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  1. I Use Translation. I'm Sorry I Didn't Write Properly. I didn't play the game right now. I'm Still Waiting For Round4. Currently, the full date for the opening is not known . Game Management Needs To Think Very Carefully. As Far As I Can See The Game, The Idea Of Being Produced Was Thought Of In Many Different Games. ( Semi-Fiction, Maybe Useful. ) But you have to do this very carefully and correctly so that you can get the reward of your Labor. But When The Game Is Sold On A Platform With The Majority Of The First Days Of The Hit Çekebeilir. Then The Game Can Go Between 500 And 1000 Players. A Lot Of Games Are Enough For 500 And 1000 Players. Just Let Those Who Love Us Be With Us. This Idea Is Wrong. [ Some High Companies Are Giving Such Answers By Thinking About It . A Few Months Later, All The Games Were Closed. ] Secure zone needs removal. ( He fights all the time between teammates because I shot that guy, the items were my fights because whoever hit him, the items are his and the things that need to be put in safe zone.) Base Construction Must Be Brought. It's What I Find Most Ridiculous In Some Games. The Armor Damage Doesn't Hurt When He Eats It. Armor Durability Is Supposed To Be. The Armor Needs To Break When The Damage Is Eaten. If The Looting Places Are Fixed, They Need To Change . There's Gotta Be Looting Places Everywhere. I Will Investigate More And Print Out The Missing And Plus Aspects Of The Game.