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  1. How would you like to earn currency? Players should be able to earn currency in multiple different ways, opening crates from completing server events should reward with currency, you should have a chance to get a small bit of currency from each robot killed and you should earn a small amount of currency for player kills. (Make events the most rewarding) What items would you like to see from traders? Basic low tier weapons for noobies. Ammunition types, medical items and some crafting items (not drones). What is your vision for how traders would work? Traders should help new players get a headstart into the game and also let veteran players sell an abundance of what they dont need in return for what they do need, such as selling 9mm ammo in order to purchase 7.62. Obviously sell to buy rate needs to be precise as it wouldnt be correct to sell 1 9mm bullet for 1 7.62 bullet. Where would traders be located? What are your thoughts on limited time traders that have a shifting inventory? There should be a static trader at each outpost that sells low tier weapons, ammo, meds, then somewhere in the centre redsville, preferably open area like a carpark or somewhere that can't be held too easily, you could have limited time vendors that cycle through a series of higher tier items such as higher tier meds/ammo
  2. Thanks for taking time to read them, I fully understand some of them are perhaps a bit ambitious or far fetched, but just trying to think outside the box haha.
  3. I only recently discovered Xera thanks to some people from the JS community reaching out to me, I love the core concept of this game and I really hope for its success upon reaching EA. In order for a successful EA there needs to be plenty of elements of replay-ability and progression, afterall we can only make a good first impression once to the steam community. Main event (Larger scale pvpve event) Building upon the idea of your red AI stronghold events, create a new POI specifically for a new larger stronghold or generator. This larger version of the smaller ones will only come up periodically lets say every 3 hours in real time, there is a significant increase in AI, have players active a console which will start a timer of say 10 minutes, during those 10 minutes waves of robots will spawn. at the end of the 10 minutes, crates will unlock around the stronghold holding the best loot as well as a chance to drop a weapon that cannot be obtained in any other way apart from this specific event. Having an item(s) as rewards for this much larger event will give players a bigger incentive to contest this event and create a PVP hotspot indirectly. Lootboxes (Addictive RNG element) Add elements of RNG that makes looting addicting, creating another element of replay-ability. From server events such as your red fist strongholds and potentially the larger one I mentioned, reward players with a weapon box which can be looted, when they open the weapon box in their inventory it gives them a new weapon with some RNG, ranging from a UMP which is low tier, to perhaps a special weapon that isn't in the world normally like an m249, a new sniper, and have all the other weapons that can be found normally as a chance of drop from the loot box. Again by adding a weapon or two to these boxes that cannot be found normally creates value, but have them at a very low drop chance and have the lower tier weapons at perhaps a higher drop chance. Add a low chance of these lootboxes spawning across the map in high tier loot areas. Weekly Skins Stay away from the slippery slope which is crates, keys and gambling, frustrating for a lot of players, it may leave players with a sour taste. Players love skins and its a great way to pump money back into the game post launch. I'd suggest an approach similar to Fortnite, apex, league of legends. Release new limited time only skins each week and let players specifically select the skins they want, after that week is done, never release that skin again, which gives the players the ability to market and sell skins. Road Checkpoints To keep the travel time across the map feeling empty, create military checkpoints along the roads with robot AI patrolling them, have some loot crates there, it will encourage players to roam the map looting these checkpoints. Depth to Clan System -Allow clans to assign and create roles within the clan. -Create clan progression by letting clans earn XP for their clan completing missions be it dailies and/or weeklies. -Let clans share and store together via clan inventory. Increase the inventory space by leveling the clan.- -Clan instances, building on top of what Josh discussed in general chat regarding instanced base building. Let each clan once they reach a certain level have a clan hub/instance/stronghold. Clans can fortify/build an area. Every clan must place a clan flag somewhere withing their clan stronghold. Clans can raid other clans to earn XP/Loot for their clan, after being raided, you cannot be raided again for X amount of hours in real time. With the being said, have a leader-board to show which clans have had the most successful raids and the most successful defense. Bugs/Quality of life changes - Own footsteps on road/concrete is too loud. - Automatically equip meds into hotkey slot if you don't have meds already. - Add option to change FOV slightly. - Add the ability to aim down sights from third person by tapping right click once/twice. - ATV left/right turn responsiveness could use more fine tuning. - Add ability to store a small amount of loot in the ATV. - Add ability to "auto run" while driving the ATV. - Scale down the box sizes in the inventory slightly. - Decrease the spacing between items in the inventory slightly. - When one player in a group becomes hostile, have the entire group become hostile. - Visual bug at B5/C5 stronghold where edge of stronghold isn't connected to ground.
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