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  1. Here are my ideas (since i don't have the game, I don't know if a rank system is already implimented or not) For the reputation: we begin civilian with a score of 0 and our score increases positively or negatively Positively: kill bad players and you are rewarded with a positive score, if a good player shoots you first you wont lose reputation if you kill him. Negatively: you kill every one who face you, good or bad player you do not make distinction and fire at sight. Your score will increase faster if the player is experimented (big score of reputation) ps: they will be also different name depending of your score. Reputation visibility: an armband which changes according to your reputation (flashy color, good visibility) - we begin all with beginner's/civilian's armband - the armband of the good persons will look like policeman armband and will evolve depending on your rank. (see the photo example) - the bandits will lose their armband Possibility of tearing away the armband when you are a civilian, what returns you directly wrong way If you are a bad player who wishes to become a good one, you will need you get a rather rare special armband and (craft it or idk), once obtained, kill a number of bandits depending on your rank. Reward: The good players will have rewards: loot ( for example:If you kill like 10 bandits in a week you won somthing) or information on cities the most visited by the biggest bandits to allow them to fight best against them. The bad players? The advantage to shoot everyone and take all loot. Maybe in safezone (if there is any) we could see the names and pictures of the biggest bandits with "Wanted" written sorry for my bad english hope everyone can understand me