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  1. So far there is only one suggestion that i sorta like, ill add mine tomorrow!
  2. Ryuujisan

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha #1.8

    Its like josh is adding the good elements of SS into this game. I like the leveling aspect now, higher lvl cap and you dont lose lvls when dying. Makes pvp more enjoyable with that peace of mind. Also the pvp ranking system works in most games so im glad thats here. Plus all the bug fixes, and loot spawns and new areas. I think this patch makes the game viable to PvP anywhere now instead of just pvp'ing in redsville. Overall nice work there josh! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
  3. Ryuujisan

    Let's talk about Supply Drops!

    i like this... a tier list for air drops. its very different, i would like to see this in action.
  4. Ryuujisan

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha #1.6

    ooo explosives in med building? sounds interesting.
  5. Ryuujisan

    Closed Alpha Date Announcement

    no keys have not been sent yet, they will be later on.
  6. Ryuujisan

    How did you hear about the game?

    Well i saw ZB stream the game about a year ago and have been on and off with checking on updates. When i found out closed alpha was approaching i had to get on aboard.