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  1. I think only certain melees should stun robots maybe like an Axe and hammer only,but even then only stuns them for a few seconds and have to hit in the head.
  2. Shields aint skill sir sorry to say,Anyone can set up macros and spam shields to hide behind the real skill comes when you dont need shields.
  3. Yeah maybe even the ability to pick up a gun and use it against players lol.
  4. Wouldn't it be cool if you could find a tool/special kit that enables you to hack a close by AI robot and take control of it,Not sure as of yet what you could do with it but its an idea worth looking into maybe?
  5. Please do not implement shields,They're horrible this game is the one thing i was looking forward to playing pvp on and not have 5 shields spammed in my face like "other games" lol just for the love of god no shields lol.
  6. Just a few suggestions. Ghosting in - I think you shouldn't be able to ghost in on spawn,Could get you killed without been able to react. Graphics glitch - with blue carpet in house when you have a gun and move around it leaves this wierd effect on the carpet,cant really explain but if you take a look you will know what i mean. Food - Food doesn't appear to restore hunger bar,Only drink. Health - depleats too fast (imo) when your starving. Loot Spawns - More variety in loot spawns..spawns seem okay,But i know EXACTLY where to go to get what i need,For example i need a gun run into one of the houses you will almost guaranteed to get a M4-A1 or AK either on the Sofa or on the table,Same goes for a Vest and Food been in the supermarkets. I think the loot should be more varied to be honest because in an apocalypse situation like this there really wouldn't be much food left at all in the supermarkets as they would have been looted instantly, Random Houses / Log cabins in the woods - To make walking from one town to anotehr not so boring. "Loot Stash Box" spawns - Maybe these could be a rare spawn,Maybe even a % of finding one of these in the random houses / log cabins i mention in the woods,They could contain a stash like. Sniper rifle 2x boxes of ammo for said rifle Can of food 4x Bandages Armour. AI / Robots - Just courius why do these guys run around like idiots at 100mph for no reason. Wouldn't it be better for them to walk normally even when they are after you but walk like they have a strong posture,With a lot of energy behind their stride. Advertising - I think the game needs ALOT more advertising,Just doesn't seem to be anyone playing,I know its early days but where is everyone.
  7. Nev City (Nev? :D} El Monte (without city wording) Ester Heights OR Esterfey Heights (Heights referring to the sky scrapers)
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