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  1. Josh does incredible work and he's trying his ass off. But with the current rate of patches being once of month or so just for an event and some new items there needs to be a bigger team, especially when you consider all of the the things JMac listed along with so many other bugs and needed changes/additions. In it's current state, this game has potential is still very rough around the edges, and I feel the most present issue in this game right now is the team meta and how unwelcoming it is to new players. I've said it before and I'll say it again, solo players will never buy this game if it continues down the road it's going. The map needs major expansions and loot changes as well to spread people out as well. One of those most preceding issues causing new players to leave is the way in which combat is done. You have 4 main areas: Wide open fields, rolling hills, "forests", and cities. If you're caught out in a field or on one of the endless rolling hills by the guy sitting behind that one tree in the middle of nowhere, you're dead. In the forest, I hope you have the bigger squad or you might as well log before getting pinched! And in the city, ya best camp in a house like everybody else or you'll get stuck behind the fence with no holes to squeeze through and forced to get on the street! The whole environment in which PVP takes place is causing new players to get frustrated and leave, myself kind of included. All of that being said, I'll summarize. 1) At it's current rate, this game needs more devs when considering all of the things this game needs 2) The game is currently unwelcoming to new players in almost every aspect: You HAVE to have a team to be successful and everything is self taught in regards to how not to die over and over from a group of 700 SRs, die to big robot 10 times before finally killing him only to get a box of 9mm or useless grenades, and inadequate cover to fight back/move around This is all coming from a player who likes to run both solo and with a squad, farms and PVPs, and isn't very good who feels like they get killed and lose their stuff over and over. As I said in the beginning, this game really does have potential, but progression needs to get rolling. Having 1 dev shouldn't be an excuse if we actually want the game to do good, as much as we love Josh. And if that IS the excuse that's going to be used that's fine, but then it needs to have a larger team. I hope to see more implemented faster to welcome new players as well as those who aren't as good (me) and get this game rolling. Best regards, Lane.
  2. How to earn currency There are 2 different ways that you should earn currency. 1) Selling items to the trader in return for currency, which should be the primary and most rewarding way, and 2) A smaller amount that rewards you for completing events that could also be weighted based on amount of players on a server, so that somebody on a 1 pop can’t farm the same amount of currency as the guy risking his life at an event on a 20 pop, etc. Purpose The goal of in game currency should be to allow players to redeem unneeded items for credit towards something they want. For example, if somebody has saved up 400 or however many first aids to redeem for an L96, etc it opens that door for them rather than waiting for people who hold them in their GI to trade or use it. Control My suggestion is to be less lenient with the currency system, because if you have everybody earning crap tons of currency for completing one compound, the system will quickly be ruined due to inflation, so make sure you’re pessimistic with how currency is handed out and prices of different items.
  3. Purple Spots: Do NOT put safe zone here. Keep them where they are so they're accessible from all sides. Light blue: Military base extension, spread it out with trails leading to barracks and what-not Grey: Possible airstrip..? Dark Blue w/ green dots: Oasis type of city, buildings on the islands. Could also be a swampy area as well. Pink: Possibly another camp or the motel area. Lime Green: Would be a cool spot for a mining type of system with a canyon and cave or something such as that. Yellow: Farm extension area. Black lines: Additional roads to lead to new areas Orange: Area/Sizing for new military base, could also do something with an airstrip here instead ( or both, just depends ). White: Areas for gas stations, could be more than that too with the map extension. Dark green: replace this with a new city, would be about the size of Redsville to spread players out. Keep up the great work Josh!
  4. What don't you like about the game currently?: I don't like the current looting system because it's hard to find the things you want to pick up within the mass of items. The loot economy also has somewhat of a poor balance due to thirst and hunger draining so quickly as well as a just general lack of content at this stage of the game. What feature do you think should be #1 priority?: New Content is probably more important than anything right now. Game play feels pretty smooth and there aren't many bugs to complain about from a player standpoint. The only thing the game is really lacking is creative content that will provide a variety for each and every player. What feature do you think should be #2 priority?: Competitive mode and Private servers are also a big priority in my opinion so that it not only allows you to get a head start on testing both but it will provide a huge balance for players who prefer survival vs those who prefer PVP and private servers will give others a chance to show what they can do with a server. If you could change anything, what would it be?: I would either increase storage weight in backpacks and GI or lower the weight of certain items. I would also make the map much larger and make sure there are more places than Redsville that attract a decent amount of players so as not to have everybody in a server in the same place. Any Final Feedback / Comments / Suggestions: None besides what's above, just keep up the great work and remember that listening to the community is key to a successful game!
  5. Just some general ideas I have: Implementation of attachments. While there are the obvious ones like grips and sights, I think you should try to get a away from most games and try something different. For example, you could add an attachment for pistols that slides into the barrel, and allows you to chamber rifle calibers. While I don't think you should overdo it on weapons for the survival aspect, shotguns and sniper rifles are going to be must haves for success. With this being said, shotguns shotguns should be balanced and I'd really like to see different types of shotgun ammo such as buckshot and slugs, but also some fun rounds like dragons breath or ball and chain. Sniper rifles should have scopes that aren't overly powerful ( unless bullet mechanics are tweaked heavily ) given size of the map. Lastly are grenades and throwables. For survival, stun grenades and such are rather unneeded, however some that are correlated with robots would be cool. These could include EMPs that temporarily disable the bots, smokes that allow you to get away, or even the ability to hack and utilize the robots for your own purposes ( good or bad ), but that's for a whole other conversation.
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