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  1. What don't you like?: I dont like that I have to turn around a whole fence, subdivision or space to get around it, there must be more ways to get to the other side of the wall like holes, obstacles, parkours and stuff like that. What do you like?: I like the farming capabilities that the cities have, I like the structure of the current houses and mountain hills. What feature do you think should be #1 priority?: AI mindset & movements & Structures, Environment What feature do you think should be #2 priority?: Quests, Models If you could change anything, what would it be?: N / A Any Final Feedback / Comments / Suggestions: This game will grow as the community will live up to it, so, there is no need to rely or look back but to move forward and keep improving & adding features, while making everything more realistic and in a sense, playable. <3<3
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    Kstar's Legend Backers Tags (Twitch Clips)

    Thank you so much for my Graffiti and for saving a tiny bit of the VOD! Cant wait to see it in-game and make that my camping spot @Joshua 🙂
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    May Development Update

    Omg the water
  4. To my knowledge, and I'm trying to picture out a scenario of myself in the XERA server with minimal loot whilst running around, it would be fun to: Destroy 10 Model V Robots Destroy 5 Model Z Robots Destroy 3 Model V Robots Rare Quest: Search and Destroy: " Destroy a Model X Robot " (Reward = something rare) Travel a total of ____ KM's on Feet Explore 1,5,10,15, 20..... POI (Point of Interests ) Explore All the POI (Point of Interests) * Big Award * [ this is something a starter could do to receive something big when they are starting ] {Achievement} Explorer Fly & Detonate 1,2,3,4,5 or more Drones and receive: ______ Achievement name: " Taste of their own Medicine " [ Destroy any Model of Robot by detonating a Drone ] Craft 1, 10 , 20....... etc. Items "Secure yourself a pay-load" Kill 5 or more Players (General number I guess depending on player-base) Gather some healing materials & more from a crashed Ambulance vehicle Kill a Player by getting an headshot kill with a Sniper rifle Get 1,5,10,15....... Headshots kills on players That's all for me for now, I've used all my knowledge I could and that what I learned from watching the past Streams that Joshua did Hopefully the general idea from the lines I sent above will be useful, the ones I wrote above are not that simplified, but maybe the GENERAL IDEA can pull out a cool mission! Hope I helped! Excited on that Dev Blog Josh! Cheers, LaMelo
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    Supply Drop System

    More loot, more gunfire! More fights!