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  1. None of this will probably be added to the game, but it would be cool if they were looked over and maybe some other ideas will come out of them. Town Control Have a little icon on the map that shows what towns are "cappable" for quick pvp. The more time you spend in these towns the more money that will drop, the dropped money would be stored in the middle or inside a building of some sort in a duffel. (Or straight into the account, but having it in a duffel makes it more fun/risky so people can yoink it and run.) You'd then need to take the duffel to a safezone to store the money. To cap the town you'd need to hold E on an object/flag of some sort, it would then show up red/green on the map to indicate it is being capped. Have a little counter beside the icon to show how many people are capping so a solo doesnt run into a group of 4 people. AI Camps Have AI roam around in a camp protecting a box of goodies in the center, kill all of the AI to drop a key and open the box. SkillTree Small skill tree that allows you to unlock skills, get one skill point/level. Skills giving you small passives that make thirst decrease slower, or to carry more loot, maybe spawn with a melee weapon or take less damage from robots (Not players, please dont make bandages heal more or have hardened ty xd) Group play Not a big issue to me as long as they arent a group of 10, but people are gonna have gigantic clans (10-20 people) when they game gets bigger, and that is gonna destroy any new players that decide to come play. Dont think this can be avoided but yeah, isnt fun walking into a town and getting destroyed by a team of 15 people. Private Servers I see this on the main screen, dont know if it means just servers you can rent from the game provider itself or ones you can change rates on. Would be cool to see customizable ones where you can make loot 1x/2x/5x, better zombie loot etc. Obviously this would be down the road after release. Shops in safezones Maybe an auction house or something? or just a simple NPC that sells ammo/meds/food. End of this, but ye only thing id really be interested in is town control for more focused PVP. WEAPON SUGGESTIONS Snipers -> M107 - KSVK - VSS Vintorez - AW Magnum