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  1. this is a graphical bug. when you are at the bunker door during nighttime ( havent tested it during daytime) in 3rd person it shows the shadow of my head on the bunker door http://prntscr.com/nt16r1 its very hard to see, but its inbetween my body and my crosshair, you might have to zoom in on it but when you go into 1st person, there no longer is a shadow. http://prntscr.com/nt17a8
  2. the resolution i am playing on: 2560X1080 scale: 100% when you have 20+ items in your backpack, the tooltip of the bottom items gets cut. https://prnt.sc/k6oyh8 and yes, i have it scrolled down all the way when you enter the GI the rows dont fill all the way with items. your inventory could be 7 items wide, not 5. GI could be 7 items wide aswell. https://prnt.sc/k6p0jj
  3. just got 150 EXP from a uncommon airdrop, that should have been 200 EXP update: just got 200 EXP from a rare airdrop, G36 and nades etc. this should have been 350 EXP will post other bug/wrong exp with airdrops in here if i find them
  4. The road between camp eden and the milly base flaots on a small area: ( not a very clear screenshot because it was nighttime) https://prnt.sc/jyzjt1 locations on the map: https://prnt.sc/jyzjmu
  5. it rains inside the tunnel east of the Riverton Processing Plant. dont know if you can refill inside the tunnel during rain, couldnt test it at the moment. https://prnt.sc/jyedn1
  6. i will be solo dolo most of the time, the bigger the clan the more kills and loot i will have
  7. if i remember correctly joshua posted something about XERA in a modchannel in dakotaz's discord. and ye, since then i am hyped for XERA
  8. what about some explore missions? for example go to this specific campsite. or go to this building (this might be too specific tho) not sure if thats easy to add ofc. but it might encourage some people to go to other then their usual places and for the hoarder inside of me: collect X amount of X items (with or without a specific area to find the items)
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