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  1. Deadly Verdict are looking for members! If you need a team to help with looting or PVP deadly Verdict is your 1 stop shop.


    Join the discord for more infomation about how to join

    About us:

    DV was founded on the idea that the community aspect of the clan should be stronger then the competitive aspect of it, and for that reason we have no requirements. We believe players no matter what level can add to the experience.


    • Must Be 15+.
    • Be Mature.
    • Must have a mic.
    • Respect Everyone / Staff.
    • Be active.
    • Follow our rules
  2. Im fine with it, use the same tactic as in ISS to kill the super zombie
  3. What do you expect? Joshua to pay for a private server for every player out of his own pocket? Game sales cover the cost of the public servers, they wont cover the cost of everyone getting a free private server. Running your own private server is a risk to the game as a whole, it could allow people to modify the server to get whatever loot they want and access the GI. Servers need paying for by someone. As I explained on point one, do you understand the cost of servers? here, Someone has to pay those costs.
  4. I disagree with the password, as one of the main uses for private servers are for clans, and clans don't want randos on their private server that they paid for. Also streamers use private servers for them to loot and some give out the password to subs for them to loot as well.
  5. The vector has a huge firerate, you can dump mag someone in under a second with the vector, MP5 and UMP are much slower, even half the rate of fire to the vector. But then thats the downside, the vector has a smaller mag, while pumping 25 rounds into someone in under a second, it has terrible spread and you will run out of ammo faster, where the UMP and MP5 dont have as much spread or recoil and are better at slightly longer ranges. So, if i peak around a corner with a vector and you have a UMP, my rate of fire would kill faster, but put range between us and the UMP/MP5 will beat the vector. SCAR can have top rail, under rail and barrel attachments, AK cant have any attachments. So if you are good at using iron sights over long ranges sure use the AK. HoneyBadger should actually fire the .300 blackout rounds and the built in siliencer is a benifit if you dont have one to put on the scar or g36. Also the G36 has a shorter barrel then the scar so muzzle velocity should be slower and less damage. Its also light, so recoil should higher then the heavier Scar. Scar is also very acturate to long ranges, (800-1000 yards) g36 is not.
  6. Different guns have different uses, and different model of weapons have different uses. For example, A vector is useless for anything but clearing out a building, at any longer ranges but a street corner the spread is and velocity is crap. Even if you did bit something, the .45 would have hardly any energy left to do damage. A thin loot pool is not a problem, that's why rarity exists. The SCAR-H is much better then the SCAR-L and so should be rarer. The Remington ACR is designed for Urban combat, while the Bushmaster ACR is designed for MID-Long range combat. Without variety, the game will be bland with everyone playing with the same weapons.
  7. Mostly, I haven't seen many varieties in weapons, Mostly AR-15, Ump and MP5. Ignoring pistols. Here are some ideas for more diverse weapons Colt M4 carbine Ammo: 5.56 Nato Mag: 30 Firerate: 770rpm Weight: 2.9KG SCAR-L (MK16) Ammo: 5.56 Nato Mag 30 Firerate: 600rpm Weight: 3.3kg SCAR-H (MK17) Ammo: 7.62 Nato Mag: 20 Firerate: 600rpm Weight: 3.7kg KRISS Vector Ammo: .45 ACP Mag: 25 Firerate: 1200rpm Weight: 2.7kg Remington ACR Ammo: 5.56 Nato Mag: 30 Firerate: 700rpm Weight: 3.4kg Bushmaster ACR Ammo: .300 Blackout Mag: 30 Firerate: 650rpm Weight: 3.8kg Update weapon: Honey Badger Ammo: .300 Blackout Currently uses 5.56 which is wrong ammo for this gun. Attachments: Add various grips.
  8. Big +1 on the PVPVE event, would love something similar to how shattered skies did the reactor. Something which is high risk for the best loot.
  9. The hop on squad has hopped on. take my money

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