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  1. Add shields is mandatory. Impossible to play 1vs 2/3/4 without shields... The first person who shoots is too favored, even more if they are several ....
  2. Only shields/barricades can counter this !
  3. I do not think, if the barricades last 3 minutes or can receive 20 bullets before destroying themselves. They must be difficult to craft and not easy to found. They must arise instantaneously
  4. I think the idea of the drone is great! Killing a drone should not kill the pilot, at worst taking 25% or more out of his life.
  5. Yes good idea, I agree too ! Or this item must be hard to craft. But it is essential, because I tried to do 1 against 4 but it is too disadvantageous by the environment and the number even several teams at the same time.
  6. Hello fellas, I've played a lot of pvp survival games (aftermath, dayz, shattered skies, warz, infestation and some others) I can say without a doubt that Xera is extremly fun and enjoyable. very good hitbox, no desync, the game is easy to understand, easy to play. I'm coming here with some ideas/feedback in order to improve the game experience from user side. Groups : 1. Have the name of the teamate above the head (actually we have to be very close to know who's who and it is sometime confusing). 2. A kind of killfeed / deathfeed for the people being in the same group so we know what happen during fights (name of the mate, name of the player killed / WEAPON / METERS DISTANCE ) HUD / gameplay : 1. Center the compass so its more easy to use 2. If we have no heal in the quickslot , fill it automaticly with the best heal item in the bag (same if we have no meds and loot one, auto equip it in the quickslot). 3. Keep the crosshair even when we are running (that's somehow disturbing when it disappear). 4. Having some lootbags when someone die (main weapon can drop out of the bag) with the player name on it : usefull to know where is your stuff , what is the stuff of the guy you kill (its is easy to be confused about it when a lot of people die). In this kind of game i think it will bring a better experience for everybody. Map : 1. Add a fountain in the safe zone so we can fill bottles. Best of the best : I know it is a sensitive case here :) 1. Shield/cover system so its more fair for the people who like to push. Its also a good way to counter sniper. A good player with a sniper will be overpowered without a counter system. also there is a lot of very open area where you have no chance to stay alive if someone shoot at you first. of course this kind of item design must have a quick decay (like 2-3 minutes to avoid server stressing) What do you think ?
  7. Yes, We need shields to play. I really hope it's going to be added in the game. This is essential in a survival pvp game, because it's impossible to loot "a bag" if player camp the spot. (Like dayZ 🤮 )
  8. The bases are a big problem with all the games. Lag, drop fps and others.. The game with bases have already emerged and it always ended the same way.
  9. Yes shield is a good idea to counter camper (PUSH MODE)
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