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  1. Soulstorm667

    Revive System

    A Revive System for Players the Play in a Group that´s is a good idea.
  2. What a nice thing would be if you can revive your fellow players and you get positive rep.
  3. Soulstorm667


    Please no shields or a player can carry a maximum of 2 .
  4. Soulstorm667

    No buying guns (read)

    So no Marketplace for Ammunation and Clothes or Food ? Marketplace destroy a Survival Game
  5. Soulstorm667

    New Group IDeal

    Group System is a perfect Idea , but please Team Killing is in a Group allowed . I think wen a Group System Comes ...you Can see on the map how is a Teammate Killing Teammate but no RP or XP for Killing ( in a closed Combat you musst see your Mate under 20 m )