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    Ingame economy.

    Well, in games with a global inventory its very needed for stuff to have a way out of the economy aswell. Just by getting dropped and despawning isnt even close to enough i think. Durability is the best way.
  2. horcrux

    Fences Etc

    went for a example. most places are like this. some holes here and there would make it alot better imo.
  3. horcrux

    Fences Etc

    Since this post started there have been some holes opened up in some fences, Great! Alot more is needed tho, there is still places where the fences are soooo long and whole areas are "boxed in".
  4. horcrux

    Ingame economy.

    Yeah this is something i have thought about aswell. Weapons need a way out of the economy not just in. Think durability is the best way for that.
  5. horcrux

    Streaming Settings

    use CBR instead of CQP, alot better. with that setup you should be able to do CBR Bitrate 6000 Keyframe 2 Max Quality High GPU 0 B frames 2
  6. horcrux

    Fences Etc

    made a post about this aswell. Its a problem at almost every spot. every house and building. gameplay gets so weird around it. both for robots and players. I think the best solution is opening up holes in the fences. both for robot pathing and player pathing. its super weird how it is now, everything boxed in.
  7. Ah and one more thing, binoculars are my favorite item by far in games like this, would love to see that added
  8. First time playing this alpha test, I like it alot so far, great potential. The number 1 thing i thought about as bad was that almost every house and building is boxed in with fences that you cant get over. the only way in is in the front of the house/building. This makes the pathing for both players and robots really weird in alot of scenarios. I really think opening up some holes in in fences and walls around houses would be improving gameplay alot. And adding objects next to the fences at some more areas to jump over them. just 1 example, but it is like this in most cases. other than that keep up the good work, have been wanting a game like this for years.