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    Money system

    there aint no money needed to get an economy as players will find something they will use instead you could aswell implement a currency that allows you to trade with bots but i would rather trade with players and let the Community make the prices
  2. Ljonka

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha 0.1.6

    I love everything but the spread while Jumping wich makes it even harder to push Campers. Idk how much spread it is but it should still be kept decently low. Verry good loot table Adjustments LOVE IT!
  3. What don't you like?: 1.I think there should be GI Access after you died so you can just dive Right back in a fight even if the Town is full of People. 2.Some fences are to high, it should be possible to jump over them so the map feels more open. 3.Robots should be unable to attack the Player while beeing attacked so you can melee one(!) without much Damage. I know some People might think different about it but this game is advertised as a PvP focused game and Robot strength should adjust to that. 4. Airstrikes are too strong, you should either have more time between the sirens and the Airstrike ore should take less Damage. 5. The Health regeneraton is fine Right now but if the Zombies should get "nerved" as suggested in 3 the Regeneration should go down aswell. Otherwise PvE would be to easy. 6. The silencer dosent feel to usefull Right now, I think it should surpress the Sound stronger (even though ist unrealistic) but make the Damage fall of alot with range (if the silencer is on the gun) so you can't kill People on a range that they can not hear you from. 7. Nightvision should be less common. 8. You should not be mooved when switching Servers while in a savezone. What do you like?: 1.The game is verry smooth and well optimized, I can Play it with almost no Trouble even though i do not have the 6gb of ram that are suggested. 2.The loot feels generally well balanced What feature do you think should be #1 priority?: Balancing the game(not much to do) and bringing in new Players (free codes to stremers/youtubers, free Trials) What feature do you think should be #2 priority?: Bringing new Things in the game like guns, more crafting, cars ore a skilltree If you could change anything, what would it be?: !!JUST PLEASE KEEP SNIPERS VERRY RARE!! Any Final Feedback / Comments / Suggestions: I have the feeling that this game can get realy great if we manage to make it grow. Thank you for working so close with the community.
  4. Ljonka

    Out of HP and out of options

    yeah i watched that live well thought
  5. Ljonka

    RIP AR15 :/

    You hit 6 bullets, non of them in the head so it should be possible to heal against. Ist not trash like this, it would be broken if it was stronger.