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  1. IcedYoshi

    Killing the Model X

    Remind me to suggest that we add jumping to the model z.
  2. IcedYoshi

    first sniper in xera? l96A1???

    Nice! Even I wasn't ever able to find one. FeelsBadMan
  3. IcedYoshi

    Closed Alpha Date Announcement

    Right now we are sold out of keys, however once they become available again, an announcement will be made.
  4. IcedYoshi

    Just a few questions

    There will be a skill tree, however it is not finished as of yet. I feel like it's more action packed, but the goal is to make it where you are able to choose how you want to play, whether it's grinding loot, pvp, or pve, you choose how you want to play with risk and reward. None right now......Not sure how @Joshua feels about this. It's an idea that we have seen. @Joshua can speak more to this. Yes there is a cooldown based on what kind of med you use. It applies instantly with a timer for cooldown. These are being worked on currently. During the alpha you will see some events, but there are many more to come down the road.
  5. IcedYoshi


    As of now there are no plans for streaming restrictions on the Closed Alpha. Just keep in mind that this will be an alpha and unfinished game, so please be kind and understanding.
  6. IcedYoshi


    All good ideas. I'll be sure to pass them along!
  7. IcedYoshi


    There will be a crafting system available. Right now we are working on gathering ideas on craftables although you won't always get craftable items from the ai (could be a different drop such as food, gear, materials, etc...).
  8. Lets see. My squad..... @Joshua, @Ryan, @BooTenzo, @Ras1018, @LinkOps85. ❤️
  9. IcedYoshi

    Kstar's Legend Backers Tags (Twitch Clips)

    Amazing work. I hope everyone enjoys their special part of the game
  10. IcedYoshi

    How did you hear about the game?

    I found it through kickstarter and after seeing everything that Joshua had put into the game, it was an honor to become apart of the team. It's amazing to see where things were during the stress test and how it has progressed towards Closed Alpha. Also it's been a pleasure to be apart of this wonderful community and learn more about everyone and what has brought them to Xera.
  11. IcedYoshi

    May Development Update

    Great work so far Josh! You guys are going to love seeing what's been implemented over the last couple of months. It's truly an experience! I look forward to seeing everyone during the Closed Alpha!
  12. These are all great ideas guys. Keep them coming in!