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  1. Coco

    Out of HP and out of options

    thanks i had to use my brian for once
  2. Coco

    Out of HP and out of options

  3. Coco

    First day pvp

    ty ty
  4. Coco

    First day pvp

  5. i will rewatch points i marked down and say things i think need addressed (imo) ofc. i love this game already hooked af daddy joshua i will get back to you quickly soon. Proof im an addict https://gyazo.com/e82566aec1a4d0b4006287514ab6ee11
  6. https://gyazo.com/992a6f3c1657442eee1aaa38bc93d333 first documented at least
  7. nah man forget that quest stuff and put in a big boss in the game that all the clans will fight for that only spawns in once a day and make it so it drops pretty amazing shit and that will create pvp for content which will attract pvp even in the deadest of servers. see like make up your own shit thatll make this game unique forget copying other games that have died i legit have seen the same list of suggestions in other games that are dead now.
  8. i dont think i should know if someone is a good guy or bad guy i think it would add to the suspense and/or intensity of the game if i dont know if i should or shouldnt trust someone. i think its more of a psychological thrill if you do not add any kind of good or bad stuff in this game we dont have to copy warz ffs. just my opinion. if i walk up on a guy telling me hes friendly i wanna decide for my own not have a general idea if you want a "leaderboard" then just put like longest survived or most ai killed or something like that but getting a general idea on whos good or bad is dumb.