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  1. Back in the day there was REI.exe Not we have CAT.exe Happy holidays guys
  2. I have catbot.exe, it also works as wallhacks she helps me spot other players XD Josh this is overpowered and you need a way to counter #pleasefix
  3. Alot of these features have been explained more indef to me so dont mind them And i like it also
  4. So iv been finally able to jump on the game and play around, and a few ideas came about that might make a few areas more enjoyable, just some things to pick your brain to see and maybe change the game a little in my own way, enjoy I live on base ATM and i had a lot of the boys on base comment and ask what game im playing so you are a hit over in the Canadian army base @Joshua, atleast 5 people said they will be picking this game up later on PS: THIS GAME IS ALREADY NEXT GEN BECAUSE ITS ONE OF THE ONLY GAMES WHERE I CAN SEE MY PLAYERS FEET Loving the gun animations, they feel real, being in the Canadian armed forces i use guns on a weekly basis and a lot of them are next to the real thing Even After playing the game of a few hour i still get freaked out by the Robots (maybe lower their jump height to get away easier..... i personally cannot hit their hit box when they are jumping: Side note: "Added delay to opening a supply drop" Once the supply drop is opened the loot on the ground takes the same amount of time to loot as the supply drop, atleast until the crate itself DE-spawns leaving the loot then its the same loot time as all other loot Safe zones: - I got this idea or feature from past survival games, maybe something like a safe zone countdown timer to counter possible future problem (AKA safe zone camping) which im sure will happen * Golden eagle settlement: - Another note on safe zones i see there is a huge fence around golden eagle settlement, maybe make a few opening around this fence so player dont need to walk all the way around to get inside, its less safe zone looking but make them look secured of sorts or just have broken chunked of down fencing so players can get in easier. - I understand the whole map is subject to change, but here is some ideas to make it feel more like a safe-zone more like a place where NPC/people have been safe and have a sense of security. where people come to survive if needs be. - Maybe adding some beds or sleeping bags and little tents and places where it looks like people are hiding/living in the safe zone. Maybe under the giant metal tin roof thats in the safe zone * Castle Rock Settlement: love this place i feel like im a mountain rebel or mountain gorilla part of a rebel alliance its a sick place to be and love the safe-zone Chopper there is a bit bit buggy the collision box is all f*cked: I know its new so im guessing its mean to be like that for now Possible addition: Map places: - Maybe a location where it looks like a rundown safe zone that someones group has attacked an was overrun, this place would have loot and NPC/Robots that would attack you just like the open world but it would fee more like a rundown overtaken safe zone, showing that there was something there but now there isn't - Possibly having a few barns have lofts with ladder so players can have different angles and levels to fight from Features: - Im sure the ability to go prone will be coming but just had to throw it in here - The ability to climb ladders, (at some of the farms the grain bins have ladders, those would give a strategic overall advantages visually but would also expose you to the open surrounding area - Have the ability to drink alcohol to up water, but lower food while doing so: And adding a drunk effect the more you drink, but cap it XD we dont want players getting back out drunk XD - Inventory: When pulling out things that are stacked (IE: attachments if i have a stack of 3 or more and i drag one over it brings the whole stack, it would be nice if it game me only one or i could shift click then move a set number of items of that type) - Add a attachments tab so it doesn't clutter up my sweet sweet guns tab
  5. LegacyXD

    Introducing Creators Program - Applications Now Open

    Hope to see some more content creators come to this game im happy to be part of the team
  6. LegacyXD

    Patch Notes - Closed Alpha 0.1.9

    I can finally breath again!!! This is gunna be sick!!! Great job
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    October Newsletter

    SUPER excited to see this game emerge into the light. So far im loving everything about this game and having a blast doing so!!