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  1. I agree, I think this was something that is coming. It was originally posted on the Kickstarter for the game.
  2. That'd be nice, even things such as being able to play after open weekends, info on how to pre-order/back the game, or even a road map of the game.
  3. Hey Oreo - great bug reports. I'd love to be able to use auto run while on the ATV and the med quick slot would be amazing.
  4. Slims.

    GI Weight Cap

    Hey Josh, we talked in game about it. But i'm level 38 and no matter how many levels I get my weight doesn't exceed 1400 kg.
  5. Any thoughts on adding a compound event in redsville? I assume it would need to be a different layout, but I feel that PVP in the woods will get boring and the diversity would be nice. Also, any thoughts on changing the layouts of all 3 compounds to be different/mix it up? Maybe one of the compound doesn't have towers, and it just has some jump up boxes or something.
  6. I could see having this level of customization make the gameplay similar to DayZ. Also, how about a default load out? Making it where players who spawn in have like a G-17, some bandages etc to get started.
  7. Slims.


    Nice montage. +1 for killing @Joshua
  8. One thing I noticed with the PvP is that InsightKnight is trash. He just keeps falling into my sights Cheers mate
  9. Logged out of server with two attachments equipped. When I logged into the second server the attachments showed equipped in my inventory but not in game (see screenshot). Note, I did restart my game and it happens then as well. AS
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