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  1. So the way I would do this is by having 2 separate systems. One would be the Reputation System and the other one would be the Ranking System (for competitive people). The two systems have different rankings, different ways to win/lose ranking and different effects. The Reputation System The Reputation System is aimed at players who enjoy the survival aspect and are less competitive. This is what would define if a person is either a hero (Good) or a bandit (Bad). Everyone would start at 0 Reputation, either gaining or losing reputation as they go. The more Reputation a player gains, he is considered more of a hero and the more Reputation a player loses, he is considered more of a bandit. You CAN go negative in the Reputation system. You gain Reputation points by healing people, killing people who have a lower reputation than you do and killing Humanoids. (very small amount of points by killing Humanoids) You lose Reputation points by killing people, you lose more by killing people who have a higher reputation than you do. Every "X" amount of points you go in any direction you get a visual indicator to what you're becoming. For example a bandit that has 250 points has bloody hands but a bandit with 750 points has a bloody face, clothing and hands. There are exeptions: If a player shoots at you first and you kill them defending yourself, you will gain points and not be punished for killing the player. The Ranking System The Ranking System is completely based on PvP and has nothing to do with the Reputation System. The Ranking System is aimed at more competitive players, you would gain points by PvP'ing. You get more points by killing someone whos a lot higher than you in the Ranking System and you lose more points if you get killed by someone lower in the Reputation System.
  2. What I meant by adding more AI was in the areas where they dont spawn at all right now. (all the small named places in the map) Not in the main cities/mili bases where there are already enough. Should have specified that more. Will edit post to make it clearer.
  3. I should have elaborated a bit more on what I meant by the dynamic crosshair. It wouldnt be like the one from csgo (as an example). The crosshair Im suggesting would be more like the one from Fortnite, where if you move it gets a bit bigger and if you crouch its gets a bit smaller. Thanks for the reply and for reading through the whole post! (Ik it was kind of long haha)
  4. Hey everyone, Ras here with a post on my suggestions for the game a bit. I'm aware that some of these suggestions are in fact planned for the game but I guessed that sharing them to create discussion in the comments would be a good idea. Please let me know what you think about my suggestions in the comments below. I'm going to be separating my suggestions into different categories. These are: Entity Related, Inventory/ HUD Related, Mechanic Related and Quality of Life Improvements. Entity Changes or Additions Increase item spread on death. What I mean by this is to make the items spread out more on death because right now it is very difficult to pick up the items you want without having to be exposed for a long time fiddling around in your inventory. Rework Low Tier Medical Item Spawns At the moment Bandages are more common than Gauze, because (from what I've seen) Gauze only spawns in the Hospital while Bandages spawn everywhere. This makes no sense seeing as how the Bandages are twice more effective than Gauze. My proposal on how to fix this is to switch out Gauze and Bandage Spawn locations, and increasing the Gauze spawns by a small amount. That way there will be more Gauze around the map and more low tier medical items. Spawn More Humanoids around the Map I've only seen Humanoids spawn in medium to large areas (Reds, Processing Plant, Mili Base etc.). Id say that adding 2-4 Humanoid spawns in every location with a name in the map would make the world feel more alive, and MAYBE have at least 1 Humanoid spawn in the Camps marked with "X" around the map. EDIT #2: CLARIFICATION. I meant spawning more Humanoids in parts of the map where theyre currently not being spawned at. (For example the hunter lodges, the campsites etc.). I didnt mean adding more to places that already have Humanoids spawning in them. The Taser Melee Weapon This would be the alternative to what the Katana is in WarZ/ISS. It would be a long stick taser that would kill Humanoids in a low amount of hits by introducing a high amount of volts that overloads their internal circuits and breaks them. [(https://www.gorillasurplus.com/zap-cane-taser-stick-30-lumens-flashlight-walking-stick) Doesnt have to be a cane.] Inventory/Hud Changes or Additions All these suggestions go hand in hand, what i mean by that is that they complement each other so please read them all before commenting on a specific one. Making Inventory Slots Limited This would not count the equipped items or items in your hot-bar. The player would have 5 slots of inventory without any backpack. The amount of inventory slots would be dependent on the backpack that the player has. Small Hot-bar I feel that this is one of the suggestions that will cause the most controversy so let me explain it well. The hot-bar would have 3 slots (Numbers 4-6). You cant place any weapons in the hot-bar (except for C4 and Grenades). To use items they must be IN the hot-bar. To be able to use any item they must be in the hot-bar. This includes Drones, Buildable Barricades, Medication, Explosives and excludes Food and Drink items. That way you will have to choose wisely what you want to have in your hot-bar for the next engage. The Backpacks Backpacks would increase your total item and weight capacity. There would be different tiers of backpacks. Add a new tab for Character Information in the inventory. Doing this frees up space in the Inventory tab. Making the map be one of the tabs is also a possibility. (hitting M just quick opens that tab) You would already have the foundation for other tabs in the future like the skill tree one. Add Server Name to World Information and move it to the top right corner of the inventory hud. Mechanic Changes or Additions Stamina Bar Adding a stamina bar would make it so that instead of draining thirst when jumping or sprinting, you drain the stamina bar and a small amount or thirst. This would also give you something to upgrade once the skill tree gets implemented in the game. Lower Crouch Movement Speed At the moment of making this post, Crouch Moving feels like you're gliding over the map because its movement speed is relatively high. 1 Second Item Pickup Delay This makes looting feel more fluid in my opinion. QoL Improvements Allow for weapons to be switched while mid air. When you jump you aren't able to switch weapons and this makes the game feel more clunky than it has to be. Weight Limit Notification When trying to pick up items while having max weight makes a "You do not have space for this item" notification pop up. This is a bit confusing, making it say "You cannot carry any more weight" would make it much more clear. Allowing User to Split a Stack in Inventory At the moment the only way of splitting a stack makes the amount you split drop to the ground. This makes moving items to your Global Inventory stressful because anyone nearby can grab the items you split. Making it so that you can split directly to the Global Inventory would be optimal. Having a Fluctuating Crosshair instead of a Static one. This is one of those things that I'm pretty sure that is planned but I just wanted to place it here to discuss it. EDIT #2: CLARIFICATION: What I mean by a "Fluctuating Crosshair" is a crosshair like the one in Fortnite, where if you start running it gets bigger by a small amount (notifying you of a decrease in accuracy) and if you crouch it gets smaller by bit (notifying you of an increase in accuracy). By no means was I referring to one like in CSGO. Weapon Sway Animation I thought there was no weapon sway animation in the game but in fact there is. Its just barely noticeable so increasing the animation twofold or three times would make first person perspective feel more fluid. Seeing other Player's Names while in Drone Form. Same way you can see other player's names when you place your crosshair on them but while in drone so that you know who you killed when you blew up Thank you all for reading, I know its been pretty long but I would like to know your feedback on these suggestions/ideas. Happy Hunting! -Ras1018 Edit #1: Spelling Edit #2: Clarification on the topics of Crosshairs and more AI spawns.
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