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  1. For more information please visit our steam announcement. All future announcements will be posted via steam.
  2. Greetings Survivors! We apologize for the wait on our March Development Blog. As you know we've been hard at work behind the scenes and we originally planned for this Development Blog to be released in December. With how much new content we planned over the past 2 months, we felt it just wouldn't have been right to release a development blog that was missing a ton of information. I am now pleased to announce that we have completed the Development Blog and are able to share quite a bit of the progress that has been made towards the next major patch. We are excited for the future and can't wait to hear from everyone! Below is the link to the devblog. Cheers! https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791458969769/announcements/detail/1692729524349539938
  3. IcedYoshi


    Greetings! We are working hard behind the scenes. I will take fault for not regularly updating these forums due to the inactivity here. Most of our updates are communicated now via our social media outlets, discord, and on our steam page as well. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via discord at https://discord.gg/xera Cheers!
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    Levels do not affect drop rates
  5. Greetings Survivors! Early Access Hotfix 5.4 is now live! Patch notes can be found at https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791458969769/announcements/detail/1607151615989243925
  6. These are some great suggestions! I'll have them added to our suggestions board!
  7. Hi there! We are working on a ping system for a future update! This will allow you to drop markers. It's still pretty rough but will be similar to how Apex Legends did theirs.
  8. Hello! There isn't really an "entry/exit" point like you see in EFT. You can spawn randomly in the world, at the safe zone, or if you die, nearby where you were killed. At the safe zones (the settlements), you will be able to access your global stash by talking to the female npc (Grace). There is also an npc vendor character in each safe zone that will allow you to buy and sell items. As to opening civilian bunkers, you will need a civilian bunker key which can only spawn at the helicopter crash sites, or within the bunkers themselves.
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    The wipes will reset all player stats and the player's global inventory at the start of each season.
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    Conditionally free?

    Thank you for your feedback. We do have staff that monitors players in game as well as a reporting system that is checked constantly.
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    Welcome back! 1. Seasons will run for approximately 3 months (typically after a few major patches). At the beginning of every new season, we will introduce a new set of skins boxes, as well are do a full wipe for everyone. 2. Seasonal rewards are still being planned out and we will announce more details in the future. We are looking to reward players based on leadboard standings in all categories, hitting certain milestones, and more. We for sure would love to hear your guys' ideas on what you would like to see for the rewards. 3. There will be wipes at the beginning of every season 4. We're looking at within the next 18 months, however we want to push this up faster and get more content out at quicker intervals for you guys. Originally we stated that we would be in early access for 12-24 months, however with bringing a new developer on board and expanding the team, we anticipate hitting a full release much sooner.
  12. Today marks the start of Survival Seasons, which improves the Early Access experience for all players while allowing us to add features and content more quickly. We have increased the size of the team and we are just starting to see the benefit of this, but with faster development we need to be able to iterate and balance more aggressively. Seasons allow us to reset the game after 2 or 3 full patches - roughly every 2-3 months. Each season begins with a Server wipe to reset the game’s economy and player inventories. You will always know when wipes are coming. During seasons we will introduce and balance new features, weapons, loot tables and so on. Leaderboard resets allow us to give out Season Rewards - you gain a sense of accomplishment for the hours you put into the game. XERA: Survival has changed a lot since we launched into Steam Early Access. More features have been added, new quality of life updates, and most recently the new currency system has been revamped, expanded and balanced (based on community feedback). Join us when Season 1 starts this weekend! It’s a great time for new players to get in the game on a level playing field and for others to return with their friends. The Spotted Kiwi Interactive team Patch 4.1 Patch Notes Vendor You can now sell items to the vendor that they are not currently selling Vendor prices for multiple items have been adjusted. Vendors will now give more cash for items that are sold to them. Vendors will now buy any item offered to them with the exception of Empty Canteens, Empty Bottles, MTV, M16, and Items that can be crafted (drones, spiked bats, bandages, gauze). Items currently being offered by the vendor for sale will have a higher buyback price when sold to the vendor. Items not currently being offered for sale by the vendor may be sold to the vendor at a reduced rate. Tip: Players will get the most for their items by selling them to the vendor when the vendor is currently offering the same item for sale. Fixed an issue causing vendors to give wrong prices on stacked items Items Added Silver Bar Item Added Gold Bar Item Fixed values and icon of ZSH-NVG Green Added weight to holographic sight (100g) UI Added new level-up notification UI Added time remaining for events on map UI Improved HUD notification design Moved HUD notification location to lower centre of screen Added a notification for killing another player Currency System Each Shop/Store and Gas Station building now has lootable cash registers Cash registers will give a random amount of currency Cash registers also have a 2% chance of rewarding a "jackpot" amount Cash registers will go on cooldown after being looted ATMS can now be looted ATMS give a higher amount of currency with a longer cooldown ATMS have also have a 2% chance of rewarding a "jackpot" amount Skill System We've enabled storing of skill-points on level-up in preparation for the in-coming skill-tree Supply Drops Altered supply drop rarities Supply drops now give currency when opened Changed supply drop spawnrate to every 10-20 minutes (was 5-15 minutes) Compound Events Experience is now split between players inside the compound Compound events now give currency on completion (Split between players inside compound) Helicopter Crash Added helicopter crashsite to redsville city Vehicles Fixed an issue with vehicles being destructable by shooting at the spawn point Fixed an issue where killing someone on an atv with C4 caused animation glitches Loot Boxes You can now switch between lootboxes (So you can still open survivor boxes) Skins will now only show 1 skin in the list if you own multiple Added Season 1 Crate Fixed an issue causing weapons to snap to previous viewed rotation Redwood Valley Fixed various issues with clipping, rocks, building collisions, LODs
  13. With the start of Season 1 fast approaching, we wanted to take a moment to gather your feedback on changes you would like to see made for the loot tables. The following survey should take no more than 2-3 minutes to fill out and we will use your ideas for balancing loot for Season 1. Thank you so much and we look forward to sharing more about Season 1 very soon! https://forms.gle/DH2ZYftQ2ZBTKBo9A
  14. We have created a feedback form to gather ideas on what skills you think would be beneficial to the skill tree. If you have suggestions, we invite you to fill out the form below and we will compile everything into a database and some of your ideas might be added to our list we have already started! https://forms.gle/QdqDryY3igiPsTn97 Also we are looking for suggestions for new craftable items you would be interested in seeing. Below is a form to gather your input on what you would like to see brought into the game. https://forms.gle/uoJFguGpDiypsd9t8 Thanks so much for your contributions and we look forward to your ideas!