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  1. Thanks, A lot of this are in notes, however I added some of your ideas to the public suggestions trello
  2. Thanks for the feedback. A lot of things on here for the team to talk about and I have a lot of it in my notes already
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    From downtown!!!!
  4. First off, thank you to everyone who participated in our most recent poll! We will be doing more of these in the future to help with the development road map and with gathering community feedback on upcoming ideas. For the next few days, lets get a discussion going on what you would like to see from the currency system. How would you like to earn currency? What items would you like to see from traders? What is your vision for how traders would work? Where would traders be located? What are your thoughts on limited time traders that have a shifting inventory? Please feel free to add any other thoughts you have. We have a general vision of how things will look, but it's very important that we hear from the community about this as well. We are excited to hear your feedback and look forward to working with all of you to help build something everyone will enjoy. With the development of the currency system, it will lead later down the road to being able to be used with the Survivor Exchange (p2p buying and selling). That is still a ways out, but is something that will come in time and will tie in with being able to use currency for buying and selling.
  5. Greetings survivors! We need your feedback on what you would like to see in the next patch. Based on community suggestions and feedback, we have created a poll for you to vote on what should be in the next patch! Visit https://strawpoll.com/351hcae2 and voice your opinion today!
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    Currency System Ideas - Voice your opinions!

    Thanks for starting the discussion!
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    Patch Notes - Hotfix 3.1

    Greetings everyone! At 8:00AM this morning, there will be server maintenance in order to deploy Hotfix 3.1 along with our Independence Day event. We hope you will enjoy the update and look forward to seeing everyone's feedback! Patch notes Independence Day Event You will gain a skin-box for every supply drop opened You will gain a skin-box for every Civilian Bunker Event activated "Survivor Box" will now have a 30% chance of giving an Independence Day Weapon skin and a 70% chance of giving a regular skin Crashed Helicopter Event Increased time to open boxes to 6s (was 3) Improved loot table Civilian Bunker Event Improved loot table Armours Fixed black heavy armour protection (was 18% now 15%) ATVs Gas usage has been reduced by half
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    Asset flipped icons.

    Utilizing assets from the unreal store helps to speed up development. Without these assets, it would take 10 times longer to make everything. Most of the assets that are being used (like the bandages and medkits) are placeholders until our artists can make new ones.
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    Early Access Patch #3

    Greetings Survivors! We have deployed a major content update! We are excited and hope you enjoy what's new! Events New crashed Helicopter Event Added Civilian Bunker event Crashed Helicopter Event 5+ players are required on the server to activate the Helicopter Crash event Helicopter crash event will appear on the map at a random designated location (of 6 spawn points) Helicopter event will spawn every 45 minutes Helicopter event will drop 20 salvageable crates giving 15 XP each when opened as well as military grade loot Helicopter will despawn after 25 minutes of crashing Civilian Bunker Event 5+ players are required on the server to activate the Civilian Bunker event Civilian Bunkers will require a "Civilian Bunker Key" to open. These can only be found at the helicopter crash event or within the civilian bunkers themselves. Civilian Bunkers will will only activate on 5+ player servers Civilian Bunkers will be "enabled" every 30-45 minutes Civilian Bunkers will "disable" if not opened within 30 minutes Civilian Bunkers will go on cooldown for 30 minutes after being opened Civilian Bunkers will close after players leave the area Civilian Bunkers will spawn 25 items inside when opened Civilian Bunkers will spawn a wave of 30 Humanoid Robots (5% chance of exploders) Only one Civilian Bunker can be Active / Enabled at a time Supply Drops Removed "Very Common" (G-17) drops from 5 player + airdrops Modified various drop tables to include new M16 Weapon and MTV Armour Vehicles You can now exit a vehicle while in water Improved system that find an exit location for vehicles, this should help with instances of getting stuck Vehicles will now use Fuel when driving Vehicles can now be repaired by hitting it with a crowbar (5% repair per hit) Implemented a fix that may fix losing gear if disconnecting while on an ATV Armours Reduced Heavy Vest protection to 15% (was 18%) Reduced Light Plated Armour protection to 10% (was 12%) Implemented MTV - Protects 13% Map Reworked C4 compound area Added rocks around all compounds / Heli crash zones Fixed an issue with Police building collision Fixed an issue with cabin building collision Weapons Reduced damage of AR-15 to 11% was 13% Reduced damage of AK-47 to 13.5% was 14% Reduced damage of MP5 to 10% (was 10.5%) Increased recoil of AR-15 Footsteps Added footstep sounds to crouching (at a 30% volume) Group Icon Fixed an issue causing group icons to not fade when zooming after respawning Inventory Right clicking Gasoline near a vehicle will now show "Refill" option (Within 4m radius) Items New "Gasoline" item (Restores 35% fuel) New M16 Assault Rifle New MTV Armour Item New Civilian Bunker Key Map UI Added new hint for Helicopter Event Added new hint for Compound Event Added new hint for Bunker Event Gas Station Buildings Added timed Gasoline spawns at gas stations
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    Patch Notes - Hotfix 2.3

    Hello Survivors! Thank you for all of the feedback over the past week. We have made some recent updates that will be deployed with this hotfix. The downtime will be between 30 minutes to 1 hour. The following is a list of patch notes from this update. Recoil Added recoil recovery (reset) system Adjusted default recoil for all weapons (slightly more recoil than before) Adjusted recoil for AK-47 Adjusted recoil for Scar-L Adjusted recoil for Scar-h Adjusted recoil for MP5 Adjusted recoil for G36 Adjusted recoil for Honey Badger Group Fixed an issue causing group tags to not update when using the drone You can no longer accept group invites while in an ATV or a Drone Group icons (including death icon) will now fade when aiming in VOIP Added button to mute/unmute players in-game (right click in player list) Fall-off damage Added new 'SMG' fall-off to MP5, UMP-9 and Honey Badger We hope you will enjoy these changes and please continue to send us feedback! If you haven't already, please be sure to also leave us a review with your feedback as this will help us with future content and adjustments as we continue development. Cheers!
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    Game is already boring

    We've got some cool stuff in the works. Hopefully once the new content gets added over the next few months, we can spark your interest. We aren't giving up and you shouldn't either
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    What is being done with cheaters

    Report them in game and they will be checked. We've banned well over 200 already and aren't stopping any time soon.
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    Game is already boring

    Keep in mind, loot has always been scaled based on population. At no time was it ever the same. As a matter of fact during alpha, servers under 5 people were less than it is today. This was changed due to feedback and honestly, I have yet to have any trouble looting full backpacks in the military areas on a low pop server.
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    Game is already boring

    2200 for a server of 35
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    Game is already boring

    They are not the same, however they have been increased significantly. https://steamcommunity.com/games/XERA/announcements/detail/1587996099251874241
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    Game is already boring

    The loot nerf was reverted over a week ago...........A lot of people are waiting for the new events to be added so there is more to do. These are on the way, but being a small team, it does take time to code in.
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    Thanks for the ideas! I can tell you put some time into it!
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    Things to Improve / Bugs & Add

    See bold points
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    Combat Logging Time

    I tested this a couple of days ago with QA and confirmed that it does log out the same as if you would hit the leave server button.
  20. Hello Survivors! Are you passionate about XERA: Survival and it’s development? Do you love finding bugs and breaking things? Are you someone who always wants to be in the know on what’s coming up? Have you ever wanted an inside look at game development? Can you keep a secret? If so, then our Community Playtester team might be a great fit for you! We are now accepting applications to join our Community QA Team. This is a volunteer position that will assist us in thoroughly playtesting upcoming patches for the game. Our ideal candidates must possess both problem solving and troubleshooting skills, as well as be able to think outside the box. Individuals must be passionate about XERA: Survival and want to help with the development process. You must also be an active member of the community, and are a positive reflection of the XERA: Survival community. All candidates must have the ability to record in game footage via ShadowPlay or OBS. For more information on this, please feel free to reach out to IcedYoshi #7281 on discord. Finally we ask that candidates must speak English and are flexible with their schedules to attend playtesting sessions to test upcoming patches. We will be monitoring activity and inactive testers will be removed, this will keep the team fresh and make sure quality is assured. If you are accepted into the program, you will be tasked with finding and reproducing bugs and glitches within XERA: Survival, reporting new bugs to the staff, assist with playtesting of upcoming patches at designated times. Please remember that anyone accepted to become apart of the Community Playtesting Team will be required to complete an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and must keep all non-public information confidential. Applications may be submitted at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScu4R9ffpTtESu-e77nU7oLU7cZoESDafF1ZBxKqcm7s4-tvQ/viewform Cheers, Spotted Kiwi Interactive
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    Enjoy! PvP Montage #2

    It's already been patched
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    Early Access Patch #2

    Greetings Survivors! We will be deploying our 2nd Early Access Patch at 5:00AM CST today. We hope you will enjoy the changes and content that has been added and look forward to your feedback. As a reminder, don't forget to leave a review if you haven't yet! Top Features New Servers "First Person Only" servers have been added. These will remain limited during the initial rollout. "No Group System" servers have been added. These will remain limited during the initial rollout. Skill Rating Reset Due to a previous bug that caused players to gain an unintended advantage over other players by reducing gun recoil, we have reset everyone's skill rating back to 500. After evaluating the impact of the bug, the team determined that enough players had been impacted by the bug that it would only be fair to reset all skill ratings and allow players to compete on a level playing field now that the bug has been fixed. Streamer Mode There is now an option in settings to enable streamer mode Player list will show player IDs, rather than names On death, killer will be displayed as player ID When looking at another player, it will be displayed as an ID When grouping, invitations and member list will be ids Updates Loot Increased minimum loot for 1-5 player servers to 1800 (was 900) Drones Damage reduced to 50% (was 65%) HUD Moved compass to top middle of HUD Compass direction will now update when freelooking and while on vehicles Added current experience & xp required for next level to HUD Loading screen Added new art to loading screen Compound Event Added more props around the compound events to help with pushes Added 2 doors in each corner to enter the compounds Connection Increased initial connection timeout to 180 seconds (for lower-end pcs that load the map slower) Weather system Reduced duration of "Foggy" weather condition to 7 minutes (was 15 minutes) Reduced fog amount for "light rain" and "heavy rain" weather conditions Player Menu Added user icon next to your own user to find yourself quicker Inventory Medical items will now auto-equip if you don't have one in your quick-med Global Inventory Fixed an issue causing items to not store correctly in the global inventory when moving items quickly Group System Each group member now has a unique colour Group member icon will turn to a skull when dead Fixed an issue causing group tags to not correctly show over the head when on smaller resolutions Death Menu Added buttons for both north and south safe settlement spawns Map Added 3 civilian bunkers to the map Fixed various fences you could not shoot through Fixed some trees you could parachute and glitch into Player Added additional checks when player spawns to prevent invalid characters being spawned Improved player hitbox so it's not as bulky Recoil System Completely re-worked recoil system which is not FPS dependant Recoil system now supports patterns for every gun (unique patterns will be implemented in the coming patches) Combat / Weapons Added bullet tracers (Still experimental, expect issues) You can now cancel a reload animation by changing weapons and quick-medding Fixed an issue causing weapon to reload into 1 bullet when moving items in inventory during a reload Cheers, Spotted Kiwi Interactive
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    Early Access Patch #2

    Thanks. We are doing all we can to bring a good balance to the game as well as get as much content out there for everyone. You are completely right that there needs to be a little something for everyone and with how many ideas we have on the table (the majority of it being from the community itself), the sky is the limit. We hope you'll check it out more once things feel right for you.
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    Early Access Patch #2

    This has been suggested before. I'll try to bring it up with the team to see if it's something that they want to implement. There isn't a high demand for it.
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    Early Access Patch #2