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  1. I like the current way the skill system works and how you gain and lose points. I think that if you have a higher or lower skill rating, you should have different coloured armour/clothes. when you get over a certain rating you colours change and it's a way to identify people. I would like to see some rewards for people that have a high skill rating etc, not sure what the developer has in mind regarding this but would be nice to see.
  2. I like the idea of having missions to complete as it adds something to do in the game. Having the rewards as potentially different tiered weapons, some type of currency or even faction reputation. I put forward the idea in a document that outlined what each faction does, if you complete a mission that is given to you by a specific faction it increases the reputation you have with that specific faction. For example, the medical faction, if you complete a mission you have then access to craft or purchase specific items that other players might not have access to due to their faction level. There could be 3 different factions that someone can choose from, players are not faction locked and can gain reputation with any faction. it takes a while to get the top rewards for faction rep and they can be specific things. Medical faction, the top tier could be something like. The ability to craft First Aid Kits or other top-tier medical items. Crafting Faction, They could have the ability to purchase drones/craft different type of drone Weapons Faction, Have the ability to purchase top tier ammo or weaponry. I'm curious to know what everyone else thinks
  3. Global Inv, No Safe Zone: Place to store loot but you have the chance of being killed there, so the risk-reward factor comes into play, do you want to risk banking your loot here or play it safe and run back towards the Safe Zones Transmission Tower: I Submitted a 5-page document with ideas to IcedYoshi, In there the idea of a transmission tower that can be captured every 30 mins for loot for example Military Checkpoint: A Few Road Barricades, Few Humvee's, Few Military Crates (Props). Make it look authentic, Blood on the floor etc. There could be a locked crate there requiring a key to unlock and maybe a low tier weapon spawn, like UMP-45 etc Power Plant Global Event: Regarding the document I submitted, like a post I saw earlier, we have some shattered skies players here. I think the idea of a power plant that needs stabilizing would be a good idea, say it only can be done every 2-3 hours for example. Increase the Size of the military base: Add another hangar or 2 that you can enter, have a few more lootable buildings and spread out the robot spawns. I like the rate at which they spawn as it makes it a challenge when you are alone but would like to see a bit more detail and depth to the base itself. Airfield: Pretty self-explanatory, divide it up a bit. Have a long Runway spanning a good distance of the map. Surrounded with Barbed Wire fence or Walls. Have the airport buildings covered in military equipment (props) to make it look like the military was trying to control the airports. Have a few Humvee's knocking about etc. The Terminal could just be a waiting area with peoples packed bags that tried to flee before the robots finally took over. Barns: Now Obviously this is not to scale but just a rough idea of what could be placed here to fill this space. There could be a house, a big barn and a field with various crops in it. Timed Crate: These will be hidden in and around the map, they will be locked and can only be opened every 30-45 mins depending on developers/community opinion. It's up to the developer where he wants to put them specifically. Forest: Not sure what to put in here, just blank space so thought might as well put a forest in there. Summary: I have seen here a reference to a game I used to play called "Shattered Skies" this map and my suggestions take a good page out of that game but I want to make it clear that I understand that this game is one and its own and if the developers wants to make something unique I understand that. I just tried to mimic in my opinion the best features of that game and attempt to implement it into this game via suggestions