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  1. NBK

    Steam Early Access - May 24th

    So if I have bought the game before the game is gonna be back in my stream game library right?
  2. NBK

    Brightness and more

    Dw now I got 144hz Monitor and gtx1080. I dont need no NVG anymore haha
  3. NBK

    Base Building & More

    well they could make the weight of them higher to prevent carrying like 50 of them and set the timer on them so they disappear from the map after like few minutes so that we wont have too many of them. Idk really but ofc I dont want it to be like on the screen shot above haha
  4. NBK

    Brightness and more

    @TheDuke I should have had deleted this topic that was when I had my old PC now I have proper rig so Im all gud but thanks anyway
  5. Why when I'm trying to join EUR 2 server it requires a password? #confused
  6. NBK

    Base Building & More

    In my opinion building whole bases is little bit too much. I personally would love to have some sort of shields you could put down 'instantly' and hide behind them during PvP. At this stage, every time you are in open field and someone is shooting at you, you are pretty much dead.
  7. NBK

    Steps Volume

    @Joshua that's gonna help a lot. Thanks!
  8. I think sounds of the steps should be much louder then it is now. I got my game quite loud and I often find myself getting killed by someone who literally is 2 meters away from me running and not hearing their steps.
  9. NBK

    Low fps AFTER PATCH [FIX]

    I'm having issues with FPS and game freezing in red very often after this patch. So I should change my setting to e.g. high again and then back to low or ?
  10. NBK

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha 0.1.8

    yeah it is basic and good for the beginning but you are right, later this could be changed
  11. NBK

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha 0.1.8

    You are considered higher if your opponent has lower skillrating than you. It works opposite way as well so you are considered lower if your opponent has higher skillrating. How it works: It means that he has lower "skillrating". When you log in you can see yours. If player that killed you had lower skillrating that you, you will loose -3 points, someone with same amout ( and I mean here let say bracket will be 500-600 skillrating and you have 570 for example, if someone will the skillrating that fits in that bracket will kill you, you will get -2). I think it works that way. Hopefully I helped to answer your question. I might not me right but that's how I see [email protected] HomuraZ
  12. NBK

    Game Wipe Announcement (Friday 13th)

    Sounds good to me tho
  13. Hey, So I just bought the game and logged in, jointed the server and it was a night. Anyone know how I could increase brightness so that you can actually see something without the night vision? My second question is there any config in game files or only settings are these in the game? (What I mean is for example rendering distance, That would be very useful if we could adjust it. Scaling between 500-2000 or 3000 idk) Much Thanks! ANSWERED!