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  1. qiuhongye_king

    Money system

    I think that in the environment of doomsday, bullets should be equivalent to money. For details, please refer to: Metro series games. Players can use bullets in the safe zone for exchange, such as rifle bullets can be used to exchange sniper bullets, the same sniper bullets can also be used to exchange rifle bullets, but only a proportional problem, such as: three pistol bullets can be exchanged for one submachine bullet, two submachine bullets can be exchanged for one. Rifle ammunition, or can be used to exchange a shotgun bullet, two bullets can exchange a sniper bullet. Bullets can also be used to exchange food and water, as well as all necessary survival items.
  2. qiuhongye_king

    Suggestions from a Chinese player

    I want to know, how big is the map of this game? Will there be any vehicles? Do you support players to build their own houses outside the safety zone? Just like H1Z1?
  3. My first impression of this game is that it's very much like a game called Aftermath and a Shattered Skies, and I hope the map of this game is big enough to have a vehicle to support players in building it, so it's going to be fun. It is best to support players carrying other auxiliary items such as baffles. I hope to meet this game in September or October. In addition, I also know that Chinese players like to use hacker software, I am very sorry for this, I hope your anti-hacker system can do very well!
  4. qiuhongye_king

    Check and consider it

    I think your opinion is very good, but I hope this game can have vehicles and field construction