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  3. horcrux

    Fences Etc

    made a post about this aswell. Its a problem at almost every spot. every house and building. gameplay gets so weird around it. both for robots and players. I think the best solution is opening up holes in the fences. both for robot pathing and player pathing. its super weird how it is now, everything boxed in.
  4. TheDuke

    How did you hear about the game?

    Since i was a very active SS/AM player i more or less got bombarded with questions of people wanting to know 'if i've heard of xera yet'. No escaping Xera for me.
  5. Hello survivors! Here's the patch notes for the Final Open Alpha! We hope you all enjoy these changes, and hope to see you all in-game. - Top Features Global/Group/Proximity Chat Channels Crosshairs are now customisable Vehicle bugfixes and improvements Brazil Region is now available - Chat System Added support for written group chat Added support for proximity chat Note: Pressing tab will change between global, group & proximity - Animations New Jump Animations for ARs / Snipers New Jump Animations for Pistols - Compound Event Reduced XP given from Robots inside compound to 10 (was 50) Reduced XP given by completing compounds to 100 (was 500) Reduced the radius that gives XP (Now have to be closer to the event to get the XP) Added new compound event UI - Leaderboards Skill Rating leaderboard now displays up to 100 players Kills leaderboard now displays up to 100 players Experience leaderboard now displays up to 100 players UI Improvements to leaderboard Leaderboards are now cached every 20 minutes - Crafting Reduced quantity requirements to make Remote C4 Kit - Items Fixed various item descriptions stating wrong ammo type Reduced XP given from picking up items to 1 (was 5) - Inventory Added protection tooltip to Armours & Helmets Added tooltips to health items Added tooltips to food & fluids - Settings Menu Added crosshair colour selection Added crosshair customisation for First Person Added crosshair customisation for Third Person Added crosshair toggle for first person PrimaryAction (Fire) can now be rebinded SecondaryAction (ADS/Aim) can now be rebinded - AI AI now has the ability to jump down from places if it gets stuck on a non-navigatable area Reduced XP given from killing super robot to 50 (was 100) Fixed an issue causing server hitches on robot death - Supply Drops Added "Rare" supply drops to <5 player servers (1% chance) Reduced chance of "Very Rare" drops (Snipers) to 1% (was 3%) Reduced XP given on all supply drops Supply drops will now crush vehicles and players - Drone You can now toggle NVGs while using a Drone You can no longer deploy a drone while moving Fixed an issue allowing drones to be deployed while using the helicopter - Player Punch cooldown delay reduced to 0.6s (was 2s) - Should make boxing matches much more exciting You can now change weapons while jumping Added crosshair to first person Fixed an issue causing multiple action requests to be sent to objects (while holding e) - UI Action UI will now show "Hold" or "Press" depending on the objects action requirement Fixed casing on "Humanoid Robot" on death screen - ATVs Vehicle will now despawn after 30 minutes without use You can now toggle NVGs while using a Vehicle Vehicles can now run over robots & players (Hitting AI will damage ATV 5%, Hitting Players will damage ATV 50%) Vehicle will now check around the vehicle for a safe spawn location ATV now has a max speed of 65km/h ATV HUD speed now displayed in km/h Fixed an issue that caused "Environment" to be shown when ATV is destroyed by a player, will now display attackers name Fixed - Crouching while entering on ATV mounts character higher than should be Fixed an issue allowing players to spawn drone while on ATV Fixed various issues with safe zones not protecting ATVs Fixed - ATV Can take damage in safe zone, and on death can cause player to be stuck in atv animation Fixed - Taking damage on ATV doesn't show blood splat Fixed - Death post process still shows a few seconds after respawning after dying on atv Fixed an issue preventing damage being reduced to group members while on an atv Fixed an issue causing the ATV to keep moving after driver dies Fixed When dying on ATV and not respawning quick enough it stuck on death screen Fixed - Getting out of ATV on incline can spawn under map Fixed an issue allowing players to activate placer system and drive ATV Fixed an issue allowing players to get into ATV and Helicopter at the same time Fixed an issue allowing players to open inventory before driving an ATV - Quickmed Moved quickmed to server for additional security and reliability Fixed an issue causing med to not play animation while jumping Fixed an issue causing quick med to spawn in other players to play the animation - Loot System Optimised loot selection system - Map Fixed an issue allowing players to get outside map boundary Fixed garage roof collision in Redsville Fixed collision on garage door Cheers!
  6. MikeIsRaw

    Fences Etc

    Any chance we could get the ability to destroy fences and such, and them respawn over time. I ask this because currently in most towns, you cannot get over fences, so if a player is inside a house, he has no escape options other than the front. I can camp the front and destroy them as they come out. The only option the player inside has, is to fight a disadvantaged fight, or combat log. If you could destroy a fence, you could escape from the back, or simply re-position for a better fight. This would also allow me to attack from the back of the house, giving more options. I would rather see the ability to destroy the fences and them respawn, than a vault option. The height in which we can jump is good now, vaulting would only further the camping abilities on roofs that are annoying as is.
  7. Can we get a POV change option? I know right now the POV's are just a random number that felt right, but having the ability to change you POV is a big thing for a lot of players. Some people like to zoom it in some, some like to keep a broader view of the world. Also, reworking the current crosshair/pov angles, because sometimes in a Close Quarters Combat situation, you can lose the other player jumping around in front of you because you cant see through yourself. I would suggest a slightly higher/above angle for 3PP, so im not looking through the back of my player when fighting up close. It seems a tad bit low atm.
  8. MikeIsRaw


    Can we work on the audio for footsteps. I go from running on grass semi-quietly to hitting concrete and everyone in redsville knows I have 100 horses running beside me, lol. It's hard to hear gunshots from fighting far off over the sound of you running on concrete and gives you no stealth at all. I know crouch walking is the only silent way currently, and I dont mind that, I dont think you should be able to silently walk..but being able to be a little bit softer on concrete and in general, would be awesome.
  9. I know we have a system coming that would allow us to trade in items for coins or whatever the currency will be called, but what about an in-game market or trading system. In a market, we could put up AK's and Snipers for sale/trade, creating a player based economy. This would allow us to trade away guns that we dont like but kept because they are more rare and we could use the trade items(ammo/guns/gear) that we do like. Trading an AK or Sniper might yield more return from a player wanting that AK or Sniper, versus simply trading it in for coins. The prices of such items would be player driven.
  10. MikeIsRaw

    Toggle Aim

    I'm assuming he means the ability to click ADS on and off, versus having to hold it down. I'm not sure why anyone would want to be at a disadvantage like that but some people love toggle aim. Like what we have for 'crouching' at the moment.
  11. This^. You shouldnt have an unlimited inventory, and with the future(possibly) addition of 'Clan' inventories it wouldnt be fair to other players for you to have an unlimited supply of everything. The GI is rather large now though, upon ranking up over and over.
  12. MikeIsRaw

    Might start a clan for this game

    I'm not sure huge clans will be a thing in this game, at least not on the same servers. I think they want to keep the zergs to a maximum of 0, lol.
  13. MikeIsRaw

    Player Building

    Currently, no base building will be in the game. Joshua has mentioned the possibility in the future, so we can only hope. I think it would be great on custom servers to have base building.
  14. MikeIsRaw

    How did you hear about the game?

    I found this game through a buddies stream, and subsequently have introduced it to 5 other players now. Excited to see this game grow and see what it becomes.
  15. Slims.

    Suggestion: Enemy Robot Drone.

    I agree, I think this was something that is coming. It was originally posted on the Kickstarter for the game.
  16. Slims.

    Loading screen.

    That'd be nice, even things such as being able to play after open weekends, info on how to pre-order/back the game, or even a road map of the game.
  17. Slims.

    New features and bugs.

    Hey Oreo - great bug reports. I'd love to be able to use auto run while on the ATV and the med quick slot would be amazing.
  18. Earlier
  19. Thanks for taking time to read them, I fully understand some of them are perhaps a bit ambitious or far fetched, but just trying to think outside the box haha.
  20. IcedYoshi

    Introducing Creators Program - Applications Now Open

    Just a reminder for everyone, even if you haven't been accepted as a creator, you are allowed to stream! We love seeing content before officially inviting people to the creator's program so make sure you get your content out there to get noticed. Staff members and helpers are always lurking around streams. Make sure to say hi to us when we come by
  21. IcedYoshi

    New features and bugs.

    Thank you for the suggestions!
  22. Senso

    How did you hear about the game?

    i heard of this game basically because youtube recommended me some xera gameplay after watching a dayz series from another channel.
  23. Zombiehunter Bob

    XERA: Survival Guerrilla Warfare

  24. I only recently discovered Xera thanks to some people from the JS community reaching out to me, I love the core concept of this game and I really hope for its success upon reaching EA. In order for a successful EA there needs to be plenty of elements of replay-ability and progression, afterall we can only make a good first impression once to the steam community. Main event (Larger scale pvpve event) Building upon the idea of your red AI stronghold events, create a new POI specifically for a new larger stronghold or generator. This larger version of the smaller ones will only come up periodically lets say every 3 hours in real time, there is a significant increase in AI, have players active a console which will start a timer of say 10 minutes, during those 10 minutes waves of robots will spawn. at the end of the 10 minutes, crates will unlock around the stronghold holding the best loot as well as a chance to drop a weapon that cannot be obtained in any other way apart from this specific event. Having an item(s) as rewards for this much larger event will give players a bigger incentive to contest this event and create a PVP hotspot indirectly. Lootboxes (Addictive RNG element) Add elements of RNG that makes looting addicting, creating another element of replay-ability. From server events such as your red fist strongholds and potentially the larger one I mentioned, reward players with a weapon box which can be looted, when they open the weapon box in their inventory it gives them a new weapon with some RNG, ranging from a UMP which is low tier, to perhaps a special weapon that isn't in the world normally like an m249, a new sniper, and have all the other weapons that can be found normally as a chance of drop from the loot box. Again by adding a weapon or two to these boxes that cannot be found normally creates value, but have them at a very low drop chance and have the lower tier weapons at perhaps a higher drop chance. Add a low chance of these lootboxes spawning across the map in high tier loot areas. Weekly Skins Stay away from the slippery slope which is crates, keys and gambling, frustrating for a lot of players, it may leave players with a sour taste. Players love skins and its a great way to pump money back into the game post launch. I'd suggest an approach similar to Fortnite, apex, league of legends. Release new limited time only skins each week and let players specifically select the skins they want, after that week is done, never release that skin again, which gives the players the ability to market and sell skins. Road Checkpoints To keep the travel time across the map feeling empty, create military checkpoints along the roads with robot AI patrolling them, have some loot crates there, it will encourage players to roam the map looting these checkpoints. Depth to Clan System -Allow clans to assign and create roles within the clan. -Create clan progression by letting clans earn XP for their clan completing missions be it dailies and/or weeklies. -Let clans share and store together via clan inventory. Increase the inventory space by leveling the clan.- -Clan instances, building on top of what Josh discussed in general chat regarding instanced base building. Let each clan once they reach a certain level have a clan hub/instance/stronghold. Clans can fortify/build an area. Every clan must place a clan flag somewhere withing their clan stronghold. Clans can raid other clans to earn XP/Loot for their clan, after being raided, you cannot be raided again for X amount of hours in real time. With the being said, have a leader-board to show which clans have had the most successful raids and the most successful defense. Bugs/Quality of life changes - Own footsteps on road/concrete is too loud. - Automatically equip meds into hotkey slot if you don't have meds already. - Add option to change FOV slightly. - Add the ability to aim down sights from third person by tapping right click once/twice. - ATV left/right turn responsiveness could use more fine tuning. - Add ability to store a small amount of loot in the ATV. - Add ability to "auto run" while driving the ATV. - Scale down the box sizes in the inventory slightly. - Decrease the spacing between items in the inventory slightly. - When one player in a group becomes hostile, have the entire group become hostile. - Visual bug at B5/C5 stronghold where edge of stronghold isn't connected to ground.
  25. Zombiehunter Bob

    Froum Languages

    Get some Language forums on so that peeple can talk in their native language. I suggest : RUS TÜRK GER FR BR aka PT
  26. Zombiehunter Bob

    Loading screen.

    Different types. This one is for the red fists. You could make one for the drones and how to use them too. New players actualy dont know what to do on red fists and that dones can explode.
  27. I would like to help and do some streams at my channel. Twitch/FeroxMk thanks
  28. Dantas BR

    Some ideas

    (I'm brazilian so english isn't my first language so take it easy if i committed some write errors 😜) Some ideas New Content - ADD New Robot enemies like Drones, Turrets, Shock robots, Fire Robots and others. - ADD Robot Bosses. - ADD Stamina. - ADD Animals (passive/agressive). - ADD Hunt system. - ADD A way to HACK Robots in your favor ( This could make the player control the robots). - ADD missions/events. - ADD Factions (global team with exclusive missions for players from same faction). - ADD different skins for each faction. - ADD Conquest area to encourage pvp between factions. - ADD exclusive safe zones for factions. - ADD Rare Futuristic guns - ADD Craft your own robot with pieces from the other ones that you killed - ADD A items hotbar Upgrades - Decrease player movement speed while aiming - Death cam - Stop to Decrease player thrist and hungry while afk - Increase the jump height (PLEASE).
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