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  1. IcedYoshi

    August Newsletter

    Hello Survivors, It has been a busy few months, mostly behind the scenes. We wanted to give an update on what has been happening and our plans moving forward. As XERA: Survival continues to grow we would like to share a few of our milestones that have occured since the release of the closed alpha. In August, we reached a milestone of over 970 unique closed alpha players! Our social media presence has also expanded including achieving a new record of 1500 likes on Facebook and expanding our Discord community to 1750 members! Without the great community behind the game, we could not have achieved these milestones. We are extremely excited for the future and hope that you are too! Below are some key points about what has been happening and the plans moving forward. Upcoming Features Based off July’s monthly survey we have selected what features to focus on next. Alongside the map extension we are looking at implementing the following: Missions Dynamic Events Weapon and Armour Tiers (Durability) Map Extension The map extension is well underway. Joshua has been focusing on the shape of the landscape and also the surrounding area of the map to make it feel more realistic and make it look better in general. This includes putting decorative mountains in the distance, which really helps break up the horizon and gives a really nice feel to the map. We will be focusing on new points of interest to add around the map and balancing it in a way that it will feel more dynamic and bring new elements to the gameplay. Content Creator Partnership Program Internally we have been discussing ways of working with content creators directly via a partnership program. As part of the program content creators will gain access to a partners only section on discord and the forums, which has direct access to staff and moderators. Partners will also receive monthly keys to give away to their community. Requirements to become a partner are still being worked on and we are looking forward to announcing all of the details soon. Server Issues During the last month Joshua has been investigating a crucial issue with the game servers. This issue occurs when the server process has been running for an extended period of time and stops allowing new connections into the game. After weeks of investigating and debugging it appears that this issue lies deep in Unreal Engine’s core net code. Due to the fact Unreal Engine has been built from the ground up with session based gameplay in mind, persistent long-running servers isn’t well supported. We are currently working on ways around this issue. A possible work around would be to carry out weekly reboots of all the game servers. New Zealand Game Developers Conference Joshua attended the NZGDC earlier this month which was a great learning experience. It was also a great opportunity to network with other game developers, artists and studios from around the Oceanic region. There was a lot of discussion regarding the China games market and the cultural differences to keep in mind when expanding to the region. There were many things to take away from the event which will impact XERA: Survival in many aspects, including the way we market the game, the technology we use, and creating a more enjoyable experience for you - the players. Korean BIC Game Expo Thanks to our partner Xsolla, attendees of the BIC Game Expo will be able to have a hands on experience with XERA: Survival at the Xsolla booth. We will be providing Xsolla with a bunch of keys which will be up for grabs at the event, so if you are attending look out for the booth! The Future There has been a lot of planning and discussion happening internally in regards to the game and what direction we want to take. This includes working on various strategic partnerships, future content updates and analysing the community feedback we have received during the closed alpha. We are working on a public roadmap which will detail what we have planned and when we expect it to be implemented. This provides development transparency which we believe is important as this assists with the alignment of expectations between us and the community. We are truly grateful for your support and are excited for the future. Regards, Spotted Kiwi Interactive
  2. IcedYoshi

    Check and consider it

    Thank you for you're feedback!
  3. IcedYoshi

    Player base

    There are times mainly in the afternoon (US) where servers start popping. Coordinating play with others via discord always helps!
  4. IcedYoshi


    Currently we are running servers in 3 regions, US, EU, and OCE with the intention to add additional regions later in the development of the game. I have noted your comments and we appreciate the feedback. Keep an eye out to announcement for future server locations when they are added.
  5. IcedYoshi

    Upgrade pre order

    At this time, there is not a way to do an upgrade due to limitations from xsolla. You would have to purchase a different package.
  6. IcedYoshi

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha #1.7

    I like the idea of this (similar to how other 3pg do it). Maybe a menu option to toggle this. It would make the red dot and halo attachments more viable from the 3rd person perspective.
  7. Interesting idea. That could bring about a change to PVP across the map while still having the PVE element as well.
  8. IcedYoshi

    [Pool] Increase Armor %

    My understanding is barricades are under review. How they will be implemented is something that is still up in the air, but not on or off the table at this point. I think what it comes down to is how the community feels about it.
  9. IcedYoshi

    Game Wipe Announcement (Friday 13th)

    Patch notes will be out when it's ready
  10. IcedYoshi

    Let's talk about Supply Drops!

    I like the concept. I think the rotation of items is the best point of this. Opens up a world of possibilities with new weapons while keeping the rarity of the best weapons in check. Also people would need to work for the items they want (ex vss). We could also have an achievement system work with this as well with opening a certain number of the different types of crates.
  11. IcedYoshi

    Grouping System - Tags Over Head

    Just remember, not everyone is going to be happy with everything and not everyone is going to be upset with everything. There is always trial and error and at the end, we've always said we want this to be a community driven game and your feedback is important. At the end of the day, if Joshua was to go against the communities wishes and atleast not try it, it would go against what we stand for. Maybe it will be a bad idea, maybe not. With this being in early Alpha still, things can always be changed back if it doesn't work.
  12. IcedYoshi

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha #1.7

    Looking sooooooo good!!! But would we really expect anything different?
  13. IcedYoshi

    RIP AR15 :/

    The thing that stands out to me most is what coco said in chat ❤️
  14. IcedYoshi

    Killing the Model X

    Remind me to suggest that we add jumping to the model z.
  15. IcedYoshi

    first sniper in xera? l96A1???

    Nice! Even I wasn't ever able to find one. FeelsBadMan