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  1. suyz

    What are best places to loot?

    Honestly, just join a low populated server and roam the map. You'll get kitted wherever you go. The large camp areas with the wood cabins, Rockdale, Military Bases, Redville -- everywhere! No exaggeration. Just make sure it's a low populated server so your odds of going to an area that was recently looted decreases. Good luck out there!
  2. suyz

    Melee vs Robots

    I don't know why everyone thinks that LOL But I'm the same suyz that people think is from Thailand.
  3. suyz

    Melee vs Robots

    Yeah, @ChrisMarioTV Joshua already mentioned that the melee system is getting a complete rework which kind of puts this poll to a standstill since we won't know what the new melee system interaction will be like with the robots.
  4. suyz

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha #1.5

    As always, thank you for your hard work!
  5. suyz

    Learn by Doing™

    Yeah, I was watching the barrel closely and saw the flame. Looked at your camera and noticed you were looking away and started laughing. Great clip man.
  6. suyz

    He's a lover; not a fighter.

    Met this cool guy named James. He said he didn't want fight anymore and just wanted to enjoy the view.
  7. suyz

    Learn by Doing™

    Thanks for doing the science. Hahahaha
  8. suyz

    Killing the Model X

    Yikes! That thing hit me like once and dropped me to around ~60%!
  9. suyz

    Killing the Model X

    Yeah, was super excited to see it work after Ice9 told me about it.
  10. suyz

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha #1.4

    If skill rating is disabled, can we have a kill/death leader board or something? I know it is Closed Alpha, but I still enjoy the competitiveness of this game. I like the changes though in this patch!
  11. suyz

    Killing the Model X

    Got a tip from the streamer xxIce9xx that killing the Model Z robot with deagle is pretty fast. I decided to give it a try myself. In this video, I kill the Model Z robot with 70+ deagle bullets and in return I looted 171 9mm bullets. Pretty good trade off especially since there is a chance you can loot a sniper rifle! Thanks for watching!
  12. suyz

    Melee vs Robots

    Hey @Flemma Thanks for the reply! Glad to hear your input. Hopefully more of the community adds their 2 cents on the topic.
  13. suyz

    first sniper in xera? l96A1???

    Saw you shooting in your stream -- sounds insane!
  14. For those of you playing solo, with friends, or with clan mates... would you like to see group tags? I'm gonna be honest. I already killed my friend once earlier today. Felt pretty bad about it, but I do enjoy the realism a bit. Group tags would be super helpful though for roaming the cities. What does everyone think?
  15. As it stands right now, unless you want to waste some meds, you have to shoot the robots. Personally, I feel like the robots should not deal any damage if you hit it with a melee as if you were parrying the robots attack with your melee weapon, but also dealing damage. Right now when you melee a robot, you're gonna get destroyed. What do you guys think?