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    XERA: Survival Early Access Montage#3

  2. Zombiehunter Bob

    XERA: Survival Early Access Montage #2

  3. Zombiehunter Bob

    The Medic campers

  4. Zombiehunter Bob

    The Medic campers

    love u!
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    early alpha montage

  6. Zombiehunter Bob

    Xera:Survival Endgame

  7. Zombiehunter Bob

    Loading screen.

    Different types. This one is for the red fists. You could make one for the drones and how to use them too. New players actualy dont know what to do on red fists and that dones can explode.
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    XERA: Survival Guerrilla Warfare

  9. Zombiehunter Bob

    Froum Languages

    Get some Language forums on so that peeple can talk in their native language. I suggest : RUS TÜRK GER FR BR aka PT
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    My first twitch giveaway

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    Private Server Configurations Feedback

    the bicycle is a good idea. overall ur pretty fast.
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    XERA: Survival Deluxe Montage#1

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    Xera livestream from Sunday

    Here a little livestream
  14. Zombiehunter Bob

    There is no need to limit overall inventory.

    This is not Newz. Things have a reason to be like they are. Ways to safe arent that far.
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    Win a bambie Pack of XERA

  16. Zombiehunter Bob

    Midweek madness on Xera

  17. Zombiehunter Bob

    How not to play Xera

  18. Group/Clan chat. Theres no survival feeling cause the lack of robots . More pvp areals
  19. Zombiehunter Bob

    Player base

    Only if there will be no mroe wipes people will start playing limitless:P
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    October Newsletter

    Nice you know i wait for a new full loot drop game. So this is the best choice atm! Btw you deleted my crane!
  21. Zombiehunter Bob

    Give your ideas for the map extension!

    Top right is a military sat station
  22. Zombiehunter Bob

    July - Monthly Closed Alpha Survey

    What don't you like about the game currently?: Its defently unqiue, secenario ambiente. What feature do you think should be #1 priority?: The map must change . Atm its just reds and military base. But redsville is the only detailed area in the whole map. What feature do you think should be #2 priority?: Loot based on the location, why do i find a baseball bat in a mili base. If you could change anything, what would it be?: Robots to Zombies as always. Variations of robots. More robots around the map there only in city, if you ever played shatterd skies you know what a boring city is. Any Final Feedback / Comments / Suggestions: The map is small but ok for 40 players. I think the cabines should have unique lootable craftitems. So you need to go there for that stuff. More Lootspots in areas like the mil base. Armor should reduce more dmg. Weapon attachments like a silencer for pistol lamp. Defently a helll load of more guns.