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  1. IcedYoshi

    Introducing Creators Program - Applications Now Open

    Just a reminder for everyone, even if you haven't been accepted as a creator, you are allowed to stream! We love seeing content before officially inviting people to the creator's program so make sure you get your content out there to get noticed. Staff members and helpers are always lurking around streams. Make sure to say hi to us when we come by
  2. IcedYoshi

    New features and bugs.

    Thank you for the suggestions!
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  4. IcedYoshi

    Frozenko in da house

  5. Greetings Survivors! Thank you to everyone who has been participating in our open alphas! We know you are excited for the next round and we are as well! Due to unforeseen circumstances the next open alpha weekend has been postponed until March 15th or March 22nd. We appreciate your understanding as we want to bring you the best in game experience possible and look forward to seeing you during the next wave! For those who already have access to the game, you will still be able to play while we continue working on the next patch.
  6. Thank you for the feedback. We are gathering feedback from all community members and will take your feedback into consideration for the future. We appreciate your comments and hope you are enjoying the game.
  7. IcedYoshi

    Closed Apha Question

    Yes you can!
  8. IcedYoshi


    Hey everyone, I thought I'd go ahead and make a post as well to get the ball rolling. My name is Gary and I'm based in the central US. For those who don't know, I have been around for about a year now assisting with Xera: Survival. I am very passionate about gaming and have been primarily a FPS and simulation gamer since back in the early 90's. My childhood revolved around games such as Starsiege Tribes, CS 1.3 (yes I'm an oldie hehe), as well as various simulation games. Recently I've been streaming various games on twitch including Islands of Nyne: BR before their studio closed, Magic The Gathering: Arena, and other random games. It's always been my dream to work on a project such as Xera: Survival and I'm very honored to have joined the Spotted Kiwi Interactive team as their community manager. I look forward to seeing others post about themselves and getting to know more members of the community! Cheers!
  9. Hello Survivors! Are you passionate about XERA: Survival and it’s development? Do you love finding bugs and breaking things? Are you someone who always wants to be in the know on what’s coming up? Have you ever wanted an inside look at game development? Can you keep a secret? If so, then our Community Quality Assurance team might be a great fit for you! We are now accepting applications to join our Community QA Team. This is a volunteer position that will assist us in thoroughly playtesting upcoming patches for the game. Our ideal candidates must possess both problem solving and troubleshooting skills, as well as be able to think outside the box. Individuals must be passionate about XERA: Survival and want to help with the development process. You must also be an active member of the community, and are a positive reflection of the XERA: Survival community. All candidates must have the ability to record in game footage via ShadowPlay or OBS. For more information on this, please feel free to reach out to IcedYoshi on discord. Finally we ask that candidates must speak English and are flexible with their schedules to attend playtesting sessions to test upcoming patches. We will be monitoring activity and inactive testers will be removed, this will keep the team fresh and make sure quality is assured. If you are accepted into the program, you will be tasked with finding and reproducing bugs and glitches within XERA: Survival, reporting new bugs to the staff, assist with playtesting of upcoming patches at designated times. Please remember that anyone accepted to become apart of the Community QA Team will be required to complete an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and must keep all non-public information confidential. Applications may be submitted at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScu4R9ffpTtESu-e77nU7oLU7cZoESDafF1ZBxKqcm7s4-tvQ/viewform Cheers, Spotted Kiwi Interactive
  10. Hello Survivors, Open Alpha Round 7 will be March 22-24! If you participated in any of the previous Alpha's you DO NOT need to register again, but if you missed out for any reason sign up for free here https://www.xeragame.com/alpha-signup It's an open invite - so anyone that registers gets a key! If you think your friends would like the game, head to our discord and type !invite in the #invitations channel to get a personalized messaged to send. We will be tracking how many each person invites – and will be rewarding the ones with the most sign-ups. We hope to see you all in-game this weekend! Below are the global start times so you know when the open alpha starts in your country. Cheers, Spotted Kiwi Interactive
  11. IcedYoshi

    Toggle Aim

    What do you mean by toggle aim? Like semi auto to full auto or ads to hip fire?
  12. IcedYoshi

    Some suggestions.

    Thank you for your feedback. Some of these ideas are already planned (skill tree, missions, traders/shops)
  13. IcedYoshi

    Alpha 4 - Hi to all of you

    Welcome back!!!!
  14. IcedYoshi

    How can I play this game?

    There is a link from our main page that you can click on to sign up for the next Open Alpha. Also you can Pre-Order for instant access to the game.
  15. IcedYoshi

    item Suggestion

    Thank you for your ideas! Some of these are on the idea's board for consideration and I have added a couple more. We appreciate the suggestions!