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    Grouping System - Tags Over Head

    personally i am against tags above peoples heads. its 2018 every1 should have a mic already. and whenever you are grouping up with people, 99% of the time you do it with friends. thus you are already communicating with them. so its not that hard to tell them where you are and if you communicate good enough you dont have to jump to let them know its you... i guess you could turn on tags on the map, just so you have a quick overview of where every1 is. then again, there is a max group limit of 4. So its very unlikely you are gonna get zerged by the famous thai clans ( even tho they gave you alot of free kills )
  2. ThePregnator

    How big will your squad be come June 15th?

    i will be solo dolo most of the time, the bigger the clan the more kills and loot i will have
  3. ThePregnator

    How did you hear about the game?

    if i remember correctly joshua posted something about XERA in a modchannel in dakotaz's discord. and ye, since then i am hyped for XERA
  4. what about some explore missions? for example go to this specific campsite. or go to this building (this might be too specific tho) not sure if thats easy to add ofc. but it might encourage some people to go to other then their usual places and for the hoarder inside of me: collect X amount of X items (with or without a specific area to find the items)
  5. ThePregnator

    May Development Update

    that water tho really cant w8 for the closed alpha now. just LOVE all the great work that has been put in XERA this far, and there is much more to come aswell to look forward to