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  1. Grenade throwing is totaly bugged
  2. Get some Language forums on so that peeple can talk in their native language. I suggest : RUS TÜRK GER FR BR aka PT
  3. Different types. This one is for the red fists. You could make one for the drones and how to use them too. New players actualy dont know what to do on red fists and that dones can explode.
  4. Bug Type (Mechanic/Map/Graphical/Other):Mechanics mostly Describe the issue as best you can: 1.So most people in Pvp know after healing and the included delay it doesnt switch back on the weapon. 2. If you started to reload you cant switch weapons. 3. I made a video about that long ago: You cant shoot through some sides of fences. Still feels like its bugged.
  5. the bicycle is a good idea. overall ur pretty fast.
  6. Here a little livestream
  7. This is not Newz. Things have a reason to be like they are. Ways to safe arent that far.
  8. Group/Clan chat. Theres no survival feeling cause the lack of robots . More pvp areals
  9. Only if there will be no mroe wipes people will start playing limitless:P
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