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  1. Hello, You will need to join their clan in order to gain permissions. After they have invited you to their clan, the person that owns the land claim must authorize the clan using a hammer at the land claim marker. You can also remove sleeping bags using explosives, however other objects in the area may take damage.
  2. IcedYoshi


    Hi there, As long as your friend is in your clan, turrets will not shoot them. After they have joined your clan from the main menu, make sure to equip a hammer, and go to your land claim flag, right click until you see authorize clan, then hold e. This will authorize all clan members to your land claim giving them permissions to build/destroy objects, and turrets will not shoot them.
  3. Hi there, This quest can be completed on any server with the global stash enabled then redeemed on the no stash server if you choose to.
  4. Thank you for your report. This has been resolved.
  5. Blank keycards are used to craft civilian bunker keycards and crater lab keycards from the crafting menu. Inactive vehicles will despawn after being idle for an extended period of time to allow them to be used by active players.
  6. We never announced a date and the in game timer is automated in the client. I understand your frustration, however we have been very clear in discord that the timer is not accurate and we did disable it to help avoid any confusion.
  7. I've mentioned it multiple times that we haven't set a date
  8. We removed the timer as we have not announced when Season 6 will start and it was never accurate. The most up to date information can be found in our official discord and we will post a steam announcement once we have the date confirmed. Our discord can be joined at https://discord.gg/xera
  9. You will need to make sure your settings are changed from windows. We have no plans to change sensitivity as it is already very high in game. Some things that you can do to increase sensitivity is to adjust your dpi by increasing it, or changing the sensitivity in windows. If that doesn't work, then the issue lies with your mouse and not the settings in game.
  10. IcedYoshi


    You are allowed 1 of each tier per server.
  11. Dying will cause any items you have on you to be dropped on the ground where you died.
  12. Hi there, Please contact our support team by emailing [email protected] We are unable to assist with account restrictions on the forums.
  13. Thank you for your report. Our team is investigating the issue.
  14. At the end of every season, there will be a full wipe of all in game items, currency, bases, levels, missions and GI. The only thing that will not wipe at the start of the new season will be your skins, skin crates, and X-Coin.
  15. If you hold shift while dragging, you can split stacks of items.
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