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    Having been a big WarZ / ISS player, a tree of equivalent skill would be good if it is fully functional and well thought out especially, that of WarZ / ISS did not serve much in the end view its simplicity to finish it, in 6 / 8h we had full for a perso.
  2. C0rt3x

    Revive System

    Good idea
  3. C0rt3x

    This Game looks dope

    Lol, you will have to wait for the next stress test and yes I confirm that this game with potential and especially the devs are listening to us on the proposals, it is very pleasant and especially very promising for the devellopement of the game.
  4. C0rt3x

    Revive System

    I think it's an excellent idea, like with a defibrillator loot is an adrenaline syringe
  5. C0rt3x

    Map Progress Update #12

    I'm in a hurry to test this, nice job.
  6. Good evening, I submit an idea to start, that of opening a section only dedicated to French, just to help our French friends who have questions and by the way I propose my Candidacy for this said section, I could do everything the necessary tutorials for the registration of the beta for example and other if necessary.