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  1. This game should have a monetary system working like this: - Players can only gain money by selling weapons to NPC in safezones - Player can trade money for items with other players or NPCs - A.I could have a stackable body part item dropping on death (it could be the head) that could be traded to vendors for money. Robots are made of metals and their components are valuable. Why the head? It has the most valuable components for vendors : robotics eyes, brain CPU, high quality metals...
  2. A lot of missions should be about killing a number of A.I in different ways. Examples: 1. Kill 5 A.I using a baseball bat 2. Kill 20 A.I using an automatic weapons ... etc
  3. 1. I hate how water and food bars deplete so fast. The focus of the game should be pvp or pve rather than actual survival. 2. Low spawn rates of good weapons like the g36. 3. When you respawn or switch servers, you spawn way too far away from where you were. It should be 2 times less the distance 4. Sub-par fights. Weapons do too much damage and fights last 3 seconds. 1. The small map. I want the map to remain this small so it's easy to encounter strangers. 2. Great optimisation 3. Great graphics An actual grouping system where we can see clearly our teammates. Please do not do it with Arm Bands. Do it like WarZ. Multiple survivors and spawning with gear from GE 1. When you respawn or switch servers, you spawn way too far away from where you were. It should be 2 or 3 times less the distance 2. Reduce weapon damage greatly to have better fights. Keep up the good work. Next patch should add the grouping system before anything else!
  4. Along the inexistant party system, it should be a priority as it would make the game a lot better.
  5. We should stay at the same loaction when we server-hop. It's frustrating to be kilometers away from the original location I was because I switched servers.
  6. If the melee weapons don't stun the robots, it almost makes them useless. It would be very nice if it could stun the robots for a second so we could kill them without taking a hit.
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