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  1. Hi everyone, Here's the patch notes for V0.2.5. - UI Added cancel button to 'Transfer Quantity' UI Fixed an issue causing 'Transfer Quantity' UI to become stuck - Medical system Fixed an issue allowing quickmed to be used while swinging a melee - Audio Added new sounds to punching - AI New agro sounds New sounds for when the AI jumps New sounds for when AI lands New footstep sounds Camera will now shake when AI lands - Death screen Added more information when dying to humanoids Added more information when killed by a drone (Player who was flying will display) Fixed an issue causing death screen to show incorrect information if died while using a drone - Player Added new effect when damage is taken - Map Fixed an issue causing floating grass in Redsville Hope you all enjoy these changes! Cheers
  2. Hello survivors, Here are the patch notes for Open Alpha - Round 5. - General Fixed an issue causing the game to launch on non-primary monitor - Medical system You can no longer use quickmed while reloading An animation is now played when using quickmed, for this duration you cannot shoot or change weapons - Animations Fixed an issue causing wrong animations to play when crouched - Weapons Added Spiked Bat, does 20% damage - Key Crates Removed Gauze from Medical Crates - UI Level will now display when looking at another player - Global Inventory You can now right click an item in your inventory to quick move Dragging items out of global which have more than 1 quantity will ask for a quantity to transfer - Attachments Increased first person zoom on red dot Increased first person zoom on holographic sight - Map Added new Gas Station to Rockdale Added new Police station to Rockdale Added Church to Rockdale Added new supermarket building to Rockdale Replaced shopping area in Redsville with a big supermarket - Buildings Garage building now has interior, the door will have a chance of being closed and will be accessible by back door - Crafting system Crafting items will now give experience Reduced craft time of Gauze to 2.5s, was 4s Added spiked bat recipe, does 20% damage - Bugfixes Fixed a crash caused by VoIP when loading into map Cheers
  3. Joshua


    Great idea - i've made one https://forums.xeragame.com/forum/34-introductions/
  4. Hello Survivors! Here are the patch notes for Open Alpha - Round 4 - General EAC (EasyAntiCheat) Implemented Report system added (You can report a player by holding P and right on their name) - Helicopter Travel System A new helicopter system will transport players between safe zones. You can jump out (Using E) of the helicopter anywhere in-between the path and land where you wish. - Weapons Changed MP5 sound - Animations Throwable animations will now play correctly when crouched or jumping - Drones Fixed an issue that prevented drones being landed Fixed an issue what allowed inventory to be opened while in a drone - Map Added new trailer park north of the map (Still WIP) Rockdale re-designed (Still WIP) - Map UI Fixed player map position (Hopefully it works this time) - Player Reduced deathcam height from 700 to 550 - Group System Replaced bearing reading with a distance in Metres - AI Robots will now give XP when destroyed with grenades Improved AI hitbox Improved AI Physics - Supply Drops Smoke should start spawning even when drop is not visible Improved smoke particles - UI You can no longer auto-run while logging out Death Screen Visual Improvements New audio for death screen You can now report the player who killed you directly from the death screen Player list will now close after inviting a player Hope you all enjoy this patch!
  5. Hello Survivors, Here's a quick patch which is mostly to remove the Christmas event, but we've also slipped in some additional improvements. - Events Removed Christmas Event - Inventory Moved equip to first option in right click menu, this should help prevent miss-shredding items Added filtering options to proximity menu You can now directly drag proximity items into your slots You can now drop items by dragging it outside of the inventory You can now equip attachments by dragging it directly primary slot Proximity loot will no longer re-shuffle when picking up items - Map Improved accuracy of player position Changed icon and color of current player location - Weapons Reduced damage of FN SCAR-L to 12% was 12.5% Increased mag size of FN SCAR-L to 30, was 20 Added FN SCAR-H which takes 7.62 rounds, does 12.5% damage - Supply Drops Added FN-SCAR-H to supply drops (Uncommon Category) Cheers
  6. Unfortunately we're unable to do sales right now on pre-orders due to steam rules.
  7. Joshua

    Jingle Bot Screenshot Competition

    Hello Survivors, With the holidays right around the corner, what a better time to spread some joy and give away 4 Bandit Packages to our community! The winners will be the ones who can provide the best seasonal screenshot from our upcoming holiday event! Winners will be selected based on multiple judging criteria including social engagement, quality, festiveness and uniqueness. We also require you to take the screenshots on medium to epic overall quality settings (with shadows on). Submissions should be sent via: Twitter - by using the hashtag #jinglebots and including @PlayXERA in the post Steam - uploading a screenshot with Jingle Bots Competition in the caption We ask that if you are submitting screenshots please be respectful and only submit a maximum of your 2 favorite screenshots, submitting more may cause disqualification. Winners will be selected and announced on January 2nd, 2019! Happy Holidays, Spotted Kiwi Interactive
  8. Hello Survivors! Patch notes for Open Alpha round 3. - Christmas Event Added large christmas trees to various areas, check under the tree and see if you've been naughty or nice Added Two Festive character skins Added Santa Backpack (Holds 50kg) Added Christmas Drone Skin (Active for all players) Added Santa Hat (does 15% protection) Added Candy Cane Melee - Character Walkable slope increased to 60 degrees, was 45 degrees - Map Upgraded Redsville Church Added motels to Redsville Reworked Rockdale suburbs Reworked Rockdale factory - Settings Added keybind option for detonate c4 - Items Reduced weight on all ammo types - Grenades Grenades now make an impact sound when hitting objects Added angular dampening after first impact to prevent grenade rolling away from impact location - Weapons Reduced AK-47 Damage to 14% (was 15.5%) Reduced FN-Scar damage to 12.5% (was 13%) Increased MP5 magazine size to 30 (was 20) FN-Scar can now be used in Single fire mode MP5 Sights reworked MP5 now supports sight attachments Changed tollerance levels for server-side hitscan take-overs - Commands Added "/outfit" command to give you a new random outfit - Audio Increased footstep volume to 0.9 (was 0.6) Increased footstep sound radius to 24m (was 16m) Adjusted footstep falloff function to linear (was natural sound) Added new sounds to ambient music system Fixed an issue causing footsteps to not have any attentuation - Radio Transmission System We've implemented a prototype of a Radio Transmission System, this will send a radio message when air drops spawn - Global Inventory Right click menu disabled while in global inventory Fixed an issue which caused GI error message to get stuck on screen - AI Fixed explosion particle direction, will now explode up, not sideways - Buildings Added loot / props to Radome middle room - Lighting Increased moon brightness to 1.75 (was 1.5) Increased overall night brightness to 0.6 (was 0.5) Increased moon size to 0.01 (was 0.009) Increased star brightness to 0.4 (was 0.33) - Localisation Fixed some font issues with PT/FR Languages Cheers!
  9. Joshua

    Jingle Bots Rock Christmas Event

    Hello Survivors, The Spotted Kiwi Interactive team wants to wish you all Happy Holidays! We are pleased to announce our first ever seasonal event to celebrate the Christmas Holiday. We’ve gone all out to provide you with festive content. Scattered around the world you will find large Christmas trees. Check under the tree to see if you've been naughty or nice! There’s good loot to be unwrapped if you’re on the nice list... We’ve also added various seasonal character skins, a Christmassy drone and other festive items. The event will be running for a limited time from 21st December to 1st January. We hope you all enjoy this event, and wish you all Happy Holidays and a great New Year - thanks for all your support in 2018 and here’s to 2019! Regards, Spotted Kiwi Interactive
  10. Joshua

    Steps Volume

    We also found a bug with the footsteps sounds as whole, so that's been resolved as well.
  11. Joshua

    Steps Volume

    This has been addressed for next patch: Increased footstep volume to 0.9 (was 0.6) Increased footstep sound radius to 24m (was 16m) Adjusted footstep fallout function to linear (was natural sound)
  12. Hello Survivors, That's right - it's the last Open Alpha for 2018! If you participated in any of the last 2 Open Alpha's you DO NOT need to register again, but if you missed out for any reason sign up for free here https://xeragame.com/alpha-signup. It's an open invite - so anyone that registers gets a key! If you think your friends would like the game, head to our discord and type !invite in the #invitations channel to get a personalised messaged to send. We will be tracking how many each person invites – and will be rewarding the ones with the most sign-ups. We hope to see you all in-game this weekend! Below are the global start times so you know when the open alpha starts in your country. Cheers, Spotted Kiwi Interactive Global Start Times
  13. Hello Survivors, Here's the most recent patch notes for Open Alpha. - General Added ability to skip game's loading intros Added ASIA Server Region (Servers in located in South Korea) Increased World Loot to 2350 (was 2000) Fixed an issue causing hitching on AMD FX Processors - Character Improved first person to feel less static Changed character movement air control from 0.5 to 0.7 Improved performance of inventory character display Fixed an issue causing animations to not play on the server causing hit registration issues - Inventory / Crafting system Additional checks added to proximity pickup system to prevent looting from far distances - Explosives Added camera shake to C4 explosion - Weapons Removed bullet "smoke" trails from shell casing ejection particles Pistol reload delay is now 2 seconds Sights can now be used on FN Scar Fixed an issue that was causing melees to not play correct impact sounds - AI Reduced AI Run Speed Reduced health of Model X Robot Exploding robot will now glow brighter when they are about to explode Fixed an issue causing AI footsteps to not always play Fixed an issue causing super robot to spawn as an exploder sometimes Fixed an issue that caused AI to spawn for all players on death (optimisation) Fixed an issue causing animations to not play on the server causing hit registration issues - Loot tables Added drone to main loot table - Map Added Airport Area (This is still work in progress) Added Farm extension (This is still work in progress) Reworked Golden Eagle Settlement (This is still work in progress) Fixed XS-127 - Get inside rock. Fire out. Can't be seen. - Global Inventory Added additional equipment slots to Global Inventory UI - Supply Drop System Supply drops will now drop every 5-15 minutes Fixed an issue causing loot from supply drop to have same pickup time as opening the drop - Localisation Thai language added Chinese language updated - UI Fixed an issue which prevented clicking on inventory items when looking at an item in the world Death screen will now display "Silenced" if a weapon has a silencer General improvements to most UIs Hope you all enjoy these changes. - Joshua
  14. Joshua

    Our first Open Alpha weekend is a wrap!

    It was an absolutely great weekend, I enjoyed playing with you and watching you play on twitch! Looking forward to next weekend. See you all there!