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  1. It was probably on the ground for 24.5 minutes.
  2. Joshua

    Please REVERT the low pop loot nerf!

    Loot will be changing to 1500 minimum next patch.
  3. Hi there! Air drops despawn after 25mins.
  4. We're constantly reviewing cheats and working on ways to block exploits. We are also reviewing reports constantly - if you feel someone is cheating PLEASE report them. Players with many reports will be flagged for manual review and then banned if they are cheating. Thank you!
  5. Joshua

    Being shot from Safe Zones?

    If you are inside a safe zone, you cannot damage someone outside the safe zone unless they are hostile.
  6. Joshua

    Please REVERT the low pop loot nerf!

    Hi guys! I did change the loot so that 1-5 players will be 900 items (100 more than last patch). We made this decision as we felt people are farming gear way to fast, if people can fill their global inventory in a few days this will mean there's not much longevity in the farming aspect. We will be keeping an eye on feedback on the loot, and make changes as required. We do hear that for some players it is a little low - but we are still working on balancing the loot aspect of the game. Hope this information helps. Cheers
  7. Joshua

    Wipe soon ?

    We will announce it if there will be one.
  8. Joshua

    Early Access - Patch #1

    Hello Survivors! We're happy to announce our first Early Access patch! We hope you enjoy these changes. - Survivor Crates You can now open Survivor Crates from the main menu - Medical System Fixed an issue causing weapons to not switch back correctly after quick-medding - Death Screen Fixed an issue causing 'Fists' to show when actually you died to a weapon - Settings Fixed an issue causing FPS limit to default on lowest possible value Disabled FPS limit (While we resolve some issues) - Weapons Falloff damage added to all weapons except snipers - Loot tables Adjusted spawn rates of items on military loot table Reduced spawn rate of L96-A1 on military and normal loot table - Supply Drops Reduced chances of uncommon & rare drops - Commands You can no longer use /respawn while hostile - Player Fixed an issue with death cam going into sky when dying in first person - Respawn Timer Respawn nearby timer will now depend on how many players are in your group 4 players = 50 Seconds 3 Players = 45 Seconds 2 Players = 40 Seconds - Redwood Valley Reduced default fog to 0.02 was 0.03 - Macro Detection Increased kick trigger threshold Adjusted detection behavior - Servers Servers will now automatically reboot every 12 hours - Loot Servers total spawned items will now scale depending on number of players online (1 player = 800, 35 players = 2200) - Hostile When hostile the log-out timer is now 30 seconds (was 10 seconds) - Experience Reduced experience lost on death to 100 (was 150) You will now gain experience when killing players, this is based off their survived time (max 100xp) (30 minutes survived = 100xp, 15minutes = 50xp), you wont get xp for killing someone with under 2 minute survived time - ATV Fixed an issue with ATV explosions causing player animations to get stuck with ATV animations - Helicopter Transport System Helicopter will now remain landed for 45 seconds (was 25 seconds) Fixed an issue causing helicopter to go slow for first few seconds - Player Spawn System Players will now spawn back into the safe zone when swapping servers if they logged out in one Players will now spawn at the safe zone after a patch (was nearby) - Player Damage Moved hands and arms to 1.5x damage multiplier (same as body) Cheers Joshua
  9. Joshua

    A Message From The Developer

    Hello Survivors! I wanted to start off by saying a massive thank you! To those who supported us from early pre-alpha, right through to our Early Access release. Without you this wouldn’t have been possible. I am extremely overwhelmed by the response – I could not be happier. XERA: Survival started off as a passion project for me when I wanted to get into game development and had a vision for a game I wanted to build. Starting from an early prototype in 2016, XERA: Survival quickly grew. Things began getting serious in 2018 when Tim Ponting, an Activision veteran came on board the Spotted Kiwi team, bringing with him the knowledge and investment required to get us through to an Early Access launch. Spotted Kiwi Interactive is now a team of 7 with a range of roles, including art / 3d modeling, community support and management, creator/influencer management. I remain as the only developer for the time being. We are planning on expanding the team as required to fit the needs of the game and the community, including making sure that security / cheat protection remains a #1 priority for the game. What’s Next? So, you may be wondering, now that we’ve launched into Early Access – what’s next? Now that the team has caught up on some much-needed sleep from launch, we’re getting back into our usual routine. Let me break it down to you, what our team will be working on: Joshua (Developer) – I’m going to continue working on bug-fixes and content for the game, while working closely with the community and reading suggestions and feedback. Gary (Community Manager) – Gary will be continuing to support the community, answering support requests, and making sure everyone is able to access the game. He will also make sure important feedback is relayed to me, and the rest of the team as required. Gary will continue to communicate and be active within in the community. Jack (Partnership Co-Ordinator) – Jacks role is to support our creators. We’re extremely grateful for the number of influencers covering our game and Jacks role is to make sure that we support you in every way possible while you create content for our game. Tim (Marketing / Business Development) – Tim will continue to create strategies so that the game keeps growing at a steady rate. We want to ensure servers stay populated and that the game continues to grow. Karan (3D Environment Artist) – Karan will be working closely with me to create new buildings and props for the game. This includes working on new assets to swap out stock/store bought models. Mikhail (3D Artist) – Mikhail will be working on all our cosmetics. Creating new weapon skins, models and more. He will also be working on improving our existing weapon textures to bring them up to scratch with the standard we are going for. Jordan (Server Administrator) – Jordan will continue to assist with scaling the servers to meet capacity requirements. He will also assist with ensuring security of our back-end systems remains top-notch. Where’s the roadmap? Some great news. Given the success of our Early Access launch, we now have the additional resources to go beyond our original roadmap. We’re currently working on the new roadmap and it will be ready for you to view in the coming weeks. Where can I get involved? You as a player have an active role in the community. Your feedback is extremely important for the future of the game. Our team is constantly reading suggestions and feedback, as well as making sure bugs are relayed back to me for fixing. You can get involved in the community in many places: Discord - https://discord.gg/xera Steam Forums Official Forums - https://forums.xeragame.com Official Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/playXERA/ Social Media - Find us on FB/Twitter/YT/VK/Twitch I’m very excited for the future with you all and cannot wait to get fresh content and bugfixes in your hands throughout Early Access. Let’s do this! Cheers, Joshua
  10. Joshua

    Steam Early Access - May 24th

    Please contact us [email protected] with transaction details
  11. Joshua

    Alpha Finished (Keys Revoked)

    Hello Survivors! As you are aware, we are preparing for Steam Early Access. The time has come to close the alpha. You will receive a message on steam that your access has been revoked. This is normal. Backers will receive a new key (via email) when early access launches. I wanted to say a huge thanks again, for everyone who played in the pre-alpha, closed alpha and open alpha. We’ve had over 10,000 unique players play over this time. There’s only 4 days remaining to pick-up one of the pre-order packages. After this time, it will change to a “Standard” $19.99 USD package with no backer rewards. Visit https://xeragame.com/pre-order to secure your pre-order. If you are waiting to purchase the game off steam, or if you have already pre-ordered, we would appreciate if you hit that “Add To Wishlist” button on our Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/625340/XERA_Survival/ We’re looking forward to seeing you all in Early Access! Cheers
  12. Hello survivors! Here's the patch notes for the Final Open Alpha! We hope you all enjoy these changes, and hope to see you all in-game. - Top Features Global/Group/Proximity Chat Channels Crosshairs are now customisable Vehicle bugfixes and improvements Brazil Region is now available - Chat System Added support for written group chat Added support for proximity chat Note: Pressing tab will change between global, group & proximity - Animations New Jump Animations for ARs / Snipers New Jump Animations for Pistols - Compound Event Reduced XP given from Robots inside compound to 10 (was 50) Reduced XP given by completing compounds to 100 (was 500) Reduced the radius that gives XP (Now have to be closer to the event to get the XP) Added new compound event UI - Leaderboards Skill Rating leaderboard now displays up to 100 players Kills leaderboard now displays up to 100 players Experience leaderboard now displays up to 100 players UI Improvements to leaderboard Leaderboards are now cached every 20 minutes - Crafting Reduced quantity requirements to make Remote C4 Kit - Items Fixed various item descriptions stating wrong ammo type Reduced XP given from picking up items to 1 (was 5) - Inventory Added protection tooltip to Armours & Helmets Added tooltips to health items Added tooltips to food & fluids - Settings Menu Added crosshair colour selection Added crosshair customisation for First Person Added crosshair customisation for Third Person Added crosshair toggle for first person PrimaryAction (Fire) can now be rebinded SecondaryAction (ADS/Aim) can now be rebinded - AI AI now has the ability to jump down from places if it gets stuck on a non-navigatable area Reduced XP given from killing super robot to 50 (was 100) Fixed an issue causing server hitches on robot death - Supply Drops Added "Rare" supply drops to <5 player servers (1% chance) Reduced chance of "Very Rare" drops (Snipers) to 1% (was 3%) Reduced XP given on all supply drops Supply drops will now crush vehicles and players - Drone You can now toggle NVGs while using a Drone You can no longer deploy a drone while moving Fixed an issue allowing drones to be deployed while using the helicopter - Player Punch cooldown delay reduced to 0.6s (was 2s) - Should make boxing matches much more exciting You can now change weapons while jumping Added crosshair to first person Fixed an issue causing multiple action requests to be sent to objects (while holding e) - UI Action UI will now show "Hold" or "Press" depending on the objects action requirement Fixed casing on "Humanoid Robot" on death screen - ATVs Vehicle will now despawn after 30 minutes without use You can now toggle NVGs while using a Vehicle Vehicles can now run over robots & players (Hitting AI will damage ATV 5%, Hitting Players will damage ATV 50%) Vehicle will now check around the vehicle for a safe spawn location ATV now has a max speed of 65km/h ATV HUD speed now displayed in km/h Fixed an issue that caused "Environment" to be shown when ATV is destroyed by a player, will now display attackers name Fixed - Crouching while entering on ATV mounts character higher than should be Fixed an issue allowing players to spawn drone while on ATV Fixed various issues with safe zones not protecting ATVs Fixed - ATV Can take damage in safe zone, and on death can cause player to be stuck in atv animation Fixed - Taking damage on ATV doesn't show blood splat Fixed - Death post process still shows a few seconds after respawning after dying on atv Fixed an issue preventing damage being reduced to group members while on an atv Fixed an issue causing the ATV to keep moving after driver dies Fixed When dying on ATV and not respawning quick enough it stuck on death screen Fixed - Getting out of ATV on incline can spawn under map Fixed an issue allowing players to activate placer system and drive ATV Fixed an issue allowing players to get into ATV and Helicopter at the same time Fixed an issue allowing players to open inventory before driving an ATV - Quickmed Moved quickmed to server for additional security and reliability Fixed an issue causing med to not play animation while jumping Fixed an issue causing quick med to spawn in other players to play the animation - Loot System Optimised loot selection system - Map Fixed an issue allowing players to get outside map boundary Fixed garage roof collision in Redsville Fixed collision on garage door Cheers!
  13. Hi everyone! Here's patch notes for Open Alpha Round 8! We're happy to announce our first Vehicle - the ATV. This is still a very experimental system so please expect bugs! - New Feature - Vehicle (ATV) New ATV Vehicle Added Vehicle has 200% HP Vehicle will explode and kill riding player on death Players can still take damage and die while on ATV Currently no support for running over players & AI (coming soon) AI will sometimes ignore the ATV and will attack the player on the ATV if detected (Still a bit of AI work to be done w/ vehicles) Vehicles will spawn at specific spawn points (4 in the world) Note: These are still extremely experimental, so expect many bugs! - Map Improved Farm House area Replaced fences in Pleasant Pastures Reduces vertical scale on background mountains (Should allow for shorter dark periods in-game) Removed some POIs in preparation for map re-work (Game map may show locations where there is nothing) Added compound event to bunker mountain - Event System Changed event cool down to 25 minutes (from 20 mins) - Transport System Reduced helicopter sounds - UI Quantity slider added to global inventory Fixed some localisation issues - Robots Disabled decals on robots (will prevent robots being hidden by decal lines at airport) Cheers, Joshua
  14. Hi everyone, These are the patch notes for Round 7! - Compound Event Fist icon will now display white when not activated - Inventory System Reworked backend of inventory system for better performance - Crafting System Reduced item requirements to craft drones (1 Chassis, 1 Blade, 1 Battery) - Weapons Added Honey Badger weapon! - Air Drop System Added Honey Badger to Uncommon Air Drop spawns NOTE: This is a smaller than usual patch - as our main focus has been on planning our Early Access launch! Hope you all understand.
  15. Hi everyone! I wanted to gauge some feedback from the community in regards to our upcoming Private Servers feature. The idea of private servers: Default configured servers can have official global inventory access (So when no config is changed, except maybe a password) Once any config is changed (e.g night/day) the server becomes dis-associated with the official servers so items and other data does not transfer between customized private servers and official servers Private servers may have their own Global Inventories which only persists on that server Private servers will be rented from us and are configurable from an in-game interface after they are purchased from our website We're wanting to give you control over many different game-play elements and would like to know what you'd like to see! We will use this feedback to prioritize what features we launch private servers with. Some ideas we already have planned: Day / Night Speed of which cycle completes (Slow down or speed up) Day / Night only (A specified time e.g 11AM or 3PM) First person / third person only (Lock to a specific view) AI Controls Disable AI (Stops AI from spawning at all, for PvP events or PvP orientated servers) Increase AI Spawns (Increases the amount of AI in the world for hardcore PvE) Health modifiers (Give them more or less health) Change their loot tables Loot changes Increase amount of loot that spawns in the world Reduce amount of loot in the world Change type of loot that spawns (E.g Glock + 9mm only game) Server administration controls (handy for events and moderation) Kick (w/ duration) Ban (w/ duration) Givemod Giveadmin Clear server (Kicks all non mods/staff from server) Thanks - looking forward to hearing what ideas you all have! Cheers!