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  1. What don't you like?: 1. The stacking system in global inventory could be better. I like things neat and easy to find. 2. Some people from community trying to make this game like other survival games. Be creative and build something different. What do you like?: Everything, like the rain and the fact that its used for something. The survival is hard but that's the point, I enjoy the challenge. The AI's are crazy but it makes it interesting ans on your toes. I like that its different ans has potential to be an awesome game. What feature do you think should be #1 priority?: connections, making sure that the game runs smoothly with no glitches. What feature do you think should be #2 priority?: Grouping because coming across someone is scary then to wonder if its your friends and by the time you ask if its them your dead. so yeah a grouping would be awesome. And crafting would be sweet And forest animals If you could change anything, what would it be?: I like the survival part of the game not much of a PVP type person. I would love to have wolfs or bears in the forest like real world, there could be something anywhere. It keeps you always looking and surviving the whole map. no safe zone unless you in a safe zone. But also have more meds spawn points like everywhere on the map. or the creatures dropping like AI's. Just an idea And make the animals easier to kill and get less exp but its the challenge of never being alone. Any Final Feedback / Comments / Suggestions: A referral system would be nice, but not necessary. Dont listen to all advice, take what you need and disregard what is like other games. Make it your own like it started out and keep it that way. Suggestions are fun that give new ideas, but I read a lot of the suggestions and people are trying to make it like other games. And its just frustrating, because I came here for change the challenge and to have fun with what this game is and has become. Keep up the great work.
  2. Bug Type (Mechanic): Describe the issue as best you can: The cabin is floating slightly too high you cannot access the stairs. Location bug happened: Screenshot / Video of the issue:
  3. @GSDead @brbish @BulletStopper @SeaCrane1 @xcaliber98 @ninjadog for now plus all the extra alpha keys some have that are giving away.
  4. I like the quest idea it makes it more interesting and fun to play. Add a little for everyone, for the pvp'ers and content for the looters / survivors... There is so much to have fun with and explore. Make it interesting for everyone will keep it interesting. Events where you have to be teamed up to complete. and other quests for the solo players. Quest like spend a least 1 hour in game, or 30 min in game without dying. or play a certain mode for a certain amount of time. (Ex: Play 30 min in survival, craft 5 items or find certain items and craft certain items.) not sure exactly because i havent played the game yet to knw all the perks but something fun challenging and different. Probably would have more ideas after playing the game for a week. ill have better ideas maybe to come up with for the future. Good luck cant wait to play.
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