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    Hello everyone! My name is Jordan Animetiddies IGN: Frozenko (name comes from a D.C. Universe Online character I created a long time ago). I look forward to following the development of this game because it reminds me of a great game named Shattered Skies. I'm a 20 y/o boi born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada but currently in Oregon. A big shoutout to my man Damon Dick (DaMxnsta) for showing me this game. He knows I have a thing for looter-shooters with G.I. Anyway, I'm at work so I can't say much. I'll teach you more about me by putting my info on bullets and lodging them into your brain stems. Later -Frostankhoe P.S. I'll be waiting for you to add my dear Sindal's Wulfsabre, Joshua. :)