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  1. Joshua

    Re-work Apartments

    Thanks for making a poll. I will be looking into balancing these more in the coming patches.
  2. Hi everyone, Today's patch notes. There will be a reboot in 30 - 60 minutes to patch this. - General Increased amount of players shown on leaderboard to 15 Added military roadblock to Rockdale (has military loot) Disabled skill rating system until further notice Lowered air drop notification volume to 30% from 100% - Loot table adjustments Reduced L96-A1 drop rate on main loot table Reduced L96-A1 drop rate on air drop loot table Reduced AK-47 drop rate on air drop loot table Added military backpack to air drop loot table Added light vest to air drop table Removed suppressor from main loot table Added suppressor to air drop loot table Added suppressor to military loot table - Bugfixes Fixed an issue causing bindings to not display on other languages Fixed collision on car door Fixed an issue with apartment building's collision that allowed grenades to fall through the floor Thanks!
  3. Hello survivors, Here are the notes for today's patch. These will be live soon, please expect a reboot in the next 30-60 minutes. Fixed an issue with inventory screen getting stuck when a player dies while using the global inventory Fixed compass to correctly show NE and NW (was flipped) Fixed an issue preventing the last bullet to not register Fixed an issue that allowed players to craft items without being the required level Fixed an issue with office building props drawing too close Fixed an issue with a collision on one of the houses in Redsville Removed footstep occlusion (would reduce footstep sounds if it was blocked by a wall) as it was producing very quiet footsteps Fixed an issue with shop door collision Fixed an issue with a residential house not allowing players to pickup items from the roof Fixed icon for light plated armour Fixed an issue with item pooling system that caused random items to give you extra ammo Updated south farm with more loot spawns and props Updated various spawn points, added more spawns on the west side of the map Reduced main menu music volume Fixed an issue where you could see players in a bush on lower settings Reduced each region to 4 servers per region Reduced exploding robot's damage radius from 9m to 7.5 Reduced regular robots run speed to 600 from 650 EDIT: There appears to be a mission collision on the right hand front car door, you will be able to be shot through this. This will be fixed next patch. Cheers Joshua
  4. Joshua

    Melee should stun robots

    The melee system will be getting a full re-work very soon to make it more useful against the humanoids. Stay tuned!
  5. Joshua

    server-hopping position

    This is a feature that won't be changing, so I will be closing this thread. Hope you all understand. Thanks!
  6. Joshua

    Loving it

    Thanks for your kind words
  7. Joshua

    Code of Conduct

    Hello survivors, In order to provide a safe and fun playing environment for everyone, we have implemented this Code of Conduct affective immediately. 1. Offensive Behaviour Being "toxic" will not be tolerated at all, and will result in account mutes both on in-game chat and VOIP. This includes using any discriminatory language towards gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or nationality. This includes offensive in-game names. 2. Exploiting Bugs and Glitches Purposely abusing any bugs or glitches is not allowed and will result in a ban. If you run into any issues, please report them and they WILL be fixed. 3. Scripting / Cheating / Macros / File Editing Do not use third party software to gain any unfair advantage in-game. This includes using scripts, cheats, macros or editing your game files or configuration outside of the game's interface. 4. "Stream Sniping" Purposely attempting to stream snipe another player will not be tolerated. If you are blatantly doing this, it will result in a suspension of your account. Multiple offences may result in a permanent ban. 5. Participation in the community The conversations throughout the community will set the tone for everyone. Help drive the community by choosing to engage in discussions that help improve the progression of the game and the community while avoiding discussions that go against the our vision of being a community driven game. 6. Impersonating another player, moderator, staff or developer Do not in any shape or form try to impersonate another player, moderator, staff or developer. Please follow this code to keep the game a fun environment for everyone. - Joshua
  8. Joshua

    server-hopping position

    This is to prevent abuse as people will logout on one server, and login another to get behind people inside buildings etc.
  9. Hello survivors, Here are the changes that will be made in today's patch. - Additions Added aggressive system, any time you do damage to another player a 8 minute timer will start, you won't be protected in a safezone for this time. Aggressive status will change a players name to red when looking at them Aggressive players can be killed inside the safezone with no penalty to the killer. Skill rating system applies as normal too. You will only receive the aggressive status if you attack someone without one. You will not be marked as aggressive if you damage someone who is already aggressive. Added compass to top right of HUD Added current level to the HUD Updated map picture You will now receive spawn protection when changing servers Adjusted XP requirement for higher levels Reduced global inventory multiplier for levels to 50kg per lvl (was 75kg) Added additional check when a player leaves the server to make sure player character is actually destroyed You can now add scopes to an AR-15 - Bugfixes Fixed an issue causing chat colors to display incorrectly Fixed various issues in Redsville City Hope you all enjoy these changes!
  10. Hi everyone, Some quick fixes coming very soon to the closed alpha. - Fixed an issue that prevented items to be picked up when pickup button was changed - Fixed an issue causing global inventory max weight to be stuck at 50kg - Increased base global inventory weight to 100kg - Increased global inventory weight multiplier (50kg to 75kg) per level - Increased silenced weapon attenuation distance - Weapons with silencers now deal 20% less damage - Portuguese Language should now work correctly Cheers Joshua
  11. Hi everyone, These are the patch notes coming from Stress Testing > Closed Alpha. There is a lot that is not on this list, but it has some of the changes made. - Item System Added 1 second delay to picking up items Item quantity will no longer display when looking at an item if the quantity is one - UI / Inventory Fixed an issue causing weapon attachments right click menu to not show Fixed an issue causing weapon attachments to not be drag & dropable Fixed an issue causing right click menu to clip off the screens Added alert when not enough weight in backpack when pulling items from global inventory General improvements made to global inventory interface Mouse will now be centred in the screen when inventory is opened Inventory preview character moved to a cloned actor, rather than a live display Added drone controls to settings menu Inventory Items can now be consumed by double clicking them - Main Menu Screen Modified main menu background scene Added new main menu music Added new loading screen Improved blending / fading of main menu music - Air Drop System Added player count requirement (5) to trigger an airdrop (Won't deploy on empty servers) - Weapons Added .223 Rounds Item Changed AR-15 Required ammo to .223 Added burst fire system Glock now has burst fire mode Fixed an issue with Desert Eagles ADS not aligning where bullets are meant to go A sound is now played when fire mode is changed Melees can now hit multiple targets in one swing, up to 4 targets per swing Weapons no longer auto change slots when picking up another weapon if you already have a weapon - Medical Slot no longer changed when using medical supplies in your medical quickslot - Map Fixed AO artefacts on tunnel model - Graphics Added water affects when a player is walking through water Reduced sun's bloom Fixed an issue causing global inventory to refresh when picking up items when not visible Optimised Day/Night cycle to better handle shadows to prevent doubling draw calls when transitioning between day and night - Weather System Reduced default fog density Increased default cloud density Increased cloud movement speed Added cloudy weather condition Improved audio transitions Added weather volume to 'game volume' multiplier Weather no longer hard resets on death, instead stays persistent and moves weather affects to new character Weather effects now display while in drone - AI Fixed an issue where the AI would not play an attack animation, but still hurt you - Door System Improved directional detection for when it selects which direction to open Fixed an issue which allowed guns to shoot when clipped into a door - Animations Implemented 'Sync Groups' to help sync foot positions when switching between animations Added crouch firing animations Fixed an issue causing head to be shown when ADS with G36 Improved crouch movement animation speeds
  12. Joshua

    Closed Alpha Started!

    Hello survivors, The wait is finally over, closed alpha has started. Thank you all for your support! What to expect: There are some areas of the map and buildings which are not complete, these will be finished and patched in soon Frequent patches, we will aim at weekly patches, but there may be multiple in a week Discussions on the discord & forums regarding existing and upcoming features Implementation of experimental features, expect bugs Global inventory wipes when major loot table changes are made (to help balance the game) How to report bugs: The best way to report bugs and glitches is on the forums, this way we can keep track of the issues as they come in. https://forums.xeragame.com/forum/7-bug-reports/ I hope you all enjoy playing, and I look forward to hearing all the feedback. Cheers Joshua
  13. Joshua

    Anti Cheat

    There have been extensive measures put in place on the most critical game elements to prevent tampering. Easy Anti Cheat will also be implemented at a later date to add on top of the current measures.
  14. Joshua


    The FOV will not have a setting to increase it. There may be a setting to reduce it though.
  15. Joshua


    No restrictions