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  1. afghan

    Grouping System - Tags Over Head

    maybe an equal system of cs:go ... where the enemy is visible through the walls after killing him with a neon around his body ... but now would be in the members of his group
  2. servers with tags and servers without ... this would be a way to by groups on one server and solo players on others ... at least and as expected
  3. I think a system with six-month seasons is a good idea The system should go one way only ... the old ISS system was bad because you stopped killing people because they made you lose points a MMR system similar to Dota2 maybe ... you killed get X points ... you died and you lost X points ... and the more points you have ... the less you will gain by killing someone. As your score is high, you will receive a "patent" for this between one value and another of MMR
  4. a point of risk in map has a centralized flag; the player who raised the flag and manage to keep her at the top longer will be the king of the server ... would be an event that would happen from time to time ... and would create good team clashes ... anyone who wins will be highlighted until the next round.
  5. afghan


    I think all types of looting would have to have a logic ... food should be close to homes and markets ... weapons in delegations and vehicles .... not have because an IA is with a bottle of water ... but Recycling your metal would make more sense.
  6. afghan


    every time you kill an AI you would collect from him a type of material that would be used to trade in different helmets and vests ... you would recycle ....
  7. afghan

    Revive System

    maybe a very long time to revive may be the solution ... or else you can only relive after your enemy dies ... as if your life depends on your friends killing your marksman.