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  1. General Key Black - Roads (Existing and New) White - Railroad extensions Area 1. Northeast White - Military Airstrip Grey - Hangers (Enterable and non-enterable) Green - Forest to spread the airfield out (Put trails going through and a couple roads connecting to the current Mt. Holly Burgundy - Barracks and or Firing Ranges Area 2. North Middle Basic Idea - Swamp, diversify the map a bit. Blue - water The upside down T at the south of the circle is a waterfall. Would be great for screenshots/marketing promos. Green/Brown - Land, swamp city idea with a lot of small islands connected by the current dock model you already have. Black - Roundabout observer area beside the waterfall to make it like a tourist attraction. Area 3. Northwest Basic Idea - Robot Factory/Industrial(warehouses, mining, etc.) OR Shopping District(Malls/grocery stores) OR Canyon Area (mining equipment, old minecart tracks, worn down rock and dirt, no grass) Yellow - IDK, kinda just put it there not thinking about it Area 4. West Middle Basic Idea - New city, split pvp so Redsville isn't so Overpopulated Area 5. Southwest Basic Idea - Airport Grey dots - ATC/Maintenance/Hanger Buildings Grey Square - Barracks if military, Airport Terminal if Civilian Yellow - Parking lots/Parking garages Pink - Fence Area 6. South Middle Basic Idea - Farm Extension After I made the map, I thought that whatever idea you don't do in Area 3 would work well in the southeast/east middle of the map. That wall of rocks to the northeast of golden eagle would be a great cave/canyon entrance. Hope you like my ideas, don't forget to +rep ❤️
  2. Considering my clan has 3 legends, we're planning to push 20 ppl total with groups of like 6-8 on 24/7! Can't wait for the clan battles. @Joshua are we allowed to advertise clans here?
  3. Met back up with an old friend of three years ( @Conn ) who told me about the game to replace DayZ meaning Xera. Fast forward 5 days and I decided to buy legend(yesterday). From all I've seen and how cooperative Joshua has been in answering my questions, I can not wait to play this game.
  4. Really cool to see mine and everyone elses. I think I speak for everyone when I say he did a phenomenal job. Great job putting this thread together @suyz Also, great spelling of my name in my clip. 😂
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