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  1. Repeat every time you enter the server? that‘s stupid
  2. I don't want to hear people from nearby, please put a masked voice option in the settings!
  3. Singapore server is a bad server for mainland China Asian servers are best placed in Hong Kong or Japan or mainland China
  4. buy us server i have 210ping wtf
  5. asia server250ping ,i from china hebei
  6. 1.I'm not very happy with the hitting effect in the game at the moment, and I don't have a kill tip. I hope the special effects of shooting people do a little better, and there's a kill tip. 2.You can add tools, vehicles, or other ways that can make players meet faster, because the game is fun for me to kill and plunder. Some small maps can be made!3. 3.Make a significant difference in the current robot. Now boss, if I am not close to it, I will not know that it is boss. 4.How much is the game now? I hope you can send a plan.When will it be tested?I hope I can play PVP as soon as possible.🦕
  7. I think you can do something unique, not a scene that has already been in the same type of game. I think it also needs to be an airport. Others can take a bit of the style of your own game, so it will be better!
  8. and can you guys reading chinese?
  9. From translation software I hope the zombies are no longer mechanical. It makes me feel sick. I think there are good physical aliens. I am from Hebei, China. At present, the Ping of Asian servers reaches 400, which will not be able to play. The U. S. service is 300 euro 240.. I don't know where your server is, please improve. If this game comes out there will be a lot of Chinese players. If the Ping of the server is very high, most people will leave. So please improve it as soon as possible. It's very important. For the development of the game.
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