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  1. Backyback

    I am tagKnife

  2. Backyback


    Check out our Creators Program if you plan to stream the game!
  3. Backyback

    Frozenko in da house

    Glad to have you as part of the community!
  4. Backyback


    Nice Montage
  5. Backyback


    Lying down is in the works
  6. Backyback

    Alpha 4 - Hi to all of you

    Hope you have a great time!
  7. Backyback

    Introducing Creators Program - Applications Now Open

    MrkickzTTV Id love to help get you involved in our creators program. Click "Apply Today" in the announcement above to apply to the Creators Program.
  8. Backyback

    Base Building & More

    Your clan idea is good :). We do have a super robot in both the military base and the airport.
  9. Backyback

    Player base

    Be sure to check out open alpha this weekend. it is free to play and the servers will be full! Cheers https://xeragame.com/alpha-signup
  10. Good Ideas. I particularly like the run down safe zone idea
  11. Backyback


    There will be Asian servers don't worry.
  12. Backyback

    Direction of the game.

    Good points
  13. Backyback


    We are planning to add more servers when the game is fully released. Please stay tuned
  14. Backyback

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha 0.1.7

    Good work josh.