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  1. Adass

    JMac's Suggestions

    Some good stuffs! They know what we want, but it takes way more time due to being only one Dev in the team right now. All we can do is keep giving suggestions and have a little bit of patience
  2. Adass

    Creators of the game?

    It's not! It's one dev, Joshua. Used to play warz as well
  3. Adass

    3RD PERSON...

    They're planning on adding FPS servers as well
  4. Adass

    Closed Alpha Started!

    Letssss go boyssssss!!!
  5. You could put some missions like fortnite (e.g. Open 3 air drops)! I think it would be fun. Plus if you add missions to find a certain material/item it would positive, because you could put them all around the world in order for the player to explore it
  6. Adass

    Supply Drop System

    Yap! Having one main city to pvp reminds me of 'clearview' all over again. Also nice that you explained the whole air drop system mainly for those who didn't know
  7. Adass


    I would love to see the rank system similar to warz! Miss those days