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  1. It was probably on the ground for 24.5 minutes.
  2. Loot will be changing to 1500 minimum next patch.
  3. Hi there! Air drops despawn after 25mins.
  4. Hi Duke, Can you add me on discord? Cheers
  5. We're constantly reviewing cheats and working on ways to block exploits. We are also reviewing reports constantly - if you feel someone is cheating PLEASE report them. Players with many reports will be flagged for manual review and then banned if they are cheating. Thank you!
  6. If you are inside a safe zone, you cannot damage someone outside the safe zone unless they are hostile.
  7. Hi guys! I did change the loot so that 1-5 players will be 900 items (100 more than last patch). We made this decision as we felt people are farming gear way to fast, if people can fill their global inventory in a few days this will mean there's not much longevity in the farming aspect. We will be keeping an eye on feedback on the loot, and make changes as required. We do hear that for some players it is a little low - but we are still working on balancing the loot aspect of the game. Hope this information helps. Cheers
  8. We will announce it if there will be one.
  9. Joshua

    Sorting UI

    Hi thanks this feature hasn't been implemented yet, we're working on it.
  10. Hi! This is removed in the next patch.
  11. Joshua

    GI Weight Cap

    I think once we add ability to sell items, the max weight limit will make more sense. Also quests that will "boost" the limit will be coming too.
  12. Hi everyone! I wanted to gauge some feedback from the community in regards to our upcoming Private Servers feature. The idea of private servers: Default configured servers can have official global inventory access (So when no config is changed, except maybe a password) Once any config is changed (e.g night/day) the server becomes dis-associated with the official servers so items and other data does not transfer between customized private servers and official servers Private servers may have their own Global Inventories which only persists on that server Private servers will be rented from us and are configurable from an in-game interface after they are purchased from our website We're wanting to give you control over many different game-play elements and would like to know what you'd like to see! We will use this feedback to prioritize what features we launch private servers with. Some ideas we already have planned: Day / Night Speed of which cycle completes (Slow down or speed up) Day / Night only (A specified time e.g 11AM or 3PM) First person / third person only (Lock to a specific view) AI Controls Disable AI (Stops AI from spawning at all, for PvP events or PvP orientated servers) Increase AI Spawns (Increases the amount of AI in the world for hardcore PvE) Health modifiers (Give them more or less health) Change their loot tables Loot changes Increase amount of loot that spawns in the world Reduce amount of loot in the world Change type of loot that spawns (E.g Glock + 9mm only game) Server administration controls (handy for events and moderation) Kick (w/ duration) Ban (w/ duration) Givemod Giveadmin Clear server (Kicks all non mods/staff from server) Thanks - looking forward to hearing what ideas you all have! Cheers!
  13. The main objective with the PvP design is that it is "arcadey", and will not be too realistic. We want it to be fun - without it being too punishing. There's still a bit of work to be done with the weapon mechanics, such as fall-off damage, different recoils and more.
  14. So there's some things to consider regarding player count. The game is heavily focused on the Global Inventory and other progression systems - so players are not wanting to invest a lot of time in getting items and grinding if it will be wiped Many Open Alpha players don't actually know they can play during the week - the main objective of the open alpha is to concentrate them around the alpha weeks, so players can see what the game is like with a 40/40 server etc. They don't want to over-play early and get burnt out by playing too much - being surprised by all the new features at early access is what some players are wanting Marketing - while we are doing some marketing, most of the game's growth has been through organic word of mouth and running minimal ads. The invitational open alpha has put the game in front of thousands of new faces We are working on our Early Access marketing plan very soon - which will include making a new trailer etc. We're pleased with the current growth of the game which has been mostly word of mouth. Cheers
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