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  1. The game is sadly dying out which every game does after the release, so i think some of the servers should be removed due to too many low pop servers. Its hard to play as a DUO in high pop servers and you can't find anyone in the low pops. i think the amount of US severs should be cut in half. lets hear your thoughts!
  2. i think the INV is good the way it is, otherwise its warZ all over again doesnt really bother me either way tho
  3. Well when you are point blank and everyone is jumping around in your face, you have 0 chance with an AR when someone has a scar. The AR isnt bad a some range but still has way to much recoil. we now have as much recoil as CSGO ....
  4. The new recoil is insane, there's way to much recoil for an open world game, most pvp is usually from a bit of a distance. Also this renders the AR-15 useless as everyone just pushes with full-autos now, the recoil need to be removed or fixed ASAP I'd like to hear what others think of the new recoil aswell.
  5. So after the most recent update you have change some things with military loot. I have some things that i'm not a fan of. I like that you actually find ammo now lol instead of just guns... but now i cant find AR-15's for the life of me. I can do 3 loot runs at Nator mil base and find 1 AR maybe 2 if im lucky. i still think they need to be made a little more common, as well as medical supplies, I have tons of guns and ammo in my GI but man, f*** all for meds and helmates. obviously the game is still in the works but the loot table is too scarce and if 2 or 3 players roll up on my half the time i have a glock or UMP. and its a real pain in the ass cuz i feel i have no chance, and half the time i don't. I want to know what others think, and I have lots of AR's so thats not a problem. so dont say build up a GI im talking about a fresh spawn. I have to loot for 45 mins and then finally have a somewhat decent loadout.
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