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  1. suyz

    Joshua, You're Precious

    HAHAHAH I was not expecting this at all. EDIT: I say we demand a reaction video from Joshua or we riot. Kappa
  2. Bug Type (Mechanic/Map/Graphical/Other): Mechanic? Describe the issue as best you can: Airdrop was stuck right just before landing. Location bug happened: North East of Riverton, West of Hunter's Hideout Screenshot / Video of the issue:
  3. What don't you like? The inability to change the key to mute voip. Currently, when I am crouched and trying to look at map, I will disable voip when I don't intend to. The accuracy of jump shooting. Not sure which direction you are trying to go with Xera as far as drop/recoil/spread, but that is just my opinion. You are trying to prevent bunny hopping by the depletion of water per jump. Making the shooting more inaccurate while jumping would also prevent more players from bunny hopping in the game. I wish the items in the global inventory automatically stacked. It bothers me so much that my GI isn't a beautiful sight every time I go to it. I don't like dying so much. So if you could either a) give me super duper hardened so I don't suck so much on stream or b) just give me godmode -- that would be great. The inability to get over certain fences/walls. Being able to vault or jump over them would be great. What do you like? The communication and interaction from the Xera team is fantastic. This game brings so much nostalgia of previous games I have played, but also has its own identity that gives me a unique experience. Frequent patches and hot fixes for the betterment of the game. Changes, additions, and removals based on community feedback while losing focus of your vision of the game. Lack of crashing. Have many hours logged in this game for closed alpha and have yet to crash (knock on wood). The game is so fluid and smooth. It just feels great to run around the world exploring, looting, and dying. The Xera Police Department roleplay is hilarious. I hope they never stop. Low populated server or high populated server; odds are, you're going to run into someone if you're looking for PvP. What feature do you think should be #1 priority? Not a necessarily a feature, but staying true to your vision of the game. I really do appreciate the fact that you are very receptive of community feedback, but hope you keep true to your ideas of the game. The majority of the community has a history with other survival/looting/pvp games and want to take many mechanics and features from those and implement it to this game since they enjoyed those games before they ultimately died. I hope you pick and choose features that contribute to your own ideas and vision of the game and not derail it. What feature do you think should be #2 priority?: Grouping. I've killed @Coco more times than I'd like to admit because sometimes I panic. If you could change anything, what would it be? I would love to see more players in the game. While the community is growing slowly and steadily, it would be awesome to see an influx of players during closed alpha. I think it would help with the Steam release as well. If we had a solid base of players during Steam release, it would be great for when new players join in. Of course, I can't see the future, but I don't think it would be a good first impression if players purchased Xera (during the Steam release) and there were only a handful of players in the servers with a few of them being middle/high pop. I don't know if that makes any sense, but that's the only thing I would change. Not sure what kind advertising or exposure is taking place, but that's what I would change. Any Final Feedback / Comments / Suggestions: Keep it up. Whenever someone new stumbles into my stream and asks about the game, I have nothing, but positive things to say. It feels really good to talk about game that I enjoy and can genuinely recommend people to play.
  4. Glad to hear you got the answer and already played against you as well, but still just wanted to welcome you to the community!
  5. Honestly, just join a low populated server and roam the map. You'll get kitted wherever you go. The large camp areas with the wood cabins, Rockdale, Military Bases, Redville -- everywhere! No exaggeration. Just make sure it's a low populated server so your odds of going to an area that was recently looted decreases. Good luck out there!
  6. I don't know why everyone thinks that LOL But I'm the same suyz that people think is from Thailand.
  7. Yeah, @ChrisMarioTV Joshua already mentioned that the melee system is getting a complete rework which kind of puts this poll to a standstill since we won't know what the new melee system interaction will be like with the robots.
  8. A few friends and I were joking around about spawning with other people and then it actually happened. @Coco and @LordInquisit0r spawned in before I did and died. Once I was in, their bodies were still standing upright causing a little confusion on my part causing myself to name tag them first (which I shouldn't have since they said they were dead, but it was habit). Disregard my poor aim please Good kill and shooting on @XSOO part, but just wanted to point out this bug for the upright dead bodies. Thanks!
  9. suyz

    Learn by Doing™

    Yeah, I was watching the barrel closely and saw the flame. Looked at your camera and noticed you were looking away and started laughing. Great clip man.
  10. Met this cool guy named James. He said he didn't want fight anymore and just wanted to enjoy the view.
  11. suyz

    Learn by Doing™

    Thanks for doing the science. Hahahaha
  12. suyz

    Killing the Model X

    Yikes! That thing hit me like once and dropped me to around ~60%!
  13. suyz

    Killing the Model X

    Yeah, was super excited to see it work after Ice9 told me about it.
  14. suyz

    Killing the Model X

    Got a tip from the streamer xxIce9xx that killing the Model Z robot with deagle is pretty fast. I decided to give it a try myself. In this video, I kill the Model Z robot with 70+ deagle bullets and in return I looted 171 9mm bullets. Pretty good trade off especially since there is a chance you can loot a sniper rifle! Thanks for watching!
  15. Hey @Flemma Thanks for the reply! Glad to hear your input. Hopefully more of the community adds their 2 cents on the topic.
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