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  1. Grace(the NPC) is in both safezones...that is the only access point for your GI
  2. Lots of us have asked for this and Josh is open to the idea in the future, maybe if we keep asking we will get it.
  3. I dont mind an expanded loot pool, to some degree. For instance, your take on the vector...we have two SMG's now that have the same basic purpose of the vector..no issue with adding another smg but what exactly would be the point. Same with the other guns we currently have. Scar-L is good, the Scar-H hits harder but is much more rare but we are talking a few points of damage. A well skilled player with a Scar-L is more dangerous than a decent player with a Scar-H. Also, the AK takes same bullets as a Scar-H but the AK is a much better gun so why bother with the Scar-H. The Scar-L, G36e and HoneyBadger all take the same ammo type and with the ability to either full auto or semi-auto you can use all 3 very effectively at long or short range. Give me a G36e at distance or 5 feet away over ANY smg close range and ANY rifle at long range because then it just comes down to hitting shots.
  4. I'm all for more guns but I also dont want to see it go crazy. Do we really need 5-6 smg's, 10 assault rifles? You risk thinning the loot pool down a lot, and with EA release, the overal loot in the game will be dropped drastically.
  5. We have a Scar-L and a Scar-H in game currently. I know a .50 cal sniper is in the works, as well as another assault rifle of some sort. As well as more attachments, or at least different scopes. I would love to see like a 4x on the snipers instead of what we have now.
  6. They are looking at an EA launch in less than 2 months. They are working out a timeline now, but from what I can gather we are close. Soon™️
  7. A bit late now but I mentioned to Josh about how it seemed like a ton of players didnt realize they could play after the weekend. When I was playing with randoms or went into streams, it seemed like most had no clue at all because it was just an 'Open Alpha Weekend' with no knowledge of the key still being good after that weekend, or that the game was even up and running at all after the weekends. We could have a healthier week population probably.
  8. I think this is being worked on. Nothing official but I have had that inclination.
  9. Any chance we could get the ability to destroy fences and such, and them respawn over time. I ask this because currently in most towns, you cannot get over fences, so if a player is inside a house, he has no escape options other than the front. I can camp the front and destroy them as they come out. The only option the player inside has, is to fight a disadvantaged fight, or combat log. If you could destroy a fence, you could escape from the back, or simply re-position for a better fight. This would also allow me to attack from the back of the house, giving more options. I would rather see the ability to destroy the fences and them respawn, than a vault option. The height in which we can jump is good now, vaulting would only further the camping abilities on roofs that are annoying as is.
  10. Can we get a POV change option? I know right now the POV's are just a random number that felt right, but having the ability to change you POV is a big thing for a lot of players. Some people like to zoom it in some, some like to keep a broader view of the world. Also, reworking the current crosshair/pov angles, because sometimes in a Close Quarters Combat situation, you can lose the other player jumping around in front of you because you cant see through yourself. I would suggest a slightly higher/above angle for 3PP, so im not looking through the back of my player when fighting up close. It seems a tad bit low atm.
  11. Can we work on the audio for footsteps. I go from running on grass semi-quietly to hitting concrete and everyone in redsville knows I have 100 horses running beside me, lol. It's hard to hear gunshots from fighting far off over the sound of you running on concrete and gives you no stealth at all. I know crouch walking is the only silent way currently, and I dont mind that, I dont think you should be able to silently walk..but being able to be a little bit softer on concrete and in general, would be awesome.
  12. I know we have a system coming that would allow us to trade in items for coins or whatever the currency will be called, but what about an in-game market or trading system. In a market, we could put up AK's and Snipers for sale/trade, creating a player based economy. This would allow us to trade away guns that we dont like but kept because they are more rare and we could use the trade items(ammo/guns/gear) that we do like. Trading an AK or Sniper might yield more return from a player wanting that AK or Sniper, versus simply trading it in for coins. The prices of such items would be player driven.
  13. I'm assuming he means the ability to click ADS on and off, versus having to hold it down. I'm not sure why anyone would want to be at a disadvantage like that but some people love toggle aim. Like what we have for 'crouching' at the moment.
  14. This^. You shouldnt have an unlimited inventory, and with the future(possibly) addition of 'Clan' inventories it wouldnt be fair to other players for you to have an unlimited supply of everything. The GI is rather large now though, upon ranking up over and over.
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