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  1. +1, I hope the dev team will be able to push good things into Live asap. Game is super fun, except it feels empty, too many spaces without Anything. Yes the fix for the loot is better, but why would people end up looting if the game gets meh after a couple of hours. This is only my grain of salt, we need big cities like Campos. Even simply more locations.. I really do hope we get that pop back.. that 1500 got me really excited and now makes me doubt if it's worth to be farming since the pop is only dropping from day to day.
  2. Is that the only way of acquiring them?
  3. Oh i see! I'm hyped for my first sniper, wonder if they only drop in Airdrops or on the Super aswell.
  4. Game was released last week. 22$ in CAD, not sure what is your currency but you could do the conversion online with w/e tool there is. Or just head to : https://store.steampowered.com/app/625340/XERA_Survival/
  5. Totally, and I really do like the idea of the need to farm to get more space. Dev team did really good on that one.
  6. Why would a C4 be silent...🙄
  7. I hope there would be an option for the GI to be tied of nah, but indeed if it isn't that would be a no for my clan aswell.
  8. I'm pretty sure asking for a key on the forums ain't the best thing to do fyi.
  9. Yeah about 5-6 I think
  10. Oh! Never tried it, but that would be indeed very interesting. Wonder how @Joshua could implement something useful with that mechanic.
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