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  1. Axe Mango


    Maybe once the game is out on steam, what kind of ping do you get on Na servers?
  2. Axe Mango

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha 0.1.7

    Hyppppoe for group system !!!
  3. Axe Mango

    Money system

    Yah, an economy in this game is a must imo. But its early alpha, just give it time
  4. Axe Mango

    New Weaponry / Attachments

    nice ideas! i would like to see shot guns
  5. first XD What don't you like?: I don't like how when u die, you spawn far away and have to re loot ur gear, i think more players would like to re-gear from their global Invent when they die, But that's my opinion. What do you like?: I love the idea of the game, how smooth pvp is, it has alot of potential. I think you do a great job! What feature do you think should be #1 priority?: Groups, maybe a skill tree or something else players can farm towards other then pvp, this would make players want to play longer/ grind the game. What feature do you think should be #2 priority?: More content, Guns/skins/missions, different robots? idk. just more stuff to do other then walking. If you could change anything, what would it be?: adding global inventory when you die. so you can come back in with gear to pvp. Any Final Feedback / Comments / Suggestions: I think you are doing great, everything is awesome and have not seen anyone complaining. However, Coming/ working for other games, I can say that You should do whatever the majority of the community wants. If you don't you may lose them like other games. I think you are doing an awesome job so far! Keep it up Josh. much love
  6. Axe Mango

    Out of HP and out of options

  7. Axe Mango

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha 0.1.5

    Good job!
  8. Axe Mango

    He's a lover; not a fighter.

  9. Axe Mango

    Melee vs Robots

    Gotta have some challenge to it haha
  10. Axe Mango

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha 0.1.4

    looks good
  11. Axe Mango

    Hack able AI

    Thats actually sweet
  12. Axe Mango

    First day pvp

    man, Im hyped from the music hahah
  13. Axe Mango

    How did you hear about the game?

    How did i hear about it? NewZ staff room. Kappa