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  3. We do not have a date for the next wipe. When a date is set for the next wipe, it will be communicated on our Steam page.
  4. When will there be a wipe or is the game sun setting like just survive and ill have to wait 10 years to play an emulator. I love this game please keep going !!
  5. когда будет ваип?хоть примерный месяц можете назвать?а то потоку новичков затруднёно развиваться когда у соседей большое преимущество.спасибо!
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  7. If you are currently having trouble with the loading screen getting stuck, be sure to let it load for at least 4-5 minutes before trying to close the game as there is a timeout system that will either force load you into the game, or send you back to the main menu. It's important not to close your game while waiting for the levels to load. Also be sure to install the game on a SSD and not a HDD as HDD can cause slow loading or fail to properly load the map when joining a server. Turning your graphics settings to all low and ensuring that your resolution matches your monitor's native resolution will also help with loading of the map. If all else fails, sometimes joining a different server, then joining the server you had trouble loading into, will also force the map to load. If you still have trouble, please open a support ticket by emailing [email protected] or contact a community mod/helper via dm.
  8. At the end of every season, there will be a full wipe of all in game items, currency, bases, levels, missions and GI. The only thing that will not wipe at the start of the new season will be your skins, skin crates, and X-Coin.
  9. Hi guys, great job with the game, I am enjoying it so far! Just a quick question, with the seasonal wipe, will I lose my stuff in the stash inventory as well? Thank you!
  10. Hello, I'd like to report a ban/glitch. I don't know if it's a ban, or just a glitch. But after playing yesterday, I respawned and couldn't load into the game, it was stuck on 70/70. Today, the same is happening, I cannot join into the main Europe server. My IGN: Auramenko
  11. Quem joga sabe que com um tempo fica enjoativo, tem várias portas que não da de abrir pare3ce que foi preguiça de criar os modelos do mapa. favor deem uma vida novamente a este game, deixar gratuito e esquecer dele faz com que as pessoas o abandonem. TRAGAM ATUALIZAÇÃO! CANAL CHANNEL
  12. On vous a la loeuil mes beau petit ta de mardes

  13. We would like a dedicated arena server . PVP fast respawn times.
  14. Hi wondering when the wipe will be.ppl need a wipe to keep playing !!!
  15. how do i place down a land claim and how does it work?
  16. Hello! To authorize clan members to be able to have build privileges, equip a hammer, then place your crosshair over your land claim flag. Right click until you see Authorize and hold e. Authorizing your clan will give everyone both build and destroy permissions and the only way to remove permissions is to remove the member from the clan and re-authorize the claim so keep this in mind.
  17. Heyyy, I cannot find the place where I can authorize the clan to be able to construct. Can you tell me where exactly is? Inside the clan page there's not so many options. Many thanks in advance
  18. It's easy to say that when you already have a sniper in hand it would be the other way around if you did not have one so don't give me that bullshit on it should stay rear.
  19. Please contact [email protected] We are unable to assist with bans via the forums.
  20. my account was banned a while ago I wanted to play with my friends again but there's no way to solve it?
  21. With the end of season 6 quickly approaching and the begging of season 7 apun us I would like to congratulate the devs on the game they have made, the players that have helped me along, and the start of the new season. I was hoping that for the start of season 7 I would be able to find an active clan that I could join. I hope that the new players are good people and not cheerer.
  22. I think those are some good ideas. Maybe we have the ability to store them inside our bases for a certain amount of time without despairing.
  23. Ok thank you. Thats all I needed
  24. Hello, Players can not raid in the sense that explosives will not do damage to structures on PVE. The most important thing to do is make sure you still apply pin codes to all containers, doors, and windows so that someone can not access your base.
  25. I recently started on a new PVE server and was wondering if people can still raid me or if my new base is safe?
  26. You can complete the mission by placing a land claim on another server. The mission rewards can be claimed from any server so you don't have to claim them on the server you complete the mission on. The reason for the restriction to 1 claim per person per server (previously players could have 3) is because with limited space on the map, we want to ensure that everyone is able to find a place to build. We have some future plans for possibly allowing for a temp build area for situations like this, however we have not started coding the feature for it.
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