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  1. twojz

    Large Robot

    The super robot and air-drops you can get them from, but they have a very low drop rate.
  2. twojz

    Christmas event skins

    Skins was just the outfit. Was a lighter green and white & a red and white one. The skins went away when the event was no more. It was something neat and cool for the time, and they where never ment to be yours forever. I don't recall anyone asking for an event like that for thex-mas time, Joshua surprised us with it .
  3. twojz

    Christmas event skins

    nope you did not miss nothing that you would never get. it was x-mas tree's placed thru out the map with presents under it and snow falling around them , just another way to loot at the time. was fun and neat looking. here is a pic of what it looked like : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1609596156 . was around the open alpha phase, so every thing got a system wipe to go into early access. maybe they might bring it back around when that time shows back up ?
  4. my take on private servers: is that no matter what they should never touch the official global inventory at all, they should stay private and on its own separate data base no matter what ( even if it was just a password change ) . the thing is say I get a private server password it and then invite any and all friends to it. and we stock up on all the high-end gear and get all the drops for the "best weapons", then we turn around and jump into the official servers with all the gear we did not really have to work for or against other players for and create a not so good play session for those that was just in the official servers. that is my take for private servers to stay private and never touch official at all. I don't know to me it sounds like I'm coming off a bit harsh but I'm not trying to just putting my thought out on this subject.