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  1. Joshua

    October Newsletter

    We're still working through all the details with the wipe. We're thinking of having two databases, so alpha weekends are on a fresh database and then it goes back to "closed alpha" database for backers to keep playing during the week.
  2. Joshua

    Suggestions from a Chinese player

    Welcome to the community 😀
  3. Great ideas everyone keep them coming!
  4. Hello Survivors, The map extension has begun, I wanted to include you all in the ideas / design phase of the extension. Below is a map, surrounded by dirt, the dirt being the extended terrain where new POIs will be placed. Download this map, and draw on it and give your ideas of what you would like to see added in the new areas of the map. I look forward to seeing / reading all your ideas! Cheers Joshua
  5. Hello survivors, It's just over a month since the closed alpha started. I wanted to gauge everyone's thoughts, and get your feedback so I can prioritise the development of features accordingly. I plan to do one of these each month during the closed alpha. Please take the time to write a quick reply to this thread, with the following format. Please be honest, and constructive. Try to avoid specifics about how a group of people play "e.g camping" and provide constructive feedback instead "e.g add x to balance camping here". I look forward to your responses. - Joshua
  6. Joshua

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha #1.8

    1.8.2 will go live in 30-60 minutes.
  7. Joshua

    Low fps AFTER PATCH [FIX]

    Yes this is correct. I have moved the graphical settings to a new system, so it would need re-applied for these to take affect.
  8. Joshua

    Server only solo

    Hi @eFraGZzz, I plan to add servers that have the grouping system disabled, so it would be easier for solo players and harder for larger groups. But there would be no way to do "solo only" servers. These will likely come when the community is bigger though. Cheers
  9. Hello Survivors, Here are the latest patch notes. These changes will be going live within 6 hours from now. The servers may be down for 30-90 minutes during the patch as we are carrying out a full wipe. (https://forums.xeragame.com/topic/2659-game-wipe-announcement-friday-13th) - General Added support for FPS limiting Aim offset will now control animations on the server, this should fix some hitbox issues with players Moved some quality configurations to a new system for better management Added a logout timer, this will be cancelled if settings menu is closed - Grouping Group system now has tags over team members heads Group system now shows group member's health When a player is out of range, it will no longer show a incorrect bearing - Skill Rating System Skill rating system has been re-enabled Skill rating is now 'rank' based Killing lower ranks will give +1 Killing same ranks will give +2 Killing higher ranks will give +3 Dying to a lower rank will reduce -3 Dying to the same rank will reduce -2 Dying to a higher rank will reduce -1 - Leaderboards Skill rating leaderboard is available again - Leveling System Added levels up to 100, adjusted XP required for each level Added an extra check to prevent levels being lost when you die - Lighting Increased skylight intensity, this should make shadowed areas slightly lighter and night also a little brighter (from 0.9, to 1.1) - Inventory / Crafting system You can no longer shred an equipped backpack Fixed an issue that displayed the craft button when you didn't have the ingredients required Fixed an issue that prevented the inventory from being closed when key was bound to a mouse button - Crafting Added C4 crafting blueprint Added drone crafting blueprint - Weapons Red dot sight changed to an actual red dot, rather than a holo Reduced fire rate of G-17 (same as the UMP now) - Audio Reduced main menu music volume Weapon sounds will now correctly attach to the gun, so when strafing it doesn't sound beside you - AI AI Headshot multiplier increased to 6x, was 5x A Body shot multiplier increased to 2.5x, was 2x AI will now only limp when below 30% (was 50%) - Items New icon for .223 rounds Added Explosive Chemicals Added Batteries Added Drone Chassis Added Drone Blades Added Electronics Added Scrap Metal - Loot tables Increased overall loot in Redwood Valley to 1650, was 1500 Lowered chance of melees spawning Added new items to main loot table Added military med kit to super robot table Increased chance of AK-47 and L96 from super robot Increased chance of finding Military Med Kits from military spawns - Map Re-worked parts of edwards bay Added new "sawmill" area Fixed an issue with warehouse building un-drawing objects too close Fixed an issue with Redwood tree collisions Fixed an issue with an industrial building's props un-drawing too close Fixed an issue causing black graphical artefacts appearing on Redwood trees when changing between LODs - Global Inventory Global inventory items will now stack quantities instead of adding an extra item Added additional security checks to global inventory system backend - Supply Drop System Flare will now spawn on the ground where the airdrop will land Increased slope threshold to prevent air drops getting stuck Increased distance required to trigger a 'landing' Supply drops will now align themselves with the terrain when landing Supply drops now use tiered loot system Supply drops now give XP to the player who opens them - Localisation Spanish will now appear in the languages list - UI General improvements to many UIs Inventory character will now display equipped helmets Changed label of aggressive, to hostile (and changed icon) Fixed an issue that showed low LODs on equipment Fixed an issue with cloned inventory character showing a blurry outfit Fixed an issue that prevented helmets and armour from being shown in inventory when in first person Fixed an issue with the HUD showing 0HP sometimes Fixed an issue with cloned inventory character displaying wrong outfit when in a group Fixed an issue with level bar anchoring in the wrong position of the screen and going off-screen Fixed an issue with fullscreen mode not starting correctly when game is launched IMPORTANT NOTE: From this patch forward, game clients will now store logs of your play sessions, this is crucial for identifying crashes and other issues. If you experience a crash after this patch goes live, make sure to submit your log files with a bug report. Read how to find your logs here: https://forums.xeragame.com/topic/2650-finding-your-game-log-files/ As always, I hope you all enjoy these changes. Hotfix 1.8.1 Fixed experience Added extra checks to prevent player tags disappearing Reduced drone parts spawn rate Hotfix 1.8.2 - Character Fixed an issue that triggered players to spawn in when they were outside the replication distance (may have caused hitching) Fixed Players body remains upright when dead, when a player loads in (XS-112) - Items Fixed .223 ammo weight - Supply Drops Supply drops will no longer spawn on empty servers - Weapons Fixed an issue that caused gunshots to come from centre of the map (Redsville) - Grouping Fixed an issue that caused group tags to remain on the screen after a player has left the group - Crafting Fixed an issue with drone and c4 giving 0 quantity Changed Drone and C4 craft times - AI AI will now gradually reduce their run speed when damaged (30%), instead of instantly AI will no longer jump when damaged (30%) - Map / Objects Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck when next to a Redwood tree Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck in various objects in the hospital Fixed an issue with player being able to go completely under water in Edwards Bay (XS-102) Fixed a spawn on the side of a mountain (XS-118) - Joshua
  10. Hello Survivors, I am announcing the first wipe of the closed alpha, this will happen before the next patch on Friday 13th of July. This is due to a major patch that will contain many changes to the game. What will be wiped: Global Inventories Skill Ratings Experience / levels Player positions and current player equipment Kill / Deaths So make sure to use up all your items before the wipe (clean the cobwebs off those snipers)! See you all in-game. Thank you! Joshua
  11. Joshua

    Steam launch

    Hi @Arcane, We are hoping to go into Early Access on steam before Christmas. But this depends on many factors, it could be later, or it could be sooner! Cheers
  12. Hello survivors, Let's talk about supply drops! Introduction Supply drops were implemented before the closed alpha started, a basic prototype to test it's functionality of dropping etc. Right now the current system will spawn every 40-60 minutes, only if 5 or more players are on the server. The supply drops contain exclusive items such as the VSS Vintorez and the ZSH-V helmet. Supply drops provide a fun random event that gets players moving around the map. Improvements I am currently working on changing the way the loot that supply drops give. Right now the supply drops give random items based off a percentage, so you may find items unrelated to each other, for example G36 ammo and no G36. The plan is to move the loot to more of a "package" which has related items. For example you will find some armour, helmet, medical supplies, backpack, weapon, ammo for that weapon. I believe that having it this way makes the contents of the supply drops immediately useful, rather than requiring more items to make use of the items. The way I plan to implement these loot packages is with a tier system. When an air drop is opened it will randomly select a tier based off weights, so 'very rare' packages will be rarer than the very common packages. Higher tiers will be tied to the amount of players currently in the server, to make it harder to get items from higher tiered supply drops. Depending of the rarity of the supply drop, you will also gain experience towards your character's level. The tiers will be as follows: Very Common Medical Items Food / Water supplies Low-tier weapons (G-17, UMP) Low-tier ammo +100 Experience Common Medical Items Low-tier weapons (G-17, UMP) Low-tier armours / helmets Low-tier ammo +150 Experience Uncommon Medical items Medium-tier weapons (AR-15) Medium/low-tier armours / helmets (ZSH regulars, light vests) Weapon attachments (Silencer, scopes) +200 Experience Rare (Requires 5+ Players) High-tier weapons (G36,AK-47) Medium-tier armours / helmets (Light vests, ZSH-NVG) Grenades +350 Experience Very Rare (Requires 5+ Players) Snipers (L96-A1) Sniper / High-tier ammunition High-tier armours (Heavy vests, ZSH) Military Medical Items +500 Experience The tier system also means we can spawn supply drops more frequently, these will now spawn every 20-30 minutes. The future of Supply Drops The plan is to evolve the supply drops based off player feedback, tweaking rarity of items and other elements. I plan to mix up the items that supply drops give, keeping them fresh. The packages will be tweaked every month, adding / removing various items. Supply drops will also be used when new items become available in the game, giving players a reason to always run to a supply drop. I also plan to tie a server-unique item to a mission that you have to bring to a safe settlement to receive a reward from an NPC. Let me know what you think about these changes and do you have any suggestions for the future of the supply drops? Cheers Joshua
  13. Joshua

    USA Server Maintenance - July 1st - July 3rd

    This has now been completed.
  14. Hello survivors, We would like to inform you all that the US servers may become unavailable any time between: 1 July 18 / 0900 CDT and 3 July 18 / 0900 CDT. Our server provider is moving the hardware to a new data centre during this time. We will likely set-up some temporary US servers while this transfer is happening. EDIT: The temporary US servers are now online. Cheers
  15. Thank you all so much for your feedback!