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  1. DuckyQ


    Hi, Hi. Welcome to Xera! Have fun and see you in the world!
  2. I agree with @TheDuke with adding servers for under X amount of playtime can play on to start off, if you was going to go on one of the higher population servers solo it is nearly impossible because there are a lot of groups playing at the moment as I play with 3 other people myself and I do feel sorry for when someone shoots at one of us and then we all charge at them..
  3. DuckyQ

    Hello, I'm Hael

    Hello HaeL, Welcome to the community! Hope to see you around the forums and in-game.
  4. Hello, Since the trading section in discord has been removed and trying to push them to use the forum instead, you guys should install the trader feedback addon that is available for IPS. This would help reduce the amount of trade scams that happen. Thanks
  5. DuckyQ

    Early Access - Patch #1

    Great patch! Glad to see you take information that has been given to you from the community unlike other games.
  6. DuckyQ


    So since I suggested this forum I would like to start the first post here, So, my name is Luke and I am from England. I play a few games such as R6S and have just got home after a long flight from the Invitationals. I have played a bit of Xera and this game has so much potential. I hope to see you in-game and if we do cross paths gl and hf
  7. A little idea for the forums (for more interaction?) So maybe a little discussion section where users can do a little introduction (if they want) just to share their social links e.g. Twitch etc. Thanks