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  1. Hello guys, i recently thought about some things that would be kinda cool to have. Besides the 'normal' Weapon Mods such as Foregrip's and RedDotSight's etc. it would be nice if we could Mod some Parts of our Guns in a slightly different way. A few Examples: Attach two Magazines together with a Duct Tape that will Increase the Reload Speed of your Weapon slightly. Attach a Melee Weapon under your Gun's Barrel for a slightly increased Melee Range. Customize the Stock of your Weapon with some Softer Material that will reduce the Recoil a tiny bit. Beeing able to carve in Clantag's or Playername into the Stock of your Weapon. (If someone Loots you Gun they should be able to see it, but not be able to change it.) Might be coming more in the Future Hope you like my Ideas so far! Greetings, hijax
  2. Sah dudes, go pick on my names? Kappa Chamberton City Lake Senit Xeridian LUL in 2017 St. Joshua
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