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  1. First of all , excuse me for my english not my main language . I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts on the game and of course give some ideas . Just remember this is my own opinion and i know the game is in alpha so pls no flame :c . Gameplay: Character movement is good . (maybe nerf a little B-hop). You Shoulden't Heal while Jumping Around .Maybe add First Person in the Future :3 . Fighting Robots needs improvement , specially with melee . We need more Water ! Thirst goes down to dam fast ! and ofc i see more soup and food than drinks . Sound need improvement Urgent : - I can't hear near by footsteps ( those damm ninjas ! jk ) I have died alot to player that are 5 meters from me but you can't hear them walking ur running . - Gun Sound needs improvement ... Same problem with footspteps i cant tell where the gun shots are coming from. It's seems that the "effects" sound is low but the ambient sound is oki doki . I have tryd to lower the ambient sound but dosen't change nothing . Weapon needs improvement . For the the Weapon Fov and Position seems a little bit off , its hard to explain ( dont get offended but the gun play remebers me those free to play games where the weapon movement was just crap , but i know you guys will improve this game . Maybe had Hit indicator so that you know where you are getting shot from while the Audio is getting improved . I guess thats it , the audio is the only real problem not knowing where your enemy is coming or shooting from . Love the game brings me the old Warz Vibes , Hopefuly this game survives and gets noticed !