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  1. Stress Test 12 - Date Announcement

    Sweet! Will be playing!
  2. Stress Test 11 - Finishing Summary

    Nice! glad everything is working out so far
  3. Patch Notes #6

    Sounds nice so far! Cant wait to play this.
  4. Fishing Spots - Hunting System

    Can we also use the fish as a girlfriend?
  5. Patch Notes #5

    Thanks for the map i was getting lost! #KeepUpTheWork
  6. Patch Notes #4

    All of this looks great! Cant wait to play.
  7. Patch Notes #3

    Thanks for the notes!
  8. User Interface Improvements

    Looking alot cleaner! Glad to see the work is going good so far.
  9. First Person Mode (updated)

    Its looking great so far! nice work.
  10. Doors & Interiors

    Looks great! Keep it up.