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  1. Joshua

    Our first Open Alpha weekend is a wrap!

    It was an absolutely great weekend, I enjoyed playing with you and watching you play on twitch! Looking forward to next weekend. See you all there!
  2. Joshua

    high ping

    We will keep that in mind Thank you!
  3. Joshua

    high ping

    Asia server is located in Singapore - is this a normal for you to Singapore?
  4. Joshua

    Creators Program

    We have a range of different creators from many different games, from DayZ, Scum, Miscreated. We want to avoid becoming anything like an "emulator". Cheers
  5. Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend! Any questions feel free to ask here or in Discord. - Joshua
  6. Hello Survivors, There have been many preparations going on behind the scenes over the last few weeks here at Spotted Kiwi Interactive. Today we’re announcing our new Creators Program! The Creators Program is an opportunity for members of the community to play an active role in creating content that will help to further develop the XERA: Survival player base. Our creators will have the opportunity to work with us to produce quality content for many to enjoy in the form of streaming, creating videos, or other types of content. Becoming a creator will mean getting access to some great benefits, such as: Special Discord role and dedicated section Prioritized communications from Moderators Ability to participate in promotional events Access to additional access keys during the Invitational Open Alpha to give away Get sneak-peaks of upcoming content to pass onto your community What we are looking for in a Creator: Ability to stream or create videos for XERA: Survival regularly To create content that is inspiring to both XERA: Survival players and potential fans To maintain a professional attitude at all times We hope that by implementing this program, we can provide you with an opportunity to play an active role in the community’s development. As of today we are accepting applications for the XERA: Survival Creators Program. If you’re ready to create awesome XERA: Survival content then apply today! Regards, Spotted Kiwi Interactive
  7. Joshua

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha #1.9

    This patch is now live.
  8. Hello Survivors, There has been a long wait for this patch, I hope you all enjoy the changes. - General Added proximity looting ("Tab Looting") system to inventory Added FN Scar to loot table, and Air Drop - Map Large background mountains added Map extended in each direction to fit more upcoming points of interest Changed made to Military base in preparation for full re-work next patch Castle rock settlement re-worked in preparation for new content General improvements made to road endings - Weapons Added FN Scar to loot table and supply drops Added MP5 to main loot table and supply drops - Loot System Total loot in world increased to 2000, was 1650 Added open-able car trunks, each car now has 3 spawn points in the trunk - Character Changed ADS time to 0.25s from 0.3s Fixed a couple issues with aiming and auto-running - Levelling System Fixed an issue with levels being lost on death - Crafting System Removed level requirements for crafting (in preparation for Open Alpha) - Explosives Added C4 ticking noise when placed Added a second delay after C4 is detonated - Global Inventory Fixed an issue that caused items to be taken and not added to the global inventory when it's max weight - Supply Drop System Added delay to opening a supply drop Hope you all enjoy these changes - Joshua
  9. Joshua

    October Newsletter

    We're still working through all the details with the wipe. We're thinking of having two databases, so alpha weekends are on a fresh database and then it goes back to "closed alpha" database for backers to keep playing during the week.
  10. Joshua

    Suggestions from a Chinese player

    Welcome to the community 😀
  11. Great ideas everyone keep them coming!
  12. Hello Survivors, The map extension has begun, I wanted to include you all in the ideas / design phase of the extension. Below is a map, surrounded by dirt, the dirt being the extended terrain where new POIs will be placed. Download this map, and draw on it and give your ideas of what you would like to see added in the new areas of the map. I look forward to seeing / reading all your ideas! Cheers Joshua
  13. Hello survivors, It's just over a month since the closed alpha started. I wanted to gauge everyone's thoughts, and get your feedback so I can prioritise the development of features accordingly. I plan to do one of these each month during the closed alpha. Please take the time to write a quick reply to this thread, with the following format. Please be honest, and constructive. Try to avoid specifics about how a group of people play "e.g camping" and provide constructive feedback instead "e.g add x to balance camping here". I look forward to your responses. - Joshua
  14. Joshua

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha #1.8

    1.8.2 will go live in 30-60 minutes.
  15. Joshua

    Low fps AFTER PATCH [FIX]

    Yes this is correct. I have moved the graphical settings to a new system, so it would need re-applied for these to take affect.