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  1. Patch Notes #11

    Hotfix #2 Zsh-1 helmet protection reduced to 20% (was 30%) Heavy vest protection reduced to 15% (was 30%) NVG helmet protection reduced to 35% (was 45%) Fixed an issue with items not being able to be picked up on top of apartments
  2. Patch Notes #11

    Hotfix #1 Reduced recoil by 50% Reduced normal AI health to 70% Increase key spawnrate Reduced food & water spawn rates Increased total map loot to 2000 (was 1500)
  3. Patch Notes #11

    Some more notes: Added military & medical 'boxes' which require keys (which spawn in the world) AK47 will now only drop from "boss" AI at the military base, she now has 1,000 HP. Normal AI now have 100% HP and do 9% damage per hit Reduced first aid kit spawn rate
  4. Patch Notes #11

    Hello Survivors! Here are the patch notes for Stress Test 12. Air Strike System Reduced air strike duration to 50 seconds (was 60) Added military jet sound effects Increased explosion camera shake distance to 25000 was 10000 Increase siren sound to 20% Map / Models City centre of Riverton re-designed & more loot spawns added Increased night time brightness to 0.35 (was 0.3) Increased door open speed to 0.7s (was 1s) Added Freedom graffiti Hospital Added Doors now open away from the player Added more loot in large warehouse building Re-designed 'pit' area in Redsville New main camp added to north of Redsville Multiple camps added to forests Fixed an issue preventing bullets from going through some tree's leaves Fixed two 1 sided fences Fixed building collision issue (https://plays.tv/video/5a5bd1af1a62f9b46b/rapport-glitch-xera) Fixed small industrial building collision (Fixes AI Navigation) Fixed a building that AI could not enter Spawn System Minimum distance of nearby spawns increased to 650m (was 300m) AI Added hurt animation to AI AI punches can now be interrupted when damage is taken AI will stop all pending melee / hurt animations on death Reduced attenuation radius of robot footsteps Reduced volume level of robot footsteps Changed attenuation distance algorithm to natural sound Increased size of Melee AI hit box Weather System Thunder Storm duration reduced to 7 minutes Thunder & lighting storm duration reduced to 7 minutes Light rain duration reduced to 8 minutes Heavy rain duration reduced to 4 minutes Weapons / Melees Increased hitbox of all melees Added extra melee hit detection to swing check Throwables Fixed an issue allowing multiple grenades to be spawned (using left & right click at the same time) You can no longer free look while cooking a grenade New grenade prediction / throwing system implemented Active weapon will switch to fists when grenades run out You can no longer activate a throwable while sprinting Fixed an issue causing aim animations to still play in first person when a grenade is equipped Fixed an issue which allowed players to accidentally throw grenades while inventory is open Player / Character Other players can now hear when you dry fire (when you are out of ammo) Added check for outline post process so it only is enabled when required Player will now uncrouch and start sprinting when sprint key is pressed when using toggle crouch option You can now use your mouse scroll wheel to switch to a throwable Reduced first person item pickup range Players name tags can now be seen from a larger distance Improved pickup priority when items are around a dead corpse Fixed an issue causing placer preview to stay active on death Respawn command will no longer reset survived time Ability to zoom without a weapon added Reduced Punch Damage to 10% (was 15%) Added 10 second spawn protection when spawning Character will stay in-game for 10 seconds when a player leaves the server or forcefully closes their game client Audio Increased footstep sound radius to 17m Enabled footstep occlusion (volume is reduced by 0.7 when sound cannot be seen) Hurt sound moved to game volume system Removed & added sounds to ambient music system Added fade in / fade out effects to heart beat when below 20% health Added fly swarm sound to some garbage bins Animations Removed pitch (up and down) animation delay while aiming in (ads) Clip reloading animation system (stage 1) implemented UI / HUD Throwable is now displayed in the HUD with the amount that you have Moved med cooldown circle to below the crosshair Time remaining now displayed inside medical cooldown circle Medical circle will no longer display while aiming Unload gun option added to equipped weapons Improvements made to player list Added spawn protection indicator to HUD Fixed an issue causing tooltips to move off screen on equipped items Fixed an issue causing visual snapping on item text inside the inventory when items have long names Added new Unreal Engine splash screen Added player stats to main menu Items Civilian Night Vision will now protect 10% headshot damage (was 50%) ZSh-1 Green & Black now protect 30% headshot damage (was 50%) NVG Helmets now protect 45% headshot damage (was 50%) Added Gauze Added Antibiotics Added Metal Pipe Melee with 15%, weight 1.2kg, spawn chance of 25% Fixed model for .50 Rounds Reduced weight of all rounds Medical Kit Performance Improvements Medical Kit will now despawn after 10 minutes Placeables Reduced the distance that you can place things (c4, med) Placables will now display at the end of the trace (as red) instead of being at the last available location Drones Max signal of 150m added to drones Drones kills will now register correctly When a player leaves the server while in a drone, the drone item will fall to the ground Fixed an issue with drone items disappearing on undeploy Added server side position check to prevent collision exploits Server Changed max players to 40 Changed net tickrate to 40 (was 30) Added password protected server type Bug Fixes Fixed an issue causing first person aim animation to become stuck after jumping and quickly changing between first person and third person Fixed an issue causing bullet correction system to wrongly correct bullets when player is killed and loot is blocking the bullet Fixed an issue causing bullet correction system to wrongly correct bullets when a player's corpse is blocking the bullet Fixed an issue causing drone to spawn if player kills themself with their own drone Fixed an issue causing drone item to be removed from the inventory if player tries to spawn a drone after destroying previous one Fixed an issue stopping players from sprinting after exiting a drone Fixed an issue causing player character to stay in-game if player leaves the server while in a drone Fixed an issue causing player to keep running if player is running when spawning a drone Fixed an issue preventing players from executing respawn command from inside the safe zone Fixed Melee AI capsule collision so it does not count as a surface for placeable objects Fixed occasional issues where the first person camera would be positioned far into the ground or air Fixed an issue causing throwable prediction path to display after death Fixed an issue causing flooding of weapon switching request to server
  5. Stress Test 12 - Date Announcement

    Hi everyone, I am happy to announce the dates for Stress Test 12.
  6. Hello Survivors! The forests in XERA have been somewhat lacking ground foliage cover for a while. This is mostly due to the foliage being manually painted on. In order to cover a large area with trees & foliage with the density that I wanted I had to figure out a work flow that: Can efficiently cover a large area with foliage and trees Produces foliage that looks good & naturally placed So I am now using an experimental procedural foliage tool built into Unreal Engine. It is able to cover large areas based off specific growth, shade and age calculations and produce a very natural looking environment. While there are a lot of tweaks still to be made, and more of the map to be moved to the new system - it's looking good so far. Hope that you all like it!
  7. Hello Survivors! Thank you to everyone who participated in Stress Test 11. This was the biggest test yet! Twitch We absolutely killed it on twitch, a huge thanks to https://www.twitch.tv/kikettestar (Give him a follow!) who presented XERA to his community. Welcome to everyone who came from Twitch. Another huge thanks to all the other streamers who streamed during the test as well. Kikettestar has also been kind enough to paint some custom graffiti for XERA - it looks awesome! Some Statistics Total of 697 Unique Players 7959 Player Deaths / Kills 1453 Head shot Kills 340 Hand Kills 303 Calf Kills 33 Feet Kills 7523 Slots Stored in Global Inventory Peaked at 83 Players on Steam (81 actually in servers combined) Test Feedback If you want to help improve the game, based off what you have played already. Feel free to post some feedback here: Golden Egg Winners During each test the Golden Egg Challenge runs, the first 2 people who find 5 eggs wins a full copy of the game when we release. You can also enter with 1 egg - which will be a raffle when all the testing has finished. The winners this test are: @zarek @fopx Top Skill Ratings There was no competition running for top skill ratings, but I thought that i'd put it here for memories. Again - a huge welcome to everyone who is new to the community. I hope you all enjoy working with me to create an awesome game. See you all next test. - Joshua
  8. Hello Survivors! I am happy to show you the new hospital which has been added to Redsville! Hope you all enjoy playing in this new area.
  9. Patch Notes #10

    Hotfix #10.2 Fixed issue causing death screen to show incorrect killer information Fixed an issue preventing arrow keys to be binded Fixed an issue preventing '2' key to be rebinded Increased AI respawn time to 120 seconds (was 60 seconds) Added K-Star Graffiti to Redsville Reduced .308 ammo spawn rate to 3% change (was 5%) Reduced L96-A1 spawn rate to 0.4% (was 0.5%) Increased respawn nearby time to 30 seconds (was 20) Modified some spawn points around Redsville
  10. Patch Notes #10

    Hotfix #10.1 Added rebinding of WASD to settings menu Increased VOIP Volume to 1.6 (was 1.3)
  11. Patch Notes #10

    Hello Survivors! Here are the patch notes which will be live in Stress Test 11. Player / Character Reduced ADS pitch animation delay Reduced the distance that you can interact with objects (such as doors, items) Increased First Person FOV to 103 from 95 Increased ADS Fov from 80 to 95 Sniper ADS will now return back to third person if activated from third person Moved player animation direction detection to velocity based system, rather than replicated input (Directional animations should be more reliable now) Drones Damage done to a drone is now 4x the base damage Increased drone detonation damage to 65% (was 30%) Increased attenuation of drone blade sounds to 63m Drone volume now controlled by master game volume Reduced drone death switch back time to 1.5s was 4s Drone item will now drop when player controlling it dies Throwables Throwable distance has been increased Right click will now be an underarm throw, while left click will be an 'over arm' throw only (was a hybrid system, but the experience wasn't great) Throwables now have equip option in right click menu Throwables can now be unequipped AI New AI type created (melee bots), 10% damage AI Spawn system now supports individual AI respawn timers UI Map menu now accessible inside drone Settings Menu is now accessible inside a drone Removed white background from dragged item More filter options added to global inventory Sensitivity value added to settings menu label Added resolution scale to settings menu Crosshair will now be hidden when sprinting & when using freelook Localisation French Language Added (Still some words not translated) Optimisations Added resolution scale setting, this means you can downscale your resolution without changing the screen size. This works as a great optimisation setting for lower end PCs Air Strike System Air Strike damage range increased to 9 metre radius Siren sounds have been added to game volume system Map Props & loot spawns added to Redsville highway Rain shader added to some roads Optimisations done to instancing mesh system Interior & loot added to all floors in apartments buildings Added forced net update on doors when opened/closed (this should reduce the delay in opening / closing) Added more detail to Redsville Increase night time brightness Added new AI to map Bug Fixes Fixed an issue which caused players to hear their own voice when using VOIP Fixed right click menu on inventory slots Fixed an issue which allowed drones to be spawned while in inventory (And other UIs) Fixed an issue which caused UI's to get stuck if chat is opened at the same time Fixed keybind for opening inventory can now be used to close the inventory Fixed an issue causing old data from a previously possessed pawn to be in the HUD Fixed an issue which caused weapon sounds and effects to sometimes not play Increased linear damping on items to help reduce their movement speed when simulating physics Fixed an issue causing mouse to not show in death screen if chat was open Fixed an issue allowing players to punch while dead Fixed an issue with interaction priority system (Directly looking at an item will pickup that before other items) Fixed item outline on water bottle items Fixed an issue allowing players to eject from drone after detonation Fixed various objects navigation bounds at military base Fixed an issue with AI not being able to navigate through apartment buildings Fixed an issue allowing players to be able to spawn a drone while cooking a grenade Fixed an issue causing players to be stuck when died while in a drone Fixed an issue causing controlling player to rubberband when drone is destroyed Fixed an issue causing the main menu weather to become cloudy Fixed a pivot issue with NVG models which caused loot drop to have strange physics Fixed civilian NVG Sizing on player's head
  12. Hi everyone, I am happy to announce Stress Test 11.
  13. Hi everyone! A new area has been added to Redsville - I hope you all enjoy. - Joshua
  14. Patch Notes #9

    Hello everyone! Here are patch notes #9 - these changes are available in Stress Test 10. Featured Changes: Drones! An experimental drone system has been added to XERA. This adds a new dynamic element to tactical combat situations. They can be used to spot players or can be self destructed near another player causing damage. They currently spawn in the main spawn table, and in the military spawn table. They are super fun to fly, and I hope you all enjoy this addition to the game. UMP - SMG The UMP is the first SMG to be added to the game. Does a base damage of 9% and has the highest fire rate in the game. The red dot scope can also be attached to the gun for improved accuracy while in first person. Implementing different sized guns required some work on the animation system so the hand properly holds the gun on the grip. Global Inventory Improvements For some time the global inventory has been lacking fundamental functionality, such as quantity transfers and seeing your inventory slots. These both have been added to the global inventory now. New Hunger & Thirst Indicators The Hunger & Thirst area of the HUD got a little love this patch, with a new improved look to make it easier to see your survival levels at a glance. They also change colour depending on the severity of the levels. New Item Tool Tips For awhile, I was using the default unreal engine tool tips for the item tool tips, while these "work" they don't provide the player with much information. So I have moved it to a custom tool tip system which will allow me to show gun stats, item stats etc in the future. Fire Rate control on Guns I have implemented a system for weapons which I can apply all their available fire modes. If the gun supports more than 1 fire mode, you can switch between them by pressing X (Default Binding) Bullet Spread The first version of bullet spread has been implemented. The spread is multiplied by how long you are holding down your fire button, so the longer you spray, the higher your spread will become. Each gun has the same spread right now, but this will likely change. Binding Key binds to mouse buttons A highly requested feature for the binding system was binding to mouse buttons. This has now been implemented. Multi Language Support Thanks to our community translators XERA has now been translated into 6 languages. While there may be some words still not translated, our end goal will be to have the game available in the most spoken languages. AI Appearance Improvements I have improved the materials on the AI to make her look a lot nicer. I have also made her lighting system more modular, so in the future different lit AI could mean different difficulty levels or even health. Other Notes: Fixed an issue with an anti-tank object causing AI to become stuck AI fire rate changed from 0.3s to 0.1 AI chance of hitting reduced to 20% Time of day will now be synced with the server on load, instead of every tick Fixed an issue which allowed weapons to be able to fire while obstructed by a door Fixed an issue causing NVG model to show in first person Fixed an issue with reloading not working in first person Added ability to add mouse buttons to controls Players can no longer damage another player when they are dead (Removes kill-trading) Fire rate system has been implemented (Defaults on X) Fire rate label added to weapon info Added fire rate control rebind to settings menu Holding down MB1 while holding a melee will now loop melee swings Toggle Crouch Option Added Ammo amount won't show if a melee is your current weapon Reduced Chips hunger restoration to 5% (was 20%) New tool tip system for inventory Added time of day to inventory Fixed an issue which caused ammo to not spawn in guns Re-enabled hit markers in first person (this will become an option in the future) Increased range AI can see a player Default key bind next to inventory slots will now be hidden when key bind is changed manually Added quantity transfer to global inventory Added slots to global inventory Modified player list so it can fit more players in another column Invert mouse option added Remove bullet collision on items Fixed an issue causing players walking direction to not replicate correctly I look forward to you all playing in Stress Test 10. - Joshua