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    Hi there, Turrets only shoot XOIDs right now. Once we have the clan system ready, we will allow them to shoot players. Right now there is nothing that prevents them from shooting teammates so instead of them killing players unintentionally upon logging in, we're holding off activating them for shooting players until then. They are still super useful for clearing waves of xoids at events
  2. Hi there, Thank you for reporting this bug. We have fixed it with the last update.
  3. HI there, Try verifying your files in steam and this should resolve the issue.
  4. Hi there, Although no anti-cheat solution will ever be 100%, we are utilizing the best out there - Epic's Easy Anti-Cheat along with our own private anti-cheat measures. The best way for us to continue combatting cheaters is from gathering data from in game reports. We have a moderation team that monitors these reports and investigates them 24 hours/day and most bans are issued within 12 hours.
  5. Hi there, Be sure to report them using the in game reporting tool as our team is working around the clock to investigate every report sent. Also as to translations, we have someone working on them but appreciate the offer.
  6. This can be done by throwing grenades straight up in the air and timing the explosion to hit the bottom of the base. I've seen about 6 groups that have done this and the timing is preceise.
  7. We hope to continue working on optimizations to make this possible in the future. Right now there are 2 things that hold us back from being able to get there. 1. Unreal Engine's garbage collection process and 2. Optimizing vehicles to use less server resources. We will continue to work towards the goal of increasing the server populations over time and it will come in steps so we can make sure things remain stable for everyone.
  8. If you're referring to skin crates, skin crates can be earned on the Premium Season Pass every few levels throughout the pass, or earned free by completing missions.
  9. The clan system will be coming soon. Right now we've been so busy with bug fixes and dealing with cheats that our team had to delay it a little longer than anticipated, however it will be coming in the future.
  10. Seasons lengths depend on the speed of development (NOTE: In some cases, sometimes seasons can last longer if we need more time to prepare content and the time frames are not set in stone) and seasonal wipes will occur at the beginning of every season. For more information visit https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791458969769/announcements/detail/1575620709887056149 Season 4 began on June 27th, 2021. Season 4 is projected to last 2-3 months.
  11. The RX550 could be part of the problem since it's on the low end of what's supported (assuming it's the 4gb version). If they have the 2gb version, it will most likely not run.
  12. Private servers that have been modified will not allow access to the global stash
  13. Have them make sure windows updates are up to date along with their graphics card drivers. They might need to also repair directX. Do you know what kind of graphics card they are using?
  14. Hi there, Unfortunately it appears that your Nividia Quadro FX 1700 gpu is the problem. The recommended gpu requirement for the game is a GTX 1060.
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