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    Hello ladies and gents!

    Well hellos ladies and gents! The names Justin, I was referred here by TagKnife, as being an Early DayZ fan (Smaller fan) I've found this development to look mighty promising and Fun, so I figured why not try to jump in on the early fun A little about myself (With a small weird Flex, I know) I am a vegas living Content creator for Twitch, In other words, I live stream. I love my community that I've develop, and would like to help be a part and help build others, so why not here? I am a Content Creator Partner for the game called WarThunder, which is where I happen to have my biggest following come from, with over 1,000 supporters and friends, and they are absolutely amazing! So much so, I'm sure they'd be willing to check out Xera Survival Anywho that's the end of the weird flex, I look forward to getting to know the awesome ladies and gents here in the Xera forums. Or i'll quietly lurk from behind the desk, either way I'll be around