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  1. Hello survivors! Here's the patch notes for the Final Open Alpha! We hope you all enjoy these changes, and hope to see you all in-game. - Top Features Global/Group/Proximity Chat Channels Crosshairs are now customisable Vehicle bugfixes and improvements Brazil Region is now available - Chat System Added support for written group chat Added support for proximity chat Note: Pressing tab will change between global, group & proximity - Animations New Jump Animations for ARs / Snipers New Jump Animations for Pistols - Compound Event Reduced XP given from Robots inside compound to 10 (was 50) Reduced XP given by completing compounds to 100 (was 500) Reduced the radius that gives XP (Now have to be closer to the event to get the XP) Added new compound event UI - Leaderboards Skill Rating leaderboard now displays up to 100 players Kills leaderboard now displays up to 100 players Experience leaderboard now displays up to 100 players UI Improvements to leaderboard Leaderboards are now cached every 20 minutes - Crafting Reduced quantity requirements to make Remote C4 Kit - Items Fixed various item descriptions stating wrong ammo type Reduced XP given from picking up items to 1 (was 5) - Inventory Added protection tooltip to Armours & Helmets Added tooltips to health items Added tooltips to food & fluids - Settings Menu Added crosshair colour selection Added crosshair customisation for First Person Added crosshair customisation for Third Person Added crosshair toggle for first person PrimaryAction (Fire) can now be rebinded SecondaryAction (ADS/Aim) can now be rebinded - AI AI now has the ability to jump down from places if it gets stuck on a non-navigatable area Reduced XP given from killing super robot to 50 (was 100) Fixed an issue causing server hitches on robot death - Supply Drops Added "Rare" supply drops to <5 player servers (1% chance) Reduced chance of "Very Rare" drops (Snipers) to 1% (was 3%) Reduced XP given on all supply drops Supply drops will now crush vehicles and players - Drone You can now toggle NVGs while using a Drone You can no longer deploy a drone while moving Fixed an issue allowing drones to be deployed while using the helicopter - Player Punch cooldown delay reduced to 0.6s (was 2s) - Should make boxing matches much more exciting You can now change weapons while jumping Added crosshair to first person Fixed an issue causing multiple action requests to be sent to objects (while holding e) - UI Action UI will now show "Hold" or "Press" depending on the objects action requirement Fixed casing on "Humanoid Robot" on death screen - ATVs Vehicle will now despawn after 30 minutes without use You can now toggle NVGs while using a Vehicle Vehicles can now run over robots & players (Hitting AI will damage ATV 5%, Hitting Players will damage ATV 50%) Vehicle will now check around the vehicle for a safe spawn location ATV now has a max speed of 65km/h ATV HUD speed now displayed in km/h Fixed an issue that caused "Environment" to be shown when ATV is destroyed by a player, will now display attackers name Fixed - Crouching while entering on ATV mounts character higher than should be Fixed an issue allowing players to spawn drone while on ATV Fixed various issues with safe zones not protecting ATVs Fixed - ATV Can take damage in safe zone, and on death can cause player to be stuck in atv animation Fixed - Taking damage on ATV doesn't show blood splat Fixed - Death post process still shows a few seconds after respawning after dying on atv Fixed an issue preventing damage being reduced to group members while on an atv Fixed an issue causing the ATV to keep moving after driver dies Fixed When dying on ATV and not respawning quick enough it stuck on death screen Fixed - Getting out of ATV on incline can spawn under map Fixed an issue allowing players to activate placer system and drive ATV Fixed an issue allowing players to get into ATV and Helicopter at the same time Fixed an issue allowing players to open inventory before driving an ATV - Quickmed Moved quickmed to server for additional security and reliability Fixed an issue causing med to not play animation while jumping Fixed an issue causing quick med to spawn in other players to play the animation - Loot System Optimised loot selection system - Map Fixed an issue allowing players to get outside map boundary Fixed garage roof collision in Redsville Fixed collision on garage door Cheers!
  2. Hi everyone! Here's patch notes for Open Alpha Round 8! We're happy to announce our first Vehicle - the ATV. This is still a very experimental system so please expect bugs! - New Feature - Vehicle (ATV) New ATV Vehicle Added Vehicle has 200% HP Vehicle will explode and kill riding player on death Players can still take damage and die while on ATV Currently no support for running over players & AI (coming soon) AI will sometimes ignore the ATV and will attack the player on the ATV if detected (Still a bit of AI work to be done w/ vehicles) Vehicles will spawn at specific spawn points (4 in the world) Note: These are still extremely experimental, so expect many bugs! - Map Improved Farm House area Replaced fences in Pleasant Pastures Reduces vertical scale on background mountains (Should allow for shorter dark periods in-game) Removed some POIs in preparation for map re-work (Game map may show locations where there is nothing) Added compound event to bunker mountain - Event System Changed event cool down to 25 minutes (from 20 mins) - Transport System Reduced helicopter sounds - UI Quantity slider added to global inventory Fixed some localisation issues - Robots Disabled decals on robots (will prevent robots being hidden by decal lines at airport) Cheers, Joshua
  3. Hi everyone, These are the patch notes for Round 7! - Compound Event Fist icon will now display white when not activated - Inventory System Reworked backend of inventory system for better performance - Crafting System Reduced item requirements to craft drones (1 Chassis, 1 Blade, 1 Battery) - Weapons Added Honey Badger weapon! - Air Drop System Added Honey Badger to Uncommon Air Drop spawns NOTE: This is a smaller than usual patch - as our main focus has been on planning our Early Access launch! Hope you all understand.
  4. Hi everyone! I wanted to gauge some feedback from the community in regards to our upcoming Private Servers feature. The idea of private servers: Default configured servers can have official global inventory access (So when no config is changed, except maybe a password) Once any config is changed (e.g night/day) the server becomes dis-associated with the official servers so items and other data does not transfer between customized private servers and official servers Private servers may have their own Global Inventories which only persists on that server Private servers will be rented from us and are configurable from an in-game interface after they are purchased from our website We're wanting to give you control over many different game-play elements and would like to know what you'd like to see! We will use this feedback to prioritize what features we launch private servers with. Some ideas we already have planned: Day / Night Speed of which cycle completes (Slow down or speed up) Day / Night only (A specified time e.g 11AM or 3PM) First person / third person only (Lock to a specific view) AI Controls Disable AI (Stops AI from spawning at all, for PvP events or PvP orientated servers) Increase AI Spawns (Increases the amount of AI in the world for hardcore PvE) Health modifiers (Give them more or less health) Change their loot tables Loot changes Increase amount of loot that spawns in the world Reduce amount of loot in the world Change type of loot that spawns (E.g Glock + 9mm only game) Server administration controls (handy for events and moderation) Kick (w/ duration) Ban (w/ duration) Givemod Giveadmin Clear server (Kicks all non mods/staff from server) Thanks - looking forward to hearing what ideas you all have! Cheers!
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  6. The main objective with the PvP design is that it is "arcadey", and will not be too realistic. We want it to be fun - without it being too punishing. There's still a bit of work to be done with the weapon mechanics, such as fall-off damage, different recoils and more.
  7. So there's some things to consider regarding player count. The game is heavily focused on the Global Inventory and other progression systems - so players are not wanting to invest a lot of time in getting items and grinding if it will be wiped Many Open Alpha players don't actually know they can play during the week - the main objective of the open alpha is to concentrate them around the alpha weeks, so players can see what the game is like with a 40/40 server etc. They don't want to over-play early and get burnt out by playing too much - being surprised by all the new features at early access is what some players are wanting Marketing - while we are doing some marketing, most of the game's growth has been through organic word of mouth and running minimal ads. The invitational open alpha has put the game in front of thousands of new faces We are working on our Early Access marketing plan very soon - which will include making a new trailer etc. We're pleased with the current growth of the game which has been mostly word of mouth. Cheers
  8. Hi everyone! Here are the patch notes the closing patch of Open Alpha Round 6. - Slot System Fixed an issue causing medical slots to not unequip old medical item before switching to new one - Compound Event Reduced XP given on completion to 500, was 3000 Increased XP given from robots in compound to 50, was 20 - UI Fixed an issue causing UI to not show red when item cannot fit in inventory - Inventory Right clicking a proximity item will now pick it up Changed experience given when picking up items to 5 (was 1) Fixed an issue causing ammo to sometimes not spawn after switching weapons at max backpack weight Fixed an issue causing items to not correctly add to the inventory Fixed an issue with melees' tooltip showing ammo type Fixed an issue with melees' tooltip showing wrong damage Fixed an issue allowing equipped backpacks to be shredded with double click - Helicopter System Fixed an issue allow players to shoot while in helicopter - Supply Drops Optimised Supply Drops to use less resources on the client Optimised Supply Drop smoke particles Fixed an issue allowing air drops to land on player controlled drone - Map Fixed an issue with a container in Riverton causing players to get stuck Fixed floating grass on rd to mountain Fixed pixel walk on some houses Cheers
  9. Hello survivors! Here's the latest patch notes! Hope you all enjoy these changes. - New Event System 3 Compounds are on the map Event is activated when a player is within a radius AI is spawned inside the compound when it's activated Once all AI are defeated you are rewarded with 3000 XP and 4 air drops, which will fall in the compound Compound event will go onto cooldown for 15 minutes - Medical System Reduced medical animation time from 1.56s to 1.3s You can now see other players using medical animations - Main Menu New Spotted Kiwi Intro added Improvements made to main menu map - Buildings Added interior to Gas Station Fixed an issue with AI getting stuck in office buildings Fixed a collision issue with a house Removed 1 sided windows from various houses Removed windows from church building - Helicopter transport system Helicopter marker will now display on the map when you are in a helicopter Players are now hidden and movement is disabled while in a helicopter Fixed an issue causing crouch toggle to cause slow parachuting Disabled inventory while in helicopter Disabled switching between first and third person while in helicopter - Ambient sounds Moved ambient system to player controller rather than player character - Global Inventory Current quantity will now populate in item transfer menu - Items New icon for Red Dot - Inventory System Added weights checks for changing and removing backpacks - Map Optimised water shader Added gas stations to Redsville Optimised shadows on some objects Fixed an issue causing players to get stuck on solar panels Fixed an issue causing navigation to not generate around fences and props Fixed some doors which did not allow AI to open Fixed some terrain issues where you could go under water - UI Inventory Icons should now be a lot smoother and not have jagged edges Auto Run is now disabled when entering global inventory UI Weapon tooltips added Item tooltips will no longer overlap bottom of screen - Bugfixes Fixed XS-133 - Can't pass through the gap Fixed XS-126 - able to logout while autorunning Fixed XS-101 - Death screen gets stuck when dying while player list is open Fixed XS-23 - Player gets stuck on props Fixed XS-24 - Character pixel walk inside apartments Fixed XS-67 - Office Building Prop Popin Fixed XS-50 - Settings do not get applied on load Fixed XS-85 - Killing robots with grenades, does not give XP Fixed XS-96 - Small Head Issue Fixed XS-104 - Redsville Apartments Collision glitch Fixed XS-135 - Ability to see through walls when jumping Fixed XS-121 - Inventory UI tool-tip off-screen Fixed XS-125 - Inventory weight can be exceeded when backpack is removed Fixed XS-132 - Patch of water with no sound Fixed XS-129 - Road is not level with the ground
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    February Newsletter

    Hello Everyone, It has been a busy year since we officially formed Spotted Kiwi Interactive in May 2018. XERA: Survival started as a passion project in late 2016 - it has taken great stamina to get it to where it is today. We’re extremely happy with the growth of the game and the studio as a whole. In late 2018, Tim Ponting was appointed as our Marketing Director. Formerly of Activision, Tim’s experience in the industry gives us the edge we need to lead us into Early Access this year. Tim is also a part owner of Spotted Kiwi Interactive. In January we officially appointed Gary (IcedYoshi) as our Community Manager, a very easy choice for such a respectful, dedicated community member who has been assisting us since April 2018. Gary is a huge asset to the studio and moving forward he will be your go-to person for everything related to XERA: Survival. At the beginning of February we welcomed Karan to the team as an environment artist. He has been working with us for some time now and has now officially joined the Spotted Kiwi fold. His unique eye for post-apocalyptic environments was exactly what we needed. Karan’s role will be to create new buildings, props and other art assets. As we move forward we will also be swapping out old placeholder assets with Karan’s work. We’re also excited to have another artist “JPeck” working with the team as a contractor. Formerly of Define Human Studios (Islands Of Nyne: BR), JPeck will be focusing on high-detail art such as weapon skins, concept art and more. We’ve also tasked him with creating some new robot designs, and you will see these rolled out in the coming months. Check out his other work on ArtStation. Finally, we are excited to announce that we have started forming an internal Quality Assurance team to assist with locating and reporting bugs. This team is composed of community members that have been dedicated to the development of XERA: Survival and will be crucial in helping us discover new issues and replicate bugs that have been reported by the community. Their assistance will help us to further polish XERA: Survival and allow us to bring a great experience to everyone. We hope everyone has enjoyed participating in our Open Alpha Weekends and are excited for what’s to come! Regards, Spotted Kiwi Interactive
  13. Hi everyone, Here's the patch notes for V0.2.5. - UI Added cancel button to 'Transfer Quantity' UI Fixed an issue causing 'Transfer Quantity' UI to become stuck - Medical system Fixed an issue allowing quickmed to be used while swinging a melee - Audio Added new sounds to punching - AI New agro sounds New sounds for when the AI jumps New sounds for when AI lands New footstep sounds Camera will now shake when AI lands - Death screen Added more information when dying to humanoids Added more information when killed by a drone (Player who was flying will display) Fixed an issue causing death screen to show incorrect information if died while using a drone - Player Added new effect when damage is taken - Map Fixed an issue causing floating grass in Redsville Hope you all enjoy these changes! Cheers
  14. Hello survivors, Here are the patch notes for Open Alpha - Round 5. - General Fixed an issue causing the game to launch on non-primary monitor - Medical system You can no longer use quickmed while reloading An animation is now played when using quickmed, for this duration you cannot shoot or change weapons - Animations Fixed an issue causing wrong animations to play when crouched - Weapons Added Spiked Bat, does 20% damage - Key Crates Removed Gauze from Medical Crates - UI Level will now display when looking at another player - Global Inventory You can now right click an item in your inventory to quick move Dragging items out of global which have more than 1 quantity will ask for a quantity to transfer - Attachments Increased first person zoom on red dot Increased first person zoom on holographic sight - Map Added new Gas Station to Rockdale Added new Police station to Rockdale Added Church to Rockdale Added new supermarket building to Rockdale Replaced shopping area in Redsville with a big supermarket - Buildings Garage building now has interior, the door will have a chance of being closed and will be accessible by back door - Crafting system Crafting items will now give experience Reduced craft time of Gauze to 2.5s, was 4s Added spiked bat recipe, does 20% damage - Bugfixes Fixed a crash caused by VoIP when loading into map Cheers
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