of me) This robot either has the stupid, or is very smart. Either way it stands above the others so we let him live. My buddy GoalieMonkey spotted this out for me. It's grass textures in the sky. This... well this is in Redsville. I'm... in the ground somehow. (All screenshots are taken in third person) Something noted. This girl doesn't have a shirt on or its cut. Last thing of the day. This man can float(glitch). Note that this woman stares at me for help as these man stand above her.
  9. Hello survivors, Here are the patch notes for Open Alpha - Round 5. - General Fixed an issue causing the game to launch on non-primary monitor - Medical system You can no longer use quickmed while reloading An animation is now played when using quickmed, for this duration you cannot shoot or change weapons - Animations Fixed an issue causing wrong animations to play when crouched - Weapons Added Spiked Bat, does 20% damage - Key Crates Removed Gauze from Medical Crates - UI Level will now display when looking at another player - Global Inventory You can now right click an item in your inventory to quick move Dragging items out of global which have more than 1 quantity will ask for a quantity to transfer - Attachments Increased first person zoom on red dot Increased first person zoom on holographic sight - Map Added new Gas Station to Rockdale Added new Police station to Rockdale Added Church to Rockdale Added new supermarket building to Rockdale Replaced shopping area in Redsville with a big supermarket - Buildings Garage building now has interior, the door will have a chance of being closed and will be accessible by back door - Crafting system Crafting items will now give experience Reduced craft time of Gauze to 2.5s, was 4s Added spiked bat recipe, does 20% damage - Bugfixes Fixed a crash caused by VoIP when loading into map Cheers
  10. Joshua


    Great idea - i've made one https://forums.xeragame.com/forum/34-introductions/
  11. A little idea for the forums (for more interaction?) So maybe a little discussion section where users can do a little introduction (if they want) just to share their social links e.g. Twitch etc. Thanks
  12. Hello Survivors! Are you passionate about XERA: Survival and itโ€™s development? Do you love finding bugs and breaking things? Are you someone who always wants to be in the know on whatโ€™s coming up? Have you ever wanted an inside look at game development? Can you keep a secret? If so, then our Community Quality Assurance team might be a great fit for you! We are now accepting applications to join our Community QA Team. This is a volunteer position that will assist us in thoroughly playtesting upcoming patches for the game. Our ideal candidates must possess both problem solving and troubleshooting skills, as well as be able to think outside the box. Individuals must be passionate about XERA: Survival and want to help with the development process. You must also be an active member of the community, and are a positive reflection of the XERA: Survival community. All candidates must have the ability to record in game footage via ShadowPlay or OBS. For more information on this, please feel free to reach out to IcedYoshi on discord. Finally we ask that candidates must speak English and are flexible with their schedules to attend playtesting sessions to test upcoming patches. We will be monitoring activity and inactive testers will be removed, this will keep the team fresh and make sure quality is assured. If you are accepted into the program, you will be tasked with finding and reproducing bugs and glitches within XERA: Survival, reporting new bugs to the staff, assist with playtesting of upcoming patches at designated times. Please remember that anyone accepted to become apart of the Community QA Team will be required to complete an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and must keep all non-public information confidential. Applications may be submitted at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScu4R9ffpTtESu-e77nU7oLU7cZoESDafF1ZBxKqcm7s4-tvQ/viewform Cheers, Spotted Kiwi Interactive
  13. Hello Survivors, Open Alpha Round 6 will be February 22-24! If you participated in any of the previous Alpha's you DO NOT need to register again, but if you missed out for any reason sign up for free here https://www.xeragame.com/alpha-signup It's an open invite - so anyone that registers gets a key! If you think your friends would like the game, head to our discord and type !invite in the #invitations channel to get a personalized messaged to send. We will be tracking how many each person invites โ€“ and will be rewarding the ones with the most sign-ups. We hope to see you all in-game this weekend! Below are the global start times so you know when the open alpha starts in your country. Cheers, Spotted Kiwi Interactive
  14. komok

    Toggle Aim

    Use the crosshair with just 1 click on the right mouse button, instead of pressing to activate the crosshair. Sorry for the confusion, google translator leaves the sentences confusing.
  15. IcedYoshi

    Toggle Aim

    What do you mean by toggle aim? Like semi auto to full auto or ads to hip fire?
  16. komok

    Toggle Aim

    There is some way to put "Toggle Aim", it should have an in game option. Or do you have any command to do that?
  17. Noobie

    Need team

  18. Presidiario


    COLOCAR SHOP / quando matar alguem ou bot receber dinheiro e compra itens/roupas/armas/miras tals ..
  19. Reflekz

    Need team

    TUR Noobie?
  20. Based on my global inventory loot you can have a sense of how the drop is, if it is according to your wishes. I have been administrator of infestation and I tested everywhere loot like I would in my server has no need to limit the weight of the global inventory, and I am willing to help you more with the loot everything in the inventory I joined since the day I started playing 25/01. I am giving XERA strength in my comudades and old groups. I want this game being the best of the day. By, THLZ_JailsonMendes
  21. Presidiario


  22. Kita_x

    Introducing Creators Program - Applications Now Open

    I would like to stream the game too. I am very excited about this game. I could stream XERA exclusively for 3 days/week.
  23. * to start the wather go down so fast it have to go slower. * the dirty wather is like drink clear wather in a future u can implement a campfire to purify wather , heal up and cook food to be more efficient. also u can implement purify pills something like that. * (BUG) when u sprint clicking shift u cant run and shoot but if u config the auto run at option and use that key u can shoot and sprint. * the people like trade and skins in game like this so in a future u can implement somethin like the robots can drop skin boxes like a common drop and keys like a strange drop like 1 of 3k or something like that also u can sell keys for real money. * u also can implement in a future for example liberate citys something like there is 50 robots in a city (100%) if u fix and refuell X number of generators and u kill 90% of the robots u liberate the city for X time in that time each idk 15 mins for example the city get a drop u also can implement things like u have to fix the generators at same time to foment play on teams or repair all the generators in X time so u can liberate some citys alone but bigers not (the people can see when the city is liberate when they are closer of that city so that foment the pvp). * u can add places to bank items close to bigest citys but not in safe zones like u join u have 8 mins to bank or inmortals robors kill u (so people cant camp inside) this foment to players dont disconect when they kill someone and they get a lot of loot.. * u can add something like a generator that activates each X time example 3 hours when its active u can go hack a console and get loot this going to be a pvp zone for sure each X time and u also can add many robots in there. * i think u have to make a system of guns hp becose if u dosent the people will have infinity guns like if the guns just respawn respawn respawn and no ones brokes all going to have a lot of good guns. i think the good guns have to be rare like not imposible to find (becose if someome find one dont gona use it) but rares and strongers for sure * when someones die i think the items dont have to be droped all in the floor i think is better if the guy dead drop the bagpack and inside all the stuff like a drop and u take what u want to take (and to take the bag u have to take all the items). * you can add more of the same guns but with more damage and just change the skin of the gun and the rarity respawn. * also i think if u rent private servers for real money can be good like 1 month X money. teams can pay it all together and loot in there (private servers with X2 loot and a pasword). * i dont like friendly fire in team this is for problems (we dont want a real game we want a funny game).
  24. iamAaronSchill

    Alpha 4 - Hi to all of you

    Welcome back! Enjoy!
  25. Backyback


    Lying down is in the works
  26. Backyback

    Alpha 4 - Hi to all of you

    Hope you have a great time!
  27. The game is going very well, but I was getting into combat and I miss being able to lie down, maybe is very good ideia put in the game. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰
  28. Mevsa


    I'm Excited, Alpha 4 Finally Opened Up. Good Game For Everybody.
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