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  1. Thank you for the report, I will have our tester group see if we can reproduce it on the latest build.
  2. Thank you for reporting this. If you can send me a private message with how to reproduce the issue, our team will look into it.
  3. Hi there! Within the past few updates, we added AI Bandits to the game. They will look and act like players but don't show up in the player list since they are ai. You will know when you run into one of them after killing them as they don't drop their loot on the ground like normal players and have to be searched instead.
  4. Can you dm me on discord and I can try to help with troubleshooting?
  5. Thanks for the report. This is a known issue that is on our backlog list
  6. The big bunker will come later in Season 3.
  7. Box keys can be used to open green ammo crates found at some campsites and a couple of places in Redsville. They can also be sold to the vendor.
  8. Thank you for your feedback. I have passed this along to the rest of the team.
  9. We have a lot of the infrastructure written for them. As of today they are planned to be available at some point during season 4 as we are working on the new map and basebuilding first. You can view our updated roadmap at https://trello.com/b/yGBsrAZF/xera-survival-public-roadmap to see what's planned.
  10. Hi Ctrl Alt Delicious, I have responded to your pm. If this should happen in the future, changing servers should allow you to respawn and not be stuck.
  11. Thank you for reporting this. We have fixed this issue for the Season 3 patch.
  12. We have a lot planned for the players. Keep in mind we are a very small team and we have a ton of ideas from the community. We will be posting a development blog in the upcoming weeks, so rest assured, there are a lot of plans coming together over the next 6 months and we have a lot of content coming for the players to enjoy. Also keep in mind, the game is not just about pvp. We recognize that pvp is what a lot of players look for, however there must be engaging and enjoyable pve elements for those that are not into pvp. By adding more pve elements now that we have the foundations in place to expand them, that will naturally help players not feel like they have run out of things to do while the player counts are low.
  13. Hi leozin, Steam achievements are planned for later. We haven't implemented the system for earning them yet.
  14. IcedYoshi

    Bug report

    Thank you for reporting this. We have pushed a hotfix as of this morning that should address the issue. Should you experience the issue again, please let us know. Cheers
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