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    Win a bambie Pack of XERA

  2. Zombiehunter Bob

    Midweek madness on Xera

  3. Zombiehunter Bob

    How not to play Xera

  4. Group/Clan chat. Theres no survival feeling cause the lack of robots . More pvp areals
  5. Zombiehunter Bob

    Player base

    Only if there will be no mroe wipes people will start playing limitless:P
  6. Zombiehunter Bob

    October Newsletter

    Nice you know i wait for a new full loot drop game. So this is the best choice atm! Btw you deleted my crane!
  7. Zombiehunter Bob

    Give your ideas for the map extension!

    Top right is a military sat station
  8. Zombiehunter Bob

    July - Monthly Closed Alpha Survey

    What don't you like about the game currently?: Its defently unqiue, secenario ambiente. What feature do you think should be #1 priority?: The map must change . Atm its just reds and military base. But redsville is the only detailed area in the whole map. What feature do you think should be #2 priority?: Loot based on the location, why do i find a baseball bat in a mili base. If you could change anything, what would it be?: Robots to Zombies as always. Variations of robots. More robots around the map there only in city, if you ever played shatterd skies you know what a boring city is. Any Final Feedback / Comments / Suggestions: The map is small but ok for 40 players. I think the cabines should have unique lootable craftitems. So you need to go there for that stuff. More Lootspots in areas like the mil base. Armor should reduce more dmg. Weapon attachments like a silencer for pistol lamp. Defently a helll load of more guns.
  9. Zombiehunter Bob

    Let's talk about Supply Drops!

    Can we have different colors for those drops. And like a little faster fallspeed?
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    he means long right click 3rd person zoom, short right click is aim down sight
  11. Zombiehunter Bob

    Feedback about bots

    Jump height is too big Well people post about your thoughts!
  12. Prone Position required. For regearing you might be able to Camp in the Woods but well you could stand behind a tree too. Glass penetrateable. Well since it's glass. Dont delete it it makes the buildings look better. A robot helicopter crashside in the river to make it more interessting. With some Military loot and some Bots of course. A new fly (ant or alike) like Robot. It's 1 Hit but to keep the Ambiente of an survival game you can put them to the Spots Outside of cities. As I said in discord aiming walk speed is pretty fast. New Guns of course!
  13. Zombiehunter Bob

    call of the survival game

    Yeah, but i say there shouldnt be loots spots with no robots. they crushed most humans, but how did this happen with robots only in cities. Thats why a small antlike robot with a deadly sting, deals 5 dmg but its a oneshot from any weapon or melee, to keep the right feeling ingame
  14. Zombiehunter Bob

    [Pool] Increase Armor %

    The way to die here is the problem. You dont tank alot of shots and you cant barricade. thats why people camp 90 %.
  15. Zombiehunter Bob

    Money system

    Yeah good idea, so you can buy ammo or meds.
  16. Zombiehunter Bob

    Personal Feedback

    Compensates all the things we need atm yeah its a good job with that list.
  17. Zombiehunter Bob

    Grouping System - Tags Over Head

    I told you keep your game simple! If you gotta hop around just to tell someone its your teammate is a waste of time and frustration comes with that. Marker over the head. Its the future, so why not? Arrow plus number of that teammate , better would even be the name
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    [XERA] 1 Day in Redsville

  21. Zombiehunter Bob

    Mission / Task System - Give your ideas!

    Well just those repair Mission as in shattered skies where cool. Escorting npcs is frustrating. Killing a Number of Bots is ok Finding legendary Electric Parts from shot down robot helicopter.
  22. Zombiehunter Bob

    Week One Closed Alpha - Feedback Survey

    What don't you like?: -g36 firerate to high, same ump. -There not enough robots all over the mapfor an apocaliptical scenario. -General strenght aka ressistance of robots. What do you like?: -good atmosphere beides less robots. What feature do you think should be #1 priority?: -Group system/clan What feature do you think should be #2 priority?: -Guns, scopes ,tools to kill robots. If you could change anything, what would it be?: -robots to Zombies haha Any Final Feedback / C omments / Suggestions: -it's the Start of the game keep it up. Dont add random crap keep things simple as they are now
  23. Zombiehunter Bob

    [XERA] 1 Day in Redsville

    Yeah and that was just 1 Day haha like 3h playing we had a good time
  24. Zombiehunter Bob

    Kstar's Legend Backers Tags (Twitch Clips)

    Yeah baby